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Las Vegas escorts on our site are grouped in the following categories Asian, Blonde, Brunette (Latina's), Ebony (Black), Redhead, GFE (Girlfriend Experience), BDSM (Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM), Strippers (Great for Bachelor Parties), Gay (Both Gay Female and Gay Male escorts), and Trans (Transsexual , Transvestites, and Transgender). We also list our three most requested escorts and the six most recent profiles added or updated below.

All Las Vegas Escorts

Bunnies go to great lengths to ensure the companions hired are of legal age, between the ages of 20 and 40. On average, Bunnies receives nearly two hundred (200) applicants a year from girls and boys wanting to provide erotic entertainment to Vegas locals and visitors, and the interest level grows each year. From this list, Bunnies typically only hires a handful of these applicants with the rest being turned away.

The qualities we look for when hiring new escorts is of course beauty, personality, honesty, and companions that enjoy providing erotic entertainment, being open minded and showing clients a good time. Bunnies are also known to be the only agency that entertainers away if the girl was known to have been associated with a pimp. There's no other escort service in Las Vegas, NV that can say the same nor escort directory such as eros, adultsearch, backpage, etc. for that matter.

What is outcall entertainment

As you look at escorts, you’re going to see a few terms that you might not understand;* Incall and Outcall entertainment*.

Incall girls are escorts who receive calls (visits) directly to them. This means that you would visit them in their home or in a hotel room of their choosing. Incall companionship and is not legal in Las Vegas, NV and escort services or independent escorts offering such services should be avoided.

Escorts providing outcall entertainment is the only legal option in Clark County which covers the entire strip area, e.g., downtown area (Golden Nugget) to the new strip area, closer to McCarran Airport (Mandalay Bay) and further, as far south as the M Resort. Hiring an outcall entertainer doesn't restrict you to Las Vegas Blvd. the girls are able to make it to any area in Las Vegas, e.g., your home, a strip club, or anywhere else.

Is Hiring Las Vegas Escorts Legal

Calling Las Vegas escort companies is entirely legal. You’re requesting the personal companionship of a female for a specific amount of time for a rate that is set by the escort as well as the company that provides the booking, such as Bunnies of Las Vegas.

You can spend as much time with an escort as you desire. She will provide you with her time in the form of meals spent with you, time talking in your room, is your arm candy to special events that you have scheduled on your social calendar or erotic dancing in the privacy of your room.

Escorts are commonly confused with prostitutes. This is a misconception that we would like to clear up. The escorts are not providing sexual services in exchange for money. Instead, they are offering their companionship.

Lawyers are asked continuously questions regarding whether hiring an escort is legal because people don’t want to get into trouble with the law. As long as you don’t solicit sexual favors from the escort when you are paying her, then you are not in violation of the law.

We operate legally by choosing girls who are at least 18 years of age and who have voluntarily applied to become an escort. We are licensed with clark county of Las Vegas, Nevada, and all of our escorts carry worker cards. This is the benefit of working with an escort agency as opposed to independent escorts that may or not have worker cards or worse, are being forced to the escort industry by pimps that advertise escort classifieds like backpage, adult search, eros etc. The best option for hiring Las Vegas escorts is via a company like ours or visiting Nevada brothels like Sheri's Ranch, Mustang Ranch as there are no licensed Las Vegas brothels within city limits.

The Dangers of Backpage

Backpage Las Vegas was a favorite, go-to site when trying to find an escort in Vegas or anywhere else in the world. However, the personals ad site was seized by the federal government in April of 2018 because it was allowing prostitution as well as ads from human trafficking rings.

Many of the ads featured under-age girls. Children and adults alike were being forced into prostitution, and the site was making it possible for the human traffickers to promote the women and make money.

The seizure of the website led to Backpage and its many affiliates around the world being shut down. The United States government identified that it was a massive victory for helping to prevent human trafficking from being able to profit.

Backpage was such a popular site because it allowed independent escorts to promote themselves. However, it was dangerous because no one knew what they were going to get. They could have ended up with someone under the age of 18, with a drug habit, or someone who was being sold against their will.

Closing the site has helped to protect people who just want to book reputable companionship in the form of an escort. Further, it has shown many independent escorts that they need to become licensed by the state and to work with an escort agency, such as Bunnies of Las Vegas.

What are Eros escorts

One of the biggest names in escort review sites is Eros. They spend big money advertising independent escorts throughout Las Vegas as well as around 100 countries around the globe. Countless photos are provided, some with blurred images. While it’s okay that escorts want to remain somewhat anonymous, it makes it difficult to know who you’re able to meet.

The majority of the escorts on Eros Las Vegas are not licensed. They’re not working for an escort agency, so there is no guarantee in place as to the age verification or any other kind of background check. Additionally, you could easily get lost looking through the many escorts. Rather than doing all of the individual research on your own, we recommend booking with an escort agency. We can have a verified escort knocking on your door within the hour.

Eros is well-known for offering a wide array of escorts. Exotic dancers, shemales, and more are found on the site. This is one of the pulls for people who are looking for something out of the ordinary. At Bunnies, we promise that we’re able to accommodate any fetish that you may have. Simply call us and let us find a reputable escort of your choice to send for your entertainment and companionship.

What are independent escorts

You will commonly hear about independent escorts in Las Vegas, Nevada. These are generally the unlicensed sex workers who are trying to use the term “escort service” to be synonymous with prostitution. These are women who are typically employed by pimps and may have drug habits as well.

They will pass out cards on The Strip and have phone numbers where you can call them directly. While the cards seem legitimate, they are not operating legally within Clark County. All escorts, identified as those who make themselves available to the public to accompany other persons for social engagements, for a fee, are required to maintain a worker card. Worker cards are obtained from the City of Las Vegas with two forms of ID as well as providing a set of fingerprints to the city.

It is generally a bad idea to choose an independent escort because you don’t know what you’re going to get. The girl on the card may not be anything like the girl who shows up at your door. You won’t know if she is legal and you won’t know if you’re helping to fund a drug habit or even a sex trafficking ring. If you ask to see a worker card and it cannot be supplied, you can bet that she is an undocumented worker.

At Bunnies of Las Vegas, we prefer to provide you with a safe, reliable (and legal) alternative to ensure you can enjoy companionship without any questions. We’re reputable, and we adhere to the rules and regulations that have been set forth by the City of Las Vegas.

The Call Girls

Our online gallery allows you to choose from a wide arrange of girls, from very exotic to the girl next door. This is a chance to decide who you want to spend time with. It may be based on personal preference, a fetish, or even fantasy that you have. Many of the girls have worked in massage parlors and provided erotic massages in different countries around the world.

At Bunnies of Las Vegas, we have taken the time to procure girls who have many beautiful features for you to enjoy. This is a lost art with other escort agencies that don't take the time to hire only the very best of Vegas escorts for all of your adult entertainment needs.