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Published: October 11, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Seiko 1Seiko is my name, and it means “truth.” So fitting, as I am a sincere, warm girl, and it shows in my work as one of the most in-demand Asian escorts in Las Vegas. I am a petite, perky 21-year-old with a great fondness for pleasing the opposite sex. Pleasure is my passion, and I aim to please my man in every circumstance. Should you want a demure girl-next-door, I will be soft and sweet. If it is a bit of a boss you like, I readily assume a dominating role while treating you to what is under the clothes.

Seiko 2 My long dark hair feels hypnotic as it brushes against the skin. A light floral scent courtesy of my lotion and perfume makes my super-soft skin even more addicting. I am a petite 5’3” with 32C breasts that are attention-grabbing on this small frame. When our time together begins with me slowly peeling my layers, you will be captivated by how my perfectly manicured body looks when the clothes are coming off.

Seiko 3 My weakness is shopping, and I am constantly purchasing saucy high-end lingerie that wraps this perfect package especially for you. More often than not, I am donning a delightful pastel matching set that looks great against my silken skin. I want you to be grateful you’ve opted for time with me, which is why I never waste a moment getting to the good stuff when we are together. What do you have in mind when it comes to spending time with one of the most sultry Asian escorts Las Vegas has to offer? It takes quite a bit to make me blush, but I challenge you to try! I may be young, but I have an ingrained desire to provide pleasure to men, and nothing lights my fire like knowing you are having a spellbinding experience courtesy of my talents. And my talents are delightfully varied. I am sure to have a special skill that complements what you are looking for when considering time with a Las Vegas escort.

Seiko 4 Let’s see what we create when given the chance to conjoin in the privacy of your room. If you have never experienced an Asian escort, Las Vegas provides the perfect platform for you to delight in the unknown as you discover oriental flair for the first time. Sure I am biased, but I believe Asian women are the premier paramours, as we have an appreciation for the power of masculinity. We are unafraid to maintain our femininity in efforts to leave the men in our presence feeling desired and adored.

Seiko 5 If you are fantasizing about how this body moves in person, give me a call. There is no need for you to spend time alone today when we can join forces to make this a day to remember. I promise the finest in adult entertainment when we are together. My top-notch approach to pleasure and ecstasy is unparalleled by other Asian Vegas escorts, and I would love to prove it to you in person!