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Men touching down in Las Vegas commonly wonder about in-room strippers, as escort advertising in Las Vegas is everywhere. From abundant moving billboards, featuring striking silhouettes, to escort cards handed out on the Strip, one is exposed to eye candy from the moment he arrives. If you have questions about escorting, allow us to explain further. Escorting articles found on our website delve into various aspects of the outcall entertainment industry, and we are pleased to enlighten those who have never hired a stripper, but are curious. Our longstanding history in this bustling vacation hot-spot has made us an authority on escorting. Should you have any questions about something not found here, or wish to book a private Vegas stripper, please call 702-300-3000, email: [email protected] or use our web form over to you're right. We look forward to learning how we can make this trip something worth remembering in vivid detail!

How to Get an Escort in Las Vegas

The ideal way to align yourself with an escort in Vegas is to utilize an agency. This comes down to protecting your interests. Independent escorts> in Vegas are plentiful, but their degree of customer service varies greatly, and if you are only here for a short time, you do not want to wade through the sea of Vegas independent escort ads and reviews to unearth a gem. Escort finder sites commonly utilized, such as Backpage, The Erotic Review and Eros, do little to nothing to screen listed entertainers. The conduct of strippers found in such places is not overseen by anyone, so if you are disappointed by someone’s performance, you have no recourse.

Women who work with an agency such as Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts are much more reliable than those who are escorting independently. Agency dancers are held to a high standard, though not all local services take customer satisfaction as seriously as we do. We pride ourselves on showcasing women who love their line of work, and their ardor is witnessed during every exciting performance. We are the service countless men have come to rely on, due to our dedication to excellence with every call. When your life demands you take a much-needed break from the norm, we are here to make it happen, on your schedule.

Vegas escorts who work independent of an agency set their own schedule, and should you locate a stunner you aspire to meet in person, you may find yourself disappointed to learn she is not available when you are. This is disappointing and time-wasting. If you call on any of the Vegas escorts listed here, and your selection is not available, we are able to tell you precisely when she is, or make a recommendation for someone who is a very close second. Seeking a specific sort of lady to treat you to an outstanding show is not uncommon. From our busty babes, to sultry, slender beauties, we have someone on hand who is a delightful example of your definition of the perfect girl.

Vegas Escort Etiquette

When you have taken the confident leap to invite a woman to your accommodations for a private strip show, you are in store for a magnificent performance. Expect her to go above and beyond to ensure your good time. She will arrive looking like the perfect ten she is, inside and out. Many men wonder what is expected of them when they arrange an outcall striptease show. The number one rule of thumb is to be respectful to your entertainer. Mutual respect and consideration pave the way to a tremendously rewarding encounter. If you are worried about being judged for being nervous, do not let that concern you at all! Our incredible dancers have met with men of all persuasions, and they excel when a man is a bit nervous due to it being his first time delving into such a divine indulgence.

To make the most of your private show, be detailed when touching base with us. If you have found someone listed here to be the ideal doll, make a request for a specific performer, to enable us to make your vision play out just as you imagine. Should you ask us to make a suggestion based on your likes, be detailed when outlining the sort of dancer you wish to see. It is your right to specify detailed requirements, and these can include particular types of attire or whatever else you feel would make your experience as rewarding as possible. Remember, it is not shallow to ask for the physical characteristics you hold in high regard. When dancers begin a career in escorting, they know men will seek them out for their standout features. If you ask for a slim siren or a vivacious BBW, we oblige, and your intriguing dancer will be honored to be your selection, no matter what your motivation to select her was.

Once your seductive selection arrives, expect to be quite taken by her appearance and demeanor. She will certainly have tantalizing lingerie surprises under her clothes, but her ensemble will be impressive and appropriate. Part of being the total package is dressing the part, and ladies profiled here take pride in their appearance from head to toe. Sexy hair, designer clothing and high-end shoes are just the start.

Softly scented skin, beautiful smiles and flawless makeup round out your darling’s statement-making appearance. You will cherish your dancer for the time she put into making herself unblemished for you, and when the clothing hits the floor, you will revel in her outward beauty in all of its glory.

