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Vegas visitors looking for a taste of the Orient regularly contact us in their search for an oriental Vegas escort. While the term oriental is commonly used to describe objects rather than people, we recognize not everyone is conversant with the socially acceptable way to refer to East Asians. We know exactly what one is looking for when requesting time with an oriental escort in Las Vegas. Our Asian companions are jet set entertainers men are honored to share time with in public as well as behind closed doors. Each and every one of our brunette babes is stunning in her own way, and there is something luxuriously unique about our East Asian Vegas escorts.

Pearls of the Finest Quality

Alternate definitions for oriental include pearls of the finest quality and of or relating to a superior gem. Keeping this in mind, it stands to reason not all East Asian women take offense to the term oriental Las Vegas Escort. It’s an honor to be associated with an elite grouping of highly regarded fine pleasures such as flawless pearls and gems. Our Asian wonders are most certainly of the finest quality. Each palpable princess we refer, regardless of ethnicity, has been pre-screened and surveyed to ensure you are on the receiving end of a VIP companion. We do not waste your time with uninspired personas leaving you yearning for more. You’ve come to Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts for the best, and we wouldn’t consider delivering anyone less than the best. Reach us at 702-300-3000 allowing us to put you in touch with the best way to spend the next few hours.

One of our brightest stars is the aptly named gem of a girl, Ruby. This Chinese cutie is the textbook definition of an enrapturing soul with her desire to please and agreeing persona. She loves kick starting evenings of adventure with dates in the city or intimate evenings in. Her sassy, creative mind abets her desire for role-playing antics, and she’s a thrill for those seeking imaginative play. Her interests are diverse as daytimes find this doll engaging in daring diversions such as skydiving and skateboarding. Ruby plays multiple sports and even tries her hand at bubble soccer in addition to coaching indoor youth soccer.

You don’t want to miss out on Ruby and her spunky character! She breathes new life into men of any age with her fresh-faced Asian good looks and uplifting spirit. She shines always in all ways, and we are proud to have her among our high-end companions given she’s such a joy to everyone who meets her.

Top-Notch Service Not Found in Las Vegas Massage Parlors

Travelers seeking sensual rubdowns keep Asian massage parlors in Las Vegas quite busy. Many seek out quality massage services at home, but look for something more invigorating when on vacation and hoping to treat themselves. As frisky thoughts rise to the surface, you may be looking for something with a little more flair than traditional Vegas massage services. Our thrilling temptresses offer much more than tender touch to knead away tense muscles.

When trusting in the capable hands of our beautiful companions, you’re in store for something rather rousing. Your engaging companion erases tension while inspiring you to submit to her quest to teleport you into a euphoric state of relaxation and bliss. The personalization accompanying your private Vegas escort encounter is unmatched by any parlor services. Making the experience all about your needs is a trademark of our masterly mavens. There’s no tension that cannot be worked out when two open minds conjoin for an erotic encounter.

A haute monde hottie men flock to is one of our Japanese delights, Amber. This big-breasted Asian sweetheart doesn’t mind being referred to as an oriental Las Vegas escort. She respects the fact that anything associated with the Orient is regarded as mysterious and cultured, which fits her to a tee. As a licensed massage therapist with a glowing aura, she is far and away our most sought-after massage artisan. With the beauty you’d expect from a VIP oriental escort in Las Vegas, Amber is equipped to energize your insides in unimaginable ways.

Asian Influence in Erotic Toons

Oriental allure is omnipresent in hentai erotic toons. Hentai features graphic illustrations of sexualized Asian women in compromising situations. This genre of anime is popular among many with an appreciation for the female Asian form and evokes imagery of animated, accommodating characters with bodacious bodies. While it’s impossible to conjoin with a cartooned courtesan, a real-life Asian companion donning revealing costumes is a close second. When living out fantasies with a playmate, she can be anyone, or anything, you’d like her to be, from a sexy student to a strict dominate. When you’re in the mood for an oriental escort in Las Vegas, she’ll bring imagination complementing your desire.

If you can imagine it, Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts can make it happen. Facilitating pleasure is our forte, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on a single fantasy you wish to realize during your time in Sin City. A fast call to 702-300-3000 enables us to discover exactly what you’re seeking, be it an oriental Vegas escort or any of our other dazzling delights.