Congratulations! You have made the right first step in deciding to host a bachelor party in Las Vegas. Step two is designing an unforgettable night for the groom, one that is worthy of the absolute finest send-off into wedded bliss. There are so many details to mull over, and really, it is those details that can make or break the entire weekend. Let’s face it, you and your friends leave average in the dust, so doesn’t it make sense to dedicate proper and thorough planning for your trip? You deserve it, and by all means, the groom deserves it!

You have certainly come to the right place to make any groom’s party top-shelf! Bunnies of Las Vegas specializes in bachelor party success. The man of the hour will be extending his gratitude long after he has exchanged his vows, as will the rest of your friends. Below you will find a comprehensive guide to planning an epic event for the deserving husband-to-be. For questions or booking requests, use our contact form or email: . For an immediate response, call 1 (725) 312-2762.

There’s One in Every Crowd

Inevitably, at least one invitee is going to want to put his wallet on lockdown, balking at the money side of the trip, from the price of the flight, to the cost of excursions. Even if you are fortunate enough to have everyone on-board with all costs, there should be some consideration given to the expense of the trip because some budgets might be less forgiving than others. As with any of the popular locations for destination bachelor parties, Las Vegas is not cheap. There are ways to save money, but make sure to be realistic when forming a forecast for anticipated expenses. Organizing a string of $100+ per head activities may be asking too much from fellow guests. It makes sense to put your focus on quality rather than quantity.

Likewise, it is always smart to be completely up front with all of your guests about the potential cost of incidentals for the entire trip. Do not quote your bros a lower price just to reel them in, as doing so results in unhappy travelers, which is understandable. Be straight with them all: the monumental trip will not be super cheap, but it will be manageable. Do your best to find Las Vegas deals, but refuse to sacrifice quality to save cash. You are in quest of an extraordinary adventure, and you should plan spending wisely so each endeavor is a great one, in all aspects.

Something else worth noting is that none of you are going to be worth your salt if you are too dehydrated to enjoy yourselves. Don’t forget that alcohol depletes hydration levels, so pace yourselves, and drink enough water to stay in top shape and make it to the end of the night. Also, if you spend a surplus of time in the sun, do not run the risk of looking like a lobster the following day. Many Vegas vacations have been ruined by someone wasting a full day nursing a wicked sunburn.

Maximizing Time

When managing a large group, you run the risk of encountering shrugging shoulders when making basic decisions on where to eat or where to grab the next round of drinks. We cannot stress enough how much of a difference doing research makes when outlining a boss Vegas bachelor party. Pre-trip fact-finding allows you to map out restaurants and bars in the vicinity of your hotel for quick stops. You should also make dinner reservations, to not risk being turned away at better establishments because they cannot seat you right away.

No matter what, have options ready to go, so no time is wasted on making a decision about where to dine for breakfast and lunch. You know how it can be when a sizable assemblage of people tries to make a decision. Be ready to step forward and be a leader with a couple possibilities tossed out for the guys to vote on, to expedite decision-making. Most guys’ trips are less about fancy dining and more about sustenance. Be certain to include some moderately priced picks from well-reviewed places when you present ideas to the boys. The best way to make the most of your time here is to cut out indecisiveness within your troop.

Don’t only look into restaurants and watering holes. Also do your research on any daytime outings you are considering. You will want to line up tee times ahead of time at popular golf courses in Vegas. There are also so many amazing shows to choose from, but some of the more exclusive ones are difficult to procure tickets for upon arrival. If you have a must-see show in mind, buy tickets early, especially so you can all be seated together.

Beyond some of the well-rated Vegas shows, other adventures await your party in Vegas as well: shooting ranges, fantasy car driving, go-carting and off-roading are just a few of the abundant choices. Discuss options with everyone, and schedule these excursions in advance. Depending on what’s on the agenda, some companies require advance-booking for large groups. You’ll thank us for this advice later, when you arrive and nearly everything is ready to go!

Best Times to Visit Las Vegas

While we’re on the topic of time, the timing of your Vegas bachelor party is crucial. Due to more easily accessible vacation days, planning during a holiday weekend might be tempting, but this should be avoided. These times are exceptionally busy and Vegas travel deals are more difficult to come by. Increasingly, families are descending upon Sin City, despite the fact that the Las Vegas experience was designed with adults in mind. You will not want to waste your time dodging families and fighting crowds, and they are always plentiful on holidays.

