With inhibitions lowered due to the trademark Sin City vibe, it is no surprise many couples seek an escort in Las Vegas to explore their sexuality in an imaginative way. Recruiting a fiery companion to introduce new concepts to a relationship is the steamiest way to ensure the Vegas vacation is more than memorable.

When done correctly, inviting an escort into your room to comprise a tantalizing triad can bring you closer to your partner. When two people have enough confidence to share an intimate encounter with a third person, it is telling about how strong the bond is. Dipping into the unknown isn’t for everyone, but once you’ve decided you and your partner are up for the ultimate thrill ride, Bunnies of Las Vegas would love to be your go-to escort service.

First Time Guidelines

Following certain guidelines when opening yourselves up to someone joining you in a sensual setting allows everyone to have a relaxed, rewarding experience. Take time to browse the informative escort terminology section on our site to familiarize yourself with terms commonly used in the industry.

A common mistake made by someone in a romantic partnership is arranging a surprise visit from a Las Vegas escort. Doing so is not a great idea given the fact that even those who welcome inviting a third may not want the idea sprung on them. They may care for a little mental preparation or extra time grooming in anticipation of meeting their new playmate. If you are considering arranging such an amazing encounter for your lover, discuss it with them first so there are no negative reactions. Everything about this is supposed to be a great time, so a little dialogue prior to going forward goes a long way.

Scheduling too little time with their Las Vegas escort is a regular oversight by many couples. Timing is everything. For starters, you want to be sure the young lady in your company has carved out enough time for you to become acquainted and you are not left feeling the rendezvous came to a close too soon. Requesting a single hour is enough for many, but some like to luxuriate a little longer! Also, take into account the remainder of your schedule for the day. We do not recommend requesting a 5:00 visit if you have tickets to an 8:00 show. You want to be able to fully savor the experience in the company of your partner even after your sexy siren has said her goodbyes.

Many opt for a gay female escort for their inaugural endeavor because the assumption is she will pay more attention to the female in the scenario. There is truth to that, and skeptical females appreciate knowing their entertainer is going to be less into the male in the room and more into the female. That said, bisexual escorts from our LGBT escort circle and many straight escorts are fully capable of orchestrating an excellent evening and taking direction on where to concentrate their efforts. Selecting the companion that makes you both most comfortable and is the most attractive to you both is the key to a great time.

Making the Suitable Selection

If you’ve navigated the Vegas escort scene, you know that a multitude of options exist. We hope you remain in the direction you’ve already headed by visiting our site. You must insist on using an established escort service. Numerous disreputable entities exist, including independent escorts who offer attractive rates only to up-sell upon arrival. Unseemly agencies openly work with escorts having associations to Vegas pimps. It is completely unnecessary to invite danger in such a way.

At Bunnies of Las Vegas, we are going to not only send an escort accomplished in working with couples, we are also going to offer a secure transaction from your initial contact to when you are ending the engagement with your young lady. You should not have to stress the details when it comes to something so pleasurable. We handle the specifics once we are told what your combined preferences are. Our blonde escorts are a varied group, but we also have some of the hottest brunette escorts in Vegas, including our exotic escorts. Our Indian escorts are a rare breed. We highly recommend these ladies as well as our adult film star escorts for couples who have done this before and are seeking to switch it up a bit.

With All the Singles in Vegas, Why Choose a Professional Companion?

Couples select an escort in Vegas for the same reason single men do: no strings attached! The last thing a couple wants is the complications that could arise when the third party may envision future contact with the couple she’s spent time with. Your escort is going to enjoy you to the fullest, but respects the fact you call all the shots. She will see you again at your request, but only at your request. The same cannot be guaranteed in any other scenario. When discretion is paramount, do not take a chance with anyone other than a professional participant.

Do you have any questions for us or wish to request a visit from one of our top-notch Las Vegas Escorts? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at 1 (725) 312-2762 or complete our contact form for a fast reply. We are your source for the most alluring playmates in Las Vegas and it is our wish you take time getting to know one of our wondrous women!