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Published: April 29, 2017, Updated: October 07, 2019

Ruby Chinese Escort 1Rubies are precious stones found in varying hues of red, ranging from deep crimson to pale rose, making Ruby the perfect name for your Chinese rose! I’m right here to introduce you to my multifaceted, colorful personality! At my hottest, I exude a scarlet aura and wind down to a delicate pink when lavishing in the afterglow of our encounter. I’m passionate in every venture making me one of your hottest options for companionship in Las Vegas.

Ruby Chinese Escort 2I am a young 21 years old with soft black hair, perky, pert 32B tits and a multitude of ways to make you smile ear-to-ear! I’m an energetic girl who takes care of herself by staying active with various pastimes including mountain biking, skateboarding and soccer. I’ve played soccer since age 7, and currently serve as an assistant coach for youth soccer. It’s challenging, but so fun! It keeps me grounded when life becomes tedious, and I get caught up in adult responsibilities.

Ruby Chinese Escort 3My petite stature is somewhat deceiving as I am actually very strong. My toned legs are slim but muscular, allowing me to wow you with my strength! If softness is what you’re craving, trust that this pint-sized powerhouse is still very delicate. Running fingers along a soft, defined stomach or silky, athletic legs is so arousing! Do these photos leave you already imagining what it feels like to have a velvety smooth Asian curled up next to you? Stop imagining, and give me a call!

Ruby Chinese Escort 4Making the most out of every day is my mantra because we’re only here for a little while and should maximize the joy in every experience. My attentive persona with a flair for saucy role-play makes me a favored Chinese cuddle bunny for men who love to play! Being silly keeps us young! My grandmother insists that being too serious takes days away, and I fully subscribe to her theory. At 91, she’s still a firecracker, so I think she has the map to the fountain of youth! I come from a long line of women who challenge traditional Chinese beliefs about how a woman should conduct herself. While we are always respectable, we have no issue with letting our hair down and keeping it real!

Ruby Chinese Escort 5What makes a fun date to you? Do you enjoy letting your inner child come out to play? Sounds good to me! I’m wild for role-play! Whimsical rendezvous stay on my mind long after we’ve been together because they are just so fun! With a too-full closet of candid costumes, I’m ready for whatever request you throw my way. Some of my sexiest get-ups include a leather catsuit and a scantily clad stewardess. On the plane, were you doing some fantasizing about the woman walking the aisles? Were you imagining the ways she could service you, allowing you to better enjoy your flight? I’ll be your flirty flight attendant as we join the mile-high club together! We cannot take flight until you give me a call, so don’t be shy!