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Published: November 3, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Lupe 1 What are you in the mood for tonight? A sexy school girl who is in need of an anatomy lesson? Or maybe you’re more into the stern nurse who needs to give you a thorough physical? My name is Monique, and I am the girl to hand-deliver whatever it is you have a taste for! I’m 22 years old and currently pursing a nursing degree. I have learned a great deal about the human body in classes and through my work as a Vegas escort! These healing hands are at your disposal. I’m an ace at role-play, very fetish-friendly and crave the companionship of a determined man as much as you’re daydreaming about this hot brunette paying you a visit!

Lupe 2 Once I arrive, you’ll be treated to unencumbered access to this tight and toned athletic body. If you haven’t made wardrobe requests, I’ll first take off the skirt I’ve paired with a corset, and the fun begins! Your eyes will dart in all directions as I am moving for you in an elaborate storm of bends and turns. Before you know it, the corset will be on your floor and these glorious 34Cs will be on full display. I’ll demand your full attention as you’re finding yourself incapable of restraint. Still in my heels, I’ll invite you to remove them for me with one foot at a time resting between your thighs. Once they are gone, all that’s left is for you to put your imagination into over-drive and allow me to be the girl you think about when you’re all alone craving a warm, accommodating feminine presence.

Lupe 3 If you’re like me and enjoy role-play, our time will begin much differently. I will arrive wearing appropriate attire befitting my role as our creativity plays out and we allow ourselves an erotic escape into something highly exhilarating. Creative men turn me on, and I love pretending to be someone else for a while. I’ll be anyone you want. No suggestion is too taboo or off-limits.

Lupe 4For those gentlemen wishing to spend time with their companion outside the room for a spell, I’m your girl. I’m a sophisticated conversationalist who is never boring, always flirty and up for anything. I’ll don a designer dress when taken to dinner or a show, and I’m equally equipped to throw on a pair of jeans and tour the Strip with you hand-in-hand. There’s nothing I cannot do for you, and if this hot body is intriguing you, wait until you meet me in person! I’m very charming! But fair warning: I’m unforgettable, so you may want to come back for seconds when I’m through! I’m good to go for as much time as you need, including overnights. I’ll conveniently forget to pack my sleepwear unless you’re into a virginal white nightgown!

Lupe 5 You could waste the next hour making a choice, browsing other profiles, but I’m pretty certain you will not find a more well-rounded young lady. Mom raised me right, and I am the total package. I’ve yet to hear one complaint about my wholesome persona mixed with a little bit of sass and an abundance of sexual confidence. Give me a fast call to have me there in a jiffy!