GFE Escorting in Las Vegas

When you request time with any of our VIP companions, you do not have to keep your playmate all to yourself, should you wish to show off your good taste in public. You are free to plan a public date, for the ultimate girlfriend experience. Gentlemen who enlist the services of a Vegas GFE escort want a longer, more personalized encounter, and our dolls do not miss a beat when they are a man’s selection. They dress for the occasion, no matter if it is a romantic dinner, clubbing or wearing attention-grabbing swimwear at one of the popular Vegas party pools. Well-rounded females found here are excellent conversationalists who love sharing their charisma with men seeking a worthwhile GFE.

The best aspect of this sort of date is the anticipation factor! Sitting adjacent to an angel during dinner or sipping a drink is quite rousing as your mind swirls with suspense, wondering what her private strip show will entail once you are finally alone. Girls escorting with our agency have been evaluated to ensure they are social butterflies capable of being consummate sidekicks for any adventure. Cultured, fun-loving ladies prove to be the most phenomenal GFE providers, and no matter whom we send to your side, be confident she will be everything you hoped for and more. Imagine an extraordinary first date with a winsome woman who will later lavish you with a show in your room. There is no better feeling, and a GFE in Vegas trumps all other adult indulgences.

Technology has changed the dating game immensely, as we live in a world where dating apps have all but replaced traditional courting rituals. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this. One of the advantages is convenience. Vegas GFE is not totally unlike using a dating app while on vacation, as far as finding someone attractive and making a human connection in person, after meeting on a digital platform. When you make a connection through a GFE, you and your date know exactly what expectations linger in the backdrop, and both you and she can revel in the engagement with no strings attached. The entire arrangement is simple, straightforward and fulfilling. Adventure-seeking, prominent men hoping to experience the city in style cannot do any better than inviting a captivating companion to be their plus-one for a rousing diversion. Give us a call, email or contact us to allow us to send a babe to your door, so you and she can come up with a way to make you glad to have called.

Porn Star Escorts in Las Vegas

Another sought-out Sin City experience is arranging private strip shows with adult industry performers who are also into escorting. Porn star escorts in Las Vegas have gained in popularity after years of select performers signing on to do feature dancing in Vegas strip clubs. Many adult film stars dedicate time to escorting, either to supplement their income, or to make themselves available for in-person fan meetings. Starlets bestow a special sort of show because they have a bit of public notoriety and are excited to share their sensuality with others in an intimate setting, rather than through feature dancing. Reach out to us if you would like a scintillating strip show with an adult talent who is sure to render you breathless.

/images/private-strippers.jpg Private stripper experiences are as much about fantasy as they are reality, which is why porn star escorts in Vegas garner such a devoted following. Women who are unapologetic about their sensuality stop at nothing to make a man pleased to have called on them for an extremely stimulating striptease. If you are a longtime porn aficionado, picture a playful performer being all yours for a gripping encounter that exudes excellence in every aspect. Her energy will be an unforgettable sort, as she dances her way into your memory bank with expressive motions and an uninhibited nature. While all of the Vegas escorts on display here are superstars, porn stars are in possession of a certain type of stage presence that sets them apart from other strippers. Some of these ladies are girl-next-door types, and others are tattooed, gritty girls with distinctive flair.

/images/escort/star/star5.jpgEbony hottie Star is one of the most popular porn star escorts in Vegas, and we are so proud to profile her among our well-rated talents. Private shows from sensational Star include some of the most rousing additives because she is an expert dancer with an indisputable wild side. As far as ebony escorts are concerned, Star is a standout in every way. Her body is perfection, and her attitude is accommodating. Her creativity is unmatched, and she adores men with an appreciation for dark-skinned darlings. She lists her light chocolate skin and hypnotic curves as her most alluring traits, and we would agree. That said, her outgoing and engaging personality is definitely one of her most commendable attributes. Despite her notoriety in the adult industry, she is so down-to-earth. One of her recent reviews included the statement that she is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. To meet Star, or any of the other ebony bombshells we refer, give us a call.

/images/escort/angel/angel2.jpgBlonde angel Alex is another of the porn star escorts in Las Vegas who has made gentlemen take notice. Though this sly vixen is no longer performing in adult films, she spent a year in the industry, then turned to escorting when she wanted to be more in touch with her fans. She enjoyed many facets of performing on film, but she longed to see satisfied smiles which were a result of her efforts. This is why outcall dancing turned out to be the one true calling for Alex. She is not reserved, and her free spirit is a joy to witness firsthand. While she loves dressing up for social engagements, she describes herself as a nudist who feels much more comfortable when she is in the buff. Alex is a full-time student, so if you hope to slate time with this commendable coed, give us a call to make Alex all yours for as long as you like.

