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Published: August 15, 2017, Updated: October 07, 2019

Kathri 1I am Kathri, a 21-year-old blonde from Switzerland. My name means pure, but the only thing pure about me is the pure joy I will bring to your life once you invite me to entertain you. The Swiss are known for three things: chocolate, watches and ski slopes. So what do you say we pour some melted chocolate down the slopes of my body as I dance around, building the passion within you? My picturesque valley is a paradise you will never want to leave. Why waste your time calling anyone else, when this tall blonde is all you need to satisfy your desires? My hills will come alive to the sound of music in ways you could not possibly imagine—and I promise it will be nothing like the movie. It will be raw and raunchy if that is what you like. I can be sweet and romantic if that’s what you’re craving. I think raw and raunchy is more fun though!

Kathri 3You will long to run your fingers through my luscious golden locks and I’m shaking around you while the clothes are coming off in a flash. My writhing hips will beckon your hands to caress them. Lust will build within you as my perfect backside wiggles inches from your grasp. My long frame is athletic and tight from the rock climbing and hiking I do. I am sure that you can come up with a few places for me to climb, and I am ready for the task. What about you? Do you like to climb your way to the apex and feel the exhilaration of reaching the climax? Then call me; you are just my kind of man! Whether you want me to wear the traditional Alpine dirndl or nothing at all, I am certain my peaks will pique your interest no matter what I am wearing! I will strip. I will entice. I will have you begging for more.

Kathri 2Perhaps you want a socialite who can be presented to co-workers at a business engagement. Well-schooled in art and music, I am quite comfortable to escort you to any event and will impress those around me. Let me be your tour guide through the city or your companion at a classy function. I speak anyone’s language as I am very diverse. I get along famously with anyone who is sincere. We can go anywhere or do anything. I’m always up for a fantasy date, and we do not have to stay in Sin City. If the Alps are too far, then perhaps Aspen is a possibility. Let's go!

Kathri 4Whether you want a wild night in your room or a romantic evening out of your room, I’m all yours. The fun doesn’t have to stop until you’re fully satisfied. Stop reading and call me! You know you want me. Chocolate-covered Kathri is finger licking good, so why wait? No other woman can bring the quality of Switzerland to your door. Perfect sweetness and perfect timing mean the perfect date!