Gentlemen who regularly seek female companionship in their home city commonly use Eros, as they have a presence in several countries, including the United States. Las Vegas is a unique city, and if you have relied on Eros in the past, you may find it to be a lesser effective ground zero for obtaining the sensual companionship you covet. Select Vegas escorts on Eros are legitimate, however, too many are fakes. This city is teeming with opportunistic residents who look to separate a man from his money, when all he wants is to enjoy himself for a sensuous block of time, in the comfort of his accommodations, or out on the town, experiencing GFE while in Vegas.


If you perform a bit of research, you will learn that trusted Vegas escort services are a much more reliable source for attractive, intriguing women who excel in every way. At Bunnies of Las Vegas, we only align with ladies who are aptly regarded as VIP types, and as you will see on Eros, there is a special section for VIPs. When you give us a call, expect your selection to arrive dressed to impress and primed to bestow an amazing encounter as she peels off her layers for your eyes only and refuses to watch the clock or rush you. Private strip shows do not come any hotter!

Types of Vegas Escorts on Eros

The first, and most favorable, category of Eros Vegas escorts includes those who are genuine and will arrive promptly and meet all expectations. The sheer volume of ads on Eros makes finding these rare gems rather daunting. If you insist on utilizing Eros, be sure to check reviews to gain as much intel as you can. Any red flags should not be overlooked. As stated, there are too many escort scams in Vegas for you to risk squandering your time and money. Keep in mind that independent girls do not answer to an agency, so they may over-book themselves, leading to no-shows, tardiness or rushing the performance. This happens more in this town than any other locale due to the massive number of adult entertainers and clients. If you have had luck with Eros at home, you may not be as successful in this adult entertainment mecca.

The worst class of Eros girls in Vegas includes those with ill intent and those who do not take their occupation seriously and never meet up after promising to do so. If you are only visiting, do you really want to roll the dice on someone who may or may not show up? In smaller metropolitan areas, local entertainers strive for repeat clientele, but that is not necessarily the case here, since 365 days a year, we are overrun with travelers from all over the world. If an Eros girl lets you down, her overall business will not suffer unless she amasses a slew of poor reviews. However, online reviews are not something most tourists look into. And for those who do, they can never be sure if they are legit.

If you encounter someone you are interested in meeting, and there are poor assessments of her conduct, do not overlook this, no matter how alluring you deem her photographs. Too often, judgement becomes clouded when a female is just so hot, and a gentleman wants to meet her so badly that he discounts negative reviews. There are far too many gorgeous private strippers here for anyone to be careless enough to disregard a laundry list of negative critiques. There are most likely more escort services in Vegas than there are in your hometown. In fact, if your area is small enough, there may be none. So when you are visiting us, make the shrewdest choice, and use an agency. This protects your assets and assures your satisfaction, so long as you do business with an entity who has a well-established history in business.

Eros VIP Escorts

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The VIP label is enticing. It assumes one is getting something grander than average. And on Eros, this is the case, but you should expect to pay a premium for receiving a visit from a babe who markets herself in the VIP section of Eros. These girls are typically marketing aces and can generally be assumed to deliver on assurances, but they are costly. You will pay a higher amount of money for such entertainers. At Bunnies of Las Vegas, every lady you read about, and view photos of, is a high-class companion who is perfectly sensual and engaging. We respect everyone who relies on us, and we want you to call us again, the next time you are in town. From the moment you contact us, expect to be treated like a VIP, because you deserve nothing but the best, and we grant you the flawless sort of sensory delight you crave.

There is no exception to our dedication to client satisfaction and privacy. You are always free to pose a question, which puts you under no obligation to invite a sweetheart to your room. If this is your first time hiring an escort in Vegas, trust us to usher you into an experience so divine, you will want a second sample in the very near future! If you toss a few questions our way, and ultimately decide not to book an appointment with a beauty, we will never call you again. We only place a call when we have been specifically asked to do so. You will never be added to a mailing list, and your identifying information remains confidential in all instances.

Benefits of Using Vegas Eros

One of the categories we do not offer is visiting Vegas escorts, and Eros does. If you are looking for a doll who is only in town during a brief stop, we will not be able to honor that request. We do not showcase visiting Vegas escorts because we firmly believe that ladies in town for short stints too often try to maximize their time, which leads them to rush because they are working too many hours. Our screening process is too thorough for us to be willing to vet a young lady if she is only going to be in town for a week or two. We must be assured that everyone profiled here provides an elite mark of quality entertainment that is never hurried along. Also, we believe that locals are the best GFE providers in Vegas because they are passionate about their city and its esteemed visitors.

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A great number of men who pursue girls who are on tour do so because they hope to meet a porn star escort in Vegas. Not all agencies refer adult performers, but we do! There are some sizzlers among our perfect tens who have a history of working in adult films. If one of your pressing fantasies is to have a starlet dance her way into your favor, you are in the right place. Clubs that feature porn star strippers on tour in Vegas do host some big names in the industry on a regular basis, but when these girls do feature shows, the venues are overrun with fans, and the experience is not even close to what you can expect to enjoy when you request a starlet to visit you in the comfort and privacy of your accommodations.

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International Vegas escorts are another type of dancer who are often discovered on visiting lists. These global girls are quite intriguing, and we do refer several women who are new to America but have made Sin City their home. If you are searching for an intercontinental dish, such as an Asian knockout or a mysterious Indian maven, look at the profiles on our website to unearth a flavor that will whet your appetite for flair and finesse. There is nothing like having an agreeable dame in your lair, ready to guide you into an encounter so impassioned you will feel well-traveled after your one-on-one show! From Greek goddesses, to blushing Irish maidens, there will be someone on hand at Bunnies of Las Vegas to set the tone and impress you with her ethnic elegance.

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In Vegas escorts are not hard to find, but what is rare is a service as committed as we are to being worthy of your high praise. You have distinct tastes, and we seek to cater to all penchants, regardless of what you are in the mood for. If you rely on us to facilitate your private striptease, be confident you will not be disenchanted. We are here day and night, 365 days per year, to treat guys of all persuasions to the premier private stripper services they have a right to. There is no request we will not approach with enthusiasm and honesty. We look forward to hearing how we can blueprint an unbelievable performance that renders you glad to have counted on us for a daily dose of astonishing eye candy.