MILF and Mature Vegas Escorts

Women get into escorting with varied purposes, and many ladies who love to entertain discerning gentlemen enter the profession after they are out of their 20s. Most often, their motivation stems from feeling the most confident they ever have, and subsequently looking into escorting to express themselves in new, inspired ways. Vegas strip clubs are teeming with 20-something dancers, but men who have a longing for a woman of a certain age are always best served by arranging a private show from a mature or MILF Vegas escort. All of our entertainers are sophisticated sweethearts, but older dames have an undeniable degree of confidence that only comes with age and practical knowledge.

These exquisite women emit a signature sensuality that sees them doing enlightened things for the men they entertain. They shun a club setting, as they want their shows to be personalized and un-rushed. When they look into how to become a stripper in Vegas, awe-inspiring MILF strippers are too often overlooked by clubs. At Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, the fascination with older women is not lost on us. We know that many men crave exposure to the proverbial fountain of youth in the form of a teenaged hottie, while others thirst for an enticing woman who has lived a bit more life. MILF and mature Vegas escorts we refer are every bit as winsome and energetic as their younger counterparts. They just happen to be confirmed classics that most men would definitely look twice at in public.

One of our most celebrated mavens is mature sensation Chantel. This blonde tease enchants men of any age, and she is by far a favorite of younger guys who call on a cougar companion for their private performance. She is a true southern belle who has taken to big city life like a fish to water. Chantel considers herself to be aged like a fine wine, and each time she meets a new friend, she is certain to leave an impression on him in a good way! As an avid swimmer, her body is tighter and more toned than most women her age, and Chantel goes to great lengths to maintain her awesome physique. She is gorgeous, but not pretentious. She is a guy’s girl who is thrilled to be asked to share in a jaunt around the city, whether that entails hitting an acclaimed restaurant, or wiggling into a pair of jeans to introduce a man to one of the Vegas dive bars. Being relatable, yet remarkable, is her trademark, and we are so fortunate to make something as thrilling as Chantels personalized strip shows available to those who insist on nothing but the best.

Escorting and Absolute Discretion

Privacy is a factor when men traveling solo opt to fill their room with an amazing private show. This is why so many travelers do not have an interest in Vegas strip clubs and would rather see a woman shed her layers in a more exclusive setting. Once you have made the wise choice to book a customized foray, trust us to design the clandestine escape you crave. Another major advantage of using a highly rated Vegas escort service is the fact that established outcall entertainment referral services place a high priority on privacy. Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts does not contact you for any reason, unless you have asked us to. After the conclusion of your strip show, you will not hear from us or your performer. If you opt for a second show in the future, that must be initiated by you.

Identifying information is not shared with a third party, so when you rely on us to blueprint your sexy, satisfying show, you do not have to concern yourself with a single detail other than telling us your wants. Just enjoy yourself! That is how it should be, as our esteemed clientele deserves only the best treatment. We did not become one of the city’s top agencies by overlooking key details. Try to find another entity who is more dedicated to their clients. You will not. While there are some Vegas escort services who come close, we are by far the number one choice for men insisting on confidentiality. Our outcall entertainers are licensed, well-vetted and spectacular. The chances of you not being satisfied by the stunner who knocks on your door are so slim, but if for whatever reason you feel as though a different dancer would better suit you, we are happy to send someone else.

Another facet of absolute discretion is the tactful arrival of your private dancer. You do not want a flashy woman walking to your room, possibly calling the wrong sort of attention to herself. High class women do not don shoddy ensembles. They dress like the sophisticates they are, and this is the sort of woman we feel comfortable referring. Escorting in Vegas is not for everyone, and we go to great lengths to ensure we are sending only the premier sort of playmates to the rooms of those who trust us to design a top-shelf venture. Just like any recreational pursuit, escorting sees women who excel at their job, but it also sees women who would be more successful in an industry that is less service-driven.

Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts thanks you for your interest in what we provide, and if we can answer any other escorting questions for you, do not hesitate to reach out to us, anytime, day or night. We are always on hand to respond to questions when you call 702-300-3000. If digital communication is more your pace, we will get back to you shortly when you reach out via our contact form or email: [email protected] You have only one shot to get it right, and you can do no wrong with any of the private strippers we endorse. Sin City is as arousing as you make it, and with the assistance of one of our dancers, satisfaction is a given.