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Alex 1 Hey, you! I’m Alex, your centerfold come to life! I’m 24 years old and spent a year in the porn industry and am now working as an escort in Las Vegas. In addition to the live scenes I shot, I was featured in magazines and on DVD covers. I’m an over-sexed party girl who had enough of the porn industry and decided that hitting Vegas to work as an escort full-time was a better fit. My personality was ideal for porn because I’m a total show-off who loves sex. There’s nothing better than having a strong man take me over and over. I never did vanilla girl/girl scenes. I was into the hardcore scenes where guys were taking control and making me drip with excitement.

Alex 2 So many people have told me that there is not a big difference between doing porn and escorting. Not true! In porn, I was a 21-year-old starlet who loved the sex, but never got to meet my biggest fans. I knew my fine ass was something men were watching and loving, but I never was able to see their satisfied smiles. Escorting allows me to give all of myself to an encounter and be able to see firsthand just how great I’ve made someone feel. That’s highly rewarding to me. Many of the guys I see here in Vegas end up asking if we can keep in touch after we’ve met, and I’m always chill with that. It’s like a connection when two people share an intimate time. I really feel great when a guy regards our encounter as more than a collection of fleeting moments.

Alex 3 There are other blonde escorts in Vegas who have mastered the art of seduction. They strip in the slow, seductive manner that drives men wild. I’m a little different. I enjoy being naked, so I’m pretty quick to get us to that point. Even in childhood, I felt clothing was so restrictive. I loved slipping off my tee shirt just to be able to flail around. Almost every scrapbooked photo of me before turning five is me topless! I guess it was a sign of things to come! I’m a nudist and love to be au natural at home and at play! And as luck would have it, I have an occupation that allows me to celebrate my bare body and share it with others. There’s nothing better! Would you like to see these perky 34Ds up close? Would you like to see me comfortably naked in your room as we figure out what comes next?

Alex 4 I’m going to school full-time now, so I do not get to see many men. If you like my style and would like a chance to kick back with me, give me a call right away. Hopefully I’m free! I promise to be worth the effort. You won’t find another girl more capable of putting a smile on your face. You can call another blonde to break into your world for a while. But are you sure she will be as sincere as I am? Probably not, so give me a call for the most enlightening encounter to be had in Sin City!