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First things first, if you're interested in Las Vegas Strippers visiting you right now you can stop reading this article and use either the form on the right side of the page or call us at 702-300-3000. We've recruited the hottest Strippers in not just Las Vegas but from around the country to provide our clients private, one-on-one stripping in the privacy of your room. All Las Vegas Strippers are available to you at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

/images/blog/female-stripper.jpg Strippers are to Las Vegas what black mouse ears are to Disneyland. A man lucky enough to be in Las Vegas without a female travel partner is practically required to see a pair of tits before his departing flight! Nobody celebrates the female form more than those of us at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, and our collection of hot, young strippers reflects just that.

We would like to present another option to paying hefty Vegas strip club prices for impersonal lap dances from distracted strippers. Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts boasts an impressive assemblage of the hottest women in Vegas with talents far surpassing the skills of strippers working in Vegas strip clubs. For the same cash you would expect to drop at a Vegas strip club, you can have a personalized party-for-one right in your room. Our companions are a far superior alternative to Vegas strippers. Don’t just take our word for it:

No Such Thing as a Cheap Las Vegas Strip Club

Spend any time on the Las Vegas strip at all, and you will be exposed to incentives offered by strip clubs to get you in the door. At first glance, these appear to be a sweet deal. Free limo rides, waived cover charges and promises of complimentary drinks are highly enticing. However, the companies’ motives are not transparent. First of all, the limo rides are normally free, but you will be pressured to give a hearty tip to the driver. “Limo” may mean limo bus; you cannot be sure. Also, in cases where several people are being picked up at different hotels, you may find yourself stuck with an abundance of wasted time in a cramped limo. You will not be returned to your hotel; you will need a taxi for that.

Free cover charges are not always honored but shouldn’t exist in the first place. Why should you have to pay to gain entry to a place where you are going to be throwing cash at strippers? Las Vegas strip club cover charges vary greatly depending on the time of day and can be quite pricey at peak times.

Complimentary drinks are great when they are more than a watered-down version of what you are accustomed to drinking. One free watered-down drink as precursor to subsequent watered-down drinks is a bummer. Strip club drinks are over-priced and under-flavored in nearly every Las Vegas strip club.

Shoddy, costly drinks, questionable transportation and cover charges are not considerations when you have a hot number arrive at your hotel room intent on delivering a spellbinding experience that will leave you fully satiated and spoiled. Less hassle for a hotter girl who is going to be all about you is the real deal.

There’s no Sex in the Champagne Room

Chris Rock said it best with his 1999 proclamation, “There’s no sex in the champagne room.” For anyone unfamiliar, the “champagne room” is the VIP room where, in many clubs, entry is gained in part by submitting to purchasing extremely costly bottle-service champagne. This is where Vegas strippers make their real money. Expect them to go to great lengths to get you to the VIP room. Other expectations regarding the VIP room include:


  • Expect bouncers to want a tip. Yes, even though you are paying a crazy amount of money to gain access to the VIP room for some alone time with your stripper, bouncers expect to be tipped.
  • Expect no sex acts. Despite any claims made when she was luring you in, your stripper is not going to have sex with you. You are fooling yourself if you think anything is going to happen in the VIP room that is not something that could happen in the open out on the floor.

Why Las Vegas Escorts are Better than Strippers

Without a doubt, there are drop-dead gorgeous strippers in Las Vegas. The hottest at any club are working during peak hours. Strippers in Vegas vie for peak-hour shifts, and the ones that rank highest in managers’ minds get the ideal shifts. So if you are looking for a perfect ten at ten in the morning, you may find yourself hard-pressed. When you contact Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, regardless of the time of day, you are certain to have a perfect ten show up to your room geared up to facilitate the most erotic encounter to be had in Sin City.

Countless men tell us they have a fantasy from back home they have brought with them to Vegas. Some are seeking a barely legal girl-next-door type. Or perhaps it’s an exotic beauty or ebony wonder that gets them going. No matter, Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts has the girl to fit any fantasy or role play scenario. Gentlemen’s clubs cannot make the same assurance given they fail to celebrate diversity when it comes to staffing shifts. We pride ourselves on our collection of diversified, cultivated ladies who are educated and demure. With a variety of ethnicities from which to select, you will find the one who gets your pulse racing!

The Only Man in the Room Garners All the Attention

Strippers work long shifts and have to deal with some genuine rudeness when men are grabby or impolite. Strippers work as entertainers but also as aggressive salespeople when vying for that highly coveted lap dance cash. Catch a stripper who is nearing the end of her eight-hour shift; she’s likely to be pretty beat. Hours of sales pitches wear on anyone’s psyche.

When you arrange to spend time with one of the fine females at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, a fresh-faced, energized young lady arrives at your room, genuinely happy to be there. She will be enchanting, enthralling and not subject you to a poor mood due to a long day or crabby customers. Nothing beats having a hot girl, your personal Vegas stripper, in front of you taking it all off for your eyes only.

If you are seeking the hottest strippers in Las Vegas, do consider giving one of the young ladies from Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised that the cost involved is not out of line with what you would spend at a Vegas strip club. You will not be disappointed in the revved-up performance by a woman at the ready and eager to please.

Lastly, as much as we would enjoy you choosing one of the strippers provided by Bunnies of Las Vegas escorts we understand that sometimes a night out in the town with you and the boys calls for a gentlemen's club so we've provided to you a list of all Las Vegas Gentlemen's Clubs located on the right side of this article. Have fun!