USASexGuide: 10 reasons why you should avoid it! Have you ever used a dating app or searched websites and online forums?

Did you find the one that you were looking for?

If not I am sure you have been pursuing the task of finding your special one.

Today, there are a lot of dating apps and websites where you can search and find the one that you are looking for.

Some of these services you use are paid and some are free.

You might be a person looking for a serious relationship, a date or just a hookup but whatever is the case been safe and knowing that at the end of the day nothing changes in your life drastically is paramount well besides you finding your special someone.

But is it the case always?

Well, it’s not.

Dating apps, websites, and forums have a dark side to them, although not ever one of them is bad there are some which could leave some scares.

One of them is USASexGuide.

usa-sex-guide 1

If you have been searching the web for a dating app or forum, I am sure you might have come across this website.

This website is known as a forum where people come in and post their experiences and talk to each other about people who they met.

From the top, it may look like an ordinary forum with topics and posts related to dating experiences but it’s a different world altogether.

USASexGuide houses a lot of forum questions and blog posts which are added by members, These questions and posts have a lot of people’s reviews which are both positive and negative,

... well mostly negative.

The content that is posted is often offensive and is mostly by men bragging about their manhood by being physically and sexually abusive to the women they meet.

You will also find fake reviews which are posted by women for themselves or by their friends to get more clients.

Who would you find on the USASexGuide

USASexGuide is a forum open for people to share their experiences and get to know and meet other people.

Amongst these are the various kind that you should avoid at any cause - people who have a criminal history, sex offenders, drug-addicts, streetwalkers and more of the lot.

USASexGuide consists of not only local but also international listings which can look alluring but has a darker side to it.

As you dig deeper you would find that what looks like a simple forum on the front is actually a website which consists of people whom you would never want to be associated with.

Most of these businesses are fake and consists of streetwalkers who are into prostitution and are often serious drug addicts which would have relationships with you for a considerable low price to satisfy their drug urges.

You would find women posting pictures which are unrealistic, just to attract more customers.

These are women who are often into deep problems and are associated with many prostitution group.

Alongside these women, you would also find men who are often with discrete identities posting about there encounters with these women.

Men who buy sex for pleasure and often to satisfy their ego by being forceful and abusive to fulfill their needs by being abusive to these women.

Why you should avoid USASexGuide

Men who are looking for a date or want to have a companion wants their time and identity to be discrete but that isn’t the case with the USASexGuide.

when you meet someone through this forum there is a big chance that your identity would revel and it’s not new if you get a call from a pimp addressing you by your name.

Many sex workers and streetwalkers who are mentioned on the forum display their businesses and phone number which are often fake and are misleading just to get your information and use it against you.

In a report created by CAASE in 2013 for USASexGuide: Online Forum for Men who Buy Sex in Illinois, researchers found out some eye-opening truth about the forum:

  • In a three month study period researchers found out that the men who are into buying sex created over 2600 posts just in Illinois.
  • Men discuss buying sex over all the locations including streets covering it as a legitimate business by calling them as massage parlors or strip clubs.
  • These 2600 posts were dispersed all over the state of Illinois where men discussed there encounters with sex workers and were found giving advice to each other. Some men appreciated others for there advice while some talked about their own trial and error method to figure out the business.
  • It was found that the forum showcased girls who were minors and were pushed into the world of prostitution managed by pimps.
  • Men were also found being physically abusive and controlling these women/girls to be forcibly entered into the act with them.
  • There were also posts on the forum discussing the law being stringent and especially against the men who are into buying sex. Men discussed whether or not to pursue their search for sex online. Also, in many posts it was found that in case of the law enforcement policies which were against women into prostitution and also against minor girls did not affect the men in continuing their act of buying sex.

This was a research done only for a three month period and in the state of Illinois, the forum spreads all across the USA and also includes some of the international venues where men discuss sex buying and selling.

We believe that after knowing this you should be well aware of what you will be dealing with if you want to start or continue with forums like USASexGuide or Backpage, we have consolidated a list of 10 reasons to help you think once again before visiting USASexGuide.

1 You would waste your money: When you enroll into the forum you have to buy a membership, Yes, it is not free you would have to buy a membership which would give you full access to the forum to post, and view content which is not offered without the membership.

Besides paying a hefty amount to the forum there is always a risk of having your identity public which can lead you to a massive trouble even if you are associated with the forum in any way.

2 Host to diseases Hygiene and taking care of themselves is not of utmost priority for the girls/women you meet on such forums.

They are into this job only for money and would not care much about diseases, they would have a sexual encounter with anyone even a person who is filthy which increases the chances of them being infected and have STDs.

We are not saying that you would be infected for sure but there is a pretty big chance that you would.

3 What you see is what you get - NEVER When you visit this forum and more of the likes, you would be amazed by the pictures that are shown to you by the women or the pimps but it is never the case, these posts have one and the only purpose, to get your details and bag money.

You would be highly disappointed by the women you meet as they are often ugly and are into this profession because they are sex-addict or need money for they cravings for drugs which leads to our next point.

4 Drugs, drugs, and drugs Many in-fact most of the women who find are hardcore drug addicts, these women have been forced into this profession against their will and are introduced to drugs at an early age.

In search of making quick money, you would end up someone who is a host of diseases, over-aged not so good looking and definitely not have a sane mental and physical state.

5 Risk of getting caught When you encounter with such women, drugs, and diseases are not the only things you should think about.

You are at a very high risk of getting caught by the law as there are undercover cops all over the place.

6 Risk of physical danger There are many cases in which there are assaults between men and the street-walkers.

Some men who are intoxicated or high on drugs are found to be abusive to the women and are often found hitting and causing damages sometimes life-threatening.

Also, in many cases, men have been robbed and been beaten up by mugs or pimps.

7 Don’t expect more

Women on such forums are in for money, they are not into dating or having a relationship. They do this to suffice their addiction to drugs or sex.

8 Criminals and Sex Offenders

Most of the men who are involved in such a forum are serial sex offenders and have a criminal background they are not mentally fit and often consider women as an object.

These men find pride in being abusive to women and also in showing there encounters on the forum with content and pictures of women beaten up.

9 Offensive content

The content posted on this forum is very disturbing. Men bragging about their sexual encounters and posting women pictures which have been physically assaulted to be forced into the act.

10 Sex slaves

Women/girls who are forced in this industry are in a very bad condition both physically and mentally as they have no other way to go because they are managed by pimps who have them as sex slaves working for them.

These women are into a serious addiction to drugs and sex which lead them to continue their business for survival and to satisfy their needs.

Besides the research and tons of reviews of the forum USASexGuide, there are many complaints raised against the online sex forum. One of which can be found on

usa-sex-guide 2

We do not think that finding a date or even a casual companion is bad but steering away from forums like this is for your own good, with that said.

There are still a lot of good and legit options that would help you find a good date and help you keep your identity safe when searching for such encounters.

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