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Alex 1

Alex is your real-life centerfold model and personal porn star. At 24 years old, she comes to the Vegas escort business after a year in the porn industry, where she was featured on DVD covers and magazines and live scenes. Now, she brings that same uninhibited passion that brought her such acclaim in the porn biz to a whole new field as a Vegas escort.

Alex 2

At heart, Alex is a hyper-sexed party girl who is merely tired of the world of porn. Coming to Vegas to be a full-time companion to VIP clientele seemed only a natural switch and a perfect fit. As a natural exhibitionist and show-off, Alex loves expressing every aspect of herself, not the least being her carefree sexual abandon. Nothing thrills and titillates her more than having a rugged man appreciating her seductive attentions. And despite being an insatiable sex addict, she knows how to keep her legs closed too when circumstances require. So she can play classy companion at any upscale event with just as much ease and success as she can delight you in private.

Alex 3

While Alex may be young, she knows what makes guys stand at attention. As a porn star, she never performed girl-on-girl scenes because they were too vanilla for her far bolder tastes. More Alex's speed was the hardcore scenes with men ready to take control. That's what makes her wet. Seize the situation and make her your sex object, and you'll have her dripping with excitement.

Alex 4

She'll return the favor too, making you rise to the occasion when she strips her clothes off for you in her lusty, passionate fashion. She'll make sure you're both well worked up in no time and that you stay that way the whole night through. There's never a dull moment when Alex is in the room. A sexual chameleon, she'll adapt to any situation you can toss at her, even if that's a hot date out on the town on your arm.

Alex 5

Tons of people in the porn biz told Alex there was little difference between that job and escorting, but, to Alex, that couldn't be further from the truth. As a bright, young starlet, she could never meet in person with her biggest fans like she gets to do now. Fan mail is no substitute for face-to-face and flesh-on-flesh contact with the very guys who appreciate her the most. Being merely watched by men at home wasn't enough to satisfy this good-time girl. She needed firsthand experiences with the men who found her so attractive, which is why this new job suits her to the T (and A.)

Alex 6

Alex is the farthest thing you'll find from shy. She's an avid nudist who thrives on being naked. So you can be sure she'll waste no time taking it all off for you unless you want her to take her sweet time, that is. Even as a young girl, she found clothes so restrictive and would relish in slipping out of her tee-shirt so she could let her pert, budding tits fly loose and free. You'd be hard-pressed to find a single pic of her before the age of five in which she isn't topless: a clear indication of what was to come. If you want to get Alex naked in your room and check out those incredible 34Ds up close and personal, give her a call right now. She's just lying there waiting to help you figure out what fun you two could have together next.

Alex 8

Name: Alex
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Ethnicty: Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 6" (170cm)
Weight: 115 (52kg)
Measurements: 34D-28"-36"
Horoscope: Taurus
Phone: (702) 300-3000