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Published: November 12, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Lani 1 Are you seeking a sexy woman with an exotic look? Tired of the cookie-cutter California girls with their bleached blonde hair and fake tans? Your girl Lani is here to offer you something different and legions more fun.There is nothing fake about me. I am all woman. I'm originally from Polynesia but grew up in Hawaii. I'm petite at just over five feet tall, and my bronze skin glistens from coconut oil with an aroma so intoxicating it transports you to the tropics. I am proficient in the art of belly dancing with a mesmerizing hip swing. Men observe as the grass skirt shifts along my smooth skin and tickles my thighs.

Lani 4 If you are looking for a luau of love and arousal, I am the woman for you. I’m sure you’d love to sample a little Polynesian flavor today. I’m one of the most engaging exotic escorts in Las Vegas. My emerald green eyes will lock with yours as we delve deep into the jungles of your fantasies. The thump of the music will coincide with the beat of your pulse until the night ends in a volcanic eruption of desire. You can then relax by the waterfall of my body as I pour champagne down the length of my body. Watch my long nails stroke my skin and imagine how they would feel running down your back. With my angelic face and devilish curves, I have the perfect combination to meet all your needs. Do you dare to unleash my wild side?

Lani 3 The islands can be unpredictable, and so can I. On the islands, the temperatures can soar or the rains can pour. When I am in the room, your body heat will rise with anticipation. You will definitely break out into a sweat without lifting a finger. You will be so worked into a heated, passionate frenzy that you will long for a cooling shower. Volcanoes explode from the build-up of pressure causing molten lava to flow ravenously. I, too, can cause eruptions! I have been known to cause the earth to shake beneath me and provide surreal experiences to the men taking it all in. My hands love to run over my body as I cast a magical spell over those who watch me.

Lani 2 Don't think I’m just another pretty face with an explosive body. Education is paramount in my family of six siblings, and I am more than half way to receiving a degree from UNLV. I love stimulating conversation and promise to keep any secrets you wish to tell! I relieve tension and relax my special friends with my super-sized sexuality and excellent massage skills. I can often be a perfectionist, demanding I give my best in all I do. That is reflected in how I handle our time together. Your wish is my command, and your desires are what I want to stimulate. I will not be satisfied until all of your needs and wants are met. Unlock the excitement of the islands; unlock the secrets of Lani.