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Published: May 12, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Leela 1 Are you prepared to meet this exotic blossom of the Far East? I am Leela, and I am fully prepared to make your very intimate acquaintance! I was born and raised in India but now make my home here In Las Vegas. I am considered to be sweetly shy, but inside me there truly exists a purring Bengali kitten. And as we all know, kittens do love to play! I've done extensive work in erotic hentai and also modeling for erotic toons art work which has been thrilling to say the least! I love to role play and play nurse … I have the nursing outfit and all; just request it, and I will bring it along! I have an inept ability of knowing exactly what it is that a man wants from me at any given time without “you” even speaking a word. I’m a gentleman pleaser by all means. I just expect men to treat me like a lady. That’s my biggest request and everything else will fall in line.

Leela 2 I am a statuesque 5'10" and a curvaceous 140 lbs., measuring a natural 36C-25-36. I am an avid swimmer and never miss my yoga classes. I have a playful side as well and am always willing to have an adventure, whether it takes place outdoors or indoors. Sometimes I do prefer to be by myself, but at other times I definitely desire the attentions of a charismatic gentleman such as you. I am truly ready to share an unforgettable Las Vegas experience, by way of the exotic East. Let's connect and make the sparks fly! If you’ve never had the chance to experience spending time with an Indian woman, then take advantage of it tonight. Call Bunnies and see if I’m available. I’m not always on as I’m only doing this to fulfill my college requirements but I promise you this, if I am available, you and I will have an awesome time! I’m fun and outgoing, never judgmental and I truly enjoy spending time with men looking for a girl that has more than just a nice ass, like a brain! That’s me honey.

Leela 4 I’m not used to talking about myself and I haven’t been in the adult entertainment business in Las Vegas for long so this is still all foreign to me, but I’m enjoying it and best of all there aren’t many Indian Escorts in Las Vegas so I’m taking advantage of it! Looking forward to hearing from you. Again if I’m not available at this specific moment please feel free to wait for me. I will make sure I don’t disappoint. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, and you think my personality matches up with yours, well I would recommend Velvet. She and I are so much alike. She’s not from India, but if you knew the two of us, you would swear we’re sisters! Hugs and Kisses xoxoxoxoxoxo.