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Monique will take your breath away with her All-American style. She looks like a naughty teacher who is ready to punish a student. She’s 22 yrs old, athletic, and has killer legs. She’s also fetish-friendly, so there’s almost nothing that will surprise her when you start to make your special requests.

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She loves to hit the gym, which is why she stays in great shape. It also keeps her limber. This girl’s flexibility may shock you, and it’s all the more reason to put it to the test.

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This brunette is all about turning up the heart. She has lived in Vegas and loves the desert heat. When she’s not out with a client, she can often be seen poolside in a string bikini, soaking up the sun. When she is out with clients, she turns up the heat in a few different ways.

monique 4

She’s always dressed to impress. If she can wear a short dress to show off her long, lean legs, she’s a happy girl. She has a full closet of clothes, from corsets to cocktail gowns. Take her anywhere you wish to go. Then, delight in the fact that she will be ready to be your arm candy. Heads will turn as people check out your date. Go ahead and smile, knowing that you have the hottest date around. It’s a sure way to boost your ego while you’re here in Vegas.

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Monique isn’t your ordinary Vegas escort. She has a number of talents that she can use to put a smile on your face. This includes dressing up as a naughty nurse or a virginal schoolgirl. You can have the time of your life. She’ll assume the role of whomever you want her to be. To ensure that the fun can go on for as long as you desire, she’s available for overnights, weekends, and more. It gives the two of you plenty of time to explore the city, each other, or anything else that you may have in mind.

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What to Expect. Monique is the hot brunette you have always dreamed of meeting. Her tight body is ready for action, regardless of whether you want a night on The Strip or a low-profile date in your hotel room. She’s the total package, providing you with beauty and wit. Plus, she’s sassy with tons of sexual confidence. She will know just how to get you de-stressed and loving life within no time at all.

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Name: Monique
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’ 1” (155 cm)
Weight: 105 (47 kg)
Measurements: 32B-22”-34”
Horoscope: Taurus
Phone: 1 (725) 312-2762