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Published: September 13, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Anika 7 Are you seeking an Indian escort in Las Vegas to make today one to remember? My name is Anika. I am pleased you find these photos provocative and arousing. Have you experienced the wonder that is an Indian woman? We are a rare breed, and quite exclusive. My statuesque form stands at 5’8”, I weigh approximately 130 pounds and my dark, mysterious features are not found on other brunette escorts in Vegas. Most days you will find me honoring the Hindu tradition by wearing a bindi on my forehead. Perhaps you’ve seen this jeweled adornment on Indian women in the past. Bindis are said to enhance concentration and conserve energy. Both are necessary attributes to make me a better companion for you!

Anika 4 Outside serving as an Indian escort in Las Vegas, I have worked with the Winchester Community Center teaching various classes. I found the hours restrictive and rather enjoy the flexibility escorting allows. I have a passion for travel and take regular short trips throughout the United States. International travel is great, but I have loved learning the varied cultures throughout America since relocating here as a teenage girl. My father’s career brought us to Las Angeles, and after one visit to Las Vegas while still living with my parents, I was hooked! I knew I had to live here, and last year, on my 20th birthday, I signed a lease on an apartment, and haven’t stopped smiling.

Anika 5 I thoroughly enjoy all the new men I meet, but have the best time with those who love Vegas as much as I do. Going out for dinner or drinks while getting to know one another is a great time. Knowing how our date is going to conclude is provocative. I sometimes cannot wait until your room door opens to give you a glimpse at what your future holds. I’ve been known to be a little sassy in elevators! I’m not at all ashamed about my over-sexed personality; I hope you aren’t either.

Anika 1 Should we stay in your room from the time we meet, you are in store for quite a time! I love to take my time peeling off my dress and revealing my womanhood more and more as each article of clothing adorns your floor. Silk is my favorite fabric, and I lean toward deep, rich colors. I am always impeccably dressed, even when I am home alone. Feeling sexy is an art, and I have it down to a science. From high end lingerie to flirty nightgowns, my femininity is constantly embraced in all I do. This includes getting you under my spell!

If you have never taken time out for an Indian Vegas escort, I suggest you jump at the chance to spend a little time with me. We will not be thinking about anything other than our shared moment in time as we both breathe in my desire. My harmonious dance will be our love potion as I prepare to take you to a tranquil place to soothe what ails you. I am an idyllic companion who wishes to be your lingering fantasy long after we have parted ways.