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Published: November 3, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Suki 5 This is one Thai woman wishing to bring the wonders of the Orient to your hotel room. I’m called Suki, and my proper name, Suchitra, means “beautiful picture painting.” I will paint a beautiful picture for you. Imagine a petite 30-year-old girl with toast-colored skin, almond-shaped eyes and gorgeous, shiny black hair. This youthful beauty carries herself like a queen and commands attention wherever she goes. Those around her are captivated by her striking, exotic looks.

Suki 2 Her 5’1” shapely form exits a hotel elevator and knocks on your door. When you open it, you are floored by her appearance. You invite her in as her red and gold satin dress clings tightly to her body. You sit down to enjoy the show as she begins by stretching her leg into the air, forming a split with her ankle nearing her temple. All you can think of is what it would be like to be wrapped in her legs. As she begins to saunter around the room, she lights candles to relax you and transport you to another world. The beat of the music hastens as her hair swings in the air, nearly grazing your chest and lap. As she unzips her dress, it slides down to the floor, revealing her perfect body.

Suki 3 This mature lady produces a bottle of oil and begins to slowly rub it all over, making her body slippery and glistening. The oil’s aroma wafts in your direction as her hips gyrate to the music once more. Her eyes lock with yours, and you can see the unbridled passion within them. She wants you, and she is within your reach. No one has ever looked at you with such longing. You can see her mind working as she calculates the possibilities for the two of you. I’d love to be this girl for you today. Nothing is off limits.

Suki 4 The Thai culture is one of respect, honor and grace. I know my place in the world, and it is beside a good, proud man. Whether that man wants us to be seen in public or find a private retreat, I strictly adhere to the principles of honoring my man's wishes. Within my presence, you will feel like the king of Siam as I shower you with love and attention.

Suki 1 We both know you’ve always wanted a night with an Asian woman. Why not pick up the phone? We can spend as much time together as you’d like. We can go out with your friends, attend an art opening or live performance, or simply walk the city. Perhaps you would enjoy taking a dip in the hotel pool or relax in the sauna together. Anything is possible. It only requires a phone call. Are you alone in this big city? Is today a birthday or holiday and you’ve grown tired of being alone? What are you waiting for? Why suffer another night of mediocre when you can have an evening of phenomenal? Get lost in a new land of adventure without ever leaving your hotel room. Why not take a trip on the Orient Express known as Suchitra? Call me now to book your ticket!