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Published: October 2, 2017, Updated: January 24, 2020

Vonnie 1Do you have a safe word ready? If not, come up with one now. Or let me decide for us. If left to choose myself, I always choose, “peaches.” There is something so erotic about a man who has taken a fair amount of pain being pushed to his limit and then uttering a very feminine word to make it all stop. I feel a perverse pleasure when my conquests moan a safe word to make me relent. What word do you scream when you’ve had enough? Or are you a big boy who can take his punishment like a man?

Vonnie 2My name is Mistress Vonnie, and I am an Asian dominatrix. At 5’7”, I’m taller than the average Asian woman, and I’m nothing like the stereotypical submissive Asian. I grew up watching subservient women jump when told, and knew I was not going to be that woman. I wanted to be in control, and when I was only 18, an older boyfriend introduced me to BDSM. He confessed liking domination, and he schooled me in the ways of being a Mistress. Going to work with welts on his back satisfied him. The harsher I was, the more in love he became. I was his master. He was my slave. I couldn’t get enough of this new world! As much as I loved my role in that relationship, monogamy wasn’t for me. I craved new men and new experiences. It was weeks within our breakup that I became a Pro-Domme.

Vonnie 3I am not afraid to push you to your limits. Are you ready to be punished? Are you afraid to delve into a sexual practice that can be a little frightening when you’re at home? And now you’re in Vegas and are ready to make the journey into satiating desires you have to be dominated by a woman who isn’t going to let you call the shots? You’ve found the right woman to make these fantasies come to life. I have been a dominatrix for several years and just recently decided to stop seeing men in my home where I had a dark, erotic play space set up. Craving change, I decided seeing men in outcall situations would be more fulfilling. I am quite inventive and make use of the space you have available for our encounter.

Vonnie 4If it’s your first time, we’ll work out the ground rules, but I have no intention to take it easy on you. I’ll verbally lambast you or get into something deeper. If you are a BDSM enthusiast, I’d love to meet you to introduce you to my own brand of kink. I’m not about to beg you to call me; that’s not my role. Go ahead, choose another woman. She won’t have the experience I do or the ability to make you forget where you are for a while through a very demented sexual outlet. Dominatrix escorts in Vegas are mostly a novelty. They might bark orders for a while or come off as a little bossy. But that’s not true Domme play. I’m the real deal, and years of excellent reviews are proof of what I bring to your BDSM encounter.