Plotting your days here to avoid surges in tourist numbers is not the only timing you need to consider. If you decide to go the typical Vegas strip club route, bouncing around from one joint to another, timing could certainly be an issue. The talent at these venues is highly dependent on the time of day. If you arrive before peak hours, do not expect to see the sexiest, most desirable dancers. Most popular performers are scheduled during the later nighttime hours. Unfortunately, this is when Vegas strip joints are the busiest.

Bunnies of Las Vegas offers an excellent solution to this timing issue! Why not go above and beyond the call of duty and set up a private show with incredibly sexy and talented ladies who will be completely devoted to your groom and the rest of your comrades? Besides, who wants to worry about what time it is? We offer premium entertainers who are available any time, day or night, and that is only one of many reasons why a personalized strip show is far superior to the tired, old strip club routine. In order to have the most fun with outcall Vegas strippers, tell us what you have in mind, then let us deliver lively goddesses to your door!

Location, Location, Location

Whether you are familiar with the layout of the Strip or not, it is important to recognize how vast it is when scheduling excursions. Because the buildings are so commanding, they appear closer together than they are. Navigating Vegas attractions is best accomplished with a centrally located hotel. If you are the host of what is sure to become a legendary weekend, your charges will thank you for saving their walking legs for more gratifying endeavors. Make note of what you hope to do, and plan things in a constructive order so that you are not navigating back and forth, from one end of the Strip to the other. This also saves on taxi costs in Vegas. Once you have decided where to stay on the strip, consider the sort of accommodations you should book.

Your party may be reserving individual rooms, but a suite is the best choice for bringing the party back to the hotel or pre-gaming with drinks before paying nightclub drink prices. The large space of a suite also provides a spacious setting for treating the groom to a serving of sizzling entertainment, courtesy of escorts for hire who far exceed the quality of the girls in Vegas strip clubs. Epic bachelor parties begin and end with captivating women facilitating a memorable night for the groom. Twenty years from now, nobody is going to remember bottle service at a VIP club, but they will remember the time you went the extra mile and had the best in adult entertainment hand-delivered to the room, for everyone’s enjoyment.

Speaking of ideal environments, how much fun can a strip joint be when you have to deal with outsiders? Maybe they’re rude to the ladies or they’re loud and distracting. Or perhaps you’re seated next to that one rowdy drunk dude who steals focus away from the groom. Other patrons at a strip venue are definitely a wildcard that you cannot control if you decide to take the party to a gentlemen’s club. This is yet another reason we recommend ditching the tired trope of a Vegas strip club, and instead create an unforgettable party that neither the groom, nor the rest of the posse will soon forget. A suite is the right locale for hosting a bevy of the most beautiful and talented professionals who stop at nothing to ensure an amazing time is had by all!

Another advantage of a suite is if you have a few guests who cannot quite keep up with everyone else, they can fade into the background while the merriment carries on. This is not the case if a too-drunk reveler needs to leave the gentlemen’s club too soon due to over-indulging. Furthermore, older attendees, who may be a little more conservative and not amenable to the attentions of a sexy siren, might wish to be removed from the eye candy action sooner than the rest.

The fact is, the strip club atmosphere is not everyone’s scene. Maintaining complete control of the party in a suite means that you can all spend the evening together, but when things start to heat up, those who would rather watch from a distance can do so and not ruin the moment for the groom and the true, dedicated partiers among you. In other words, you really can’t go wrong with centralizing the debauchery in a large suite.

If reserving one of the Vegas bachelor party suites does not suit you, our dolls can be quite inventive in small spaces too. Imagine the groom’s surprise when you direct a total hottie to his door when he is not expecting such a visitor. There are many ways in which we stand to make this send-off spectacular, so lay it on us! We appreciate hearing from those who want to take necessary steps to make their destination stag party something different and dynamic. No matter where you are, we can come to you, delivering vice and vitality to your door.

The Main Attraction

You are not spearheading a bachelor party in Vegas to go to church, but it is our hope you will be introduced to girls you will want to get to know in the biblical sense! Let’s be real: nudity is a must for boys’ Vegas weekends. No pressure, but it is up to you, the host, to wow your fellow sin-seekers with the most beautiful ladies in this fair city. Just be careful where you go. Most Vegas strip clubs have decent gals, but they are very limited in what they can do to make the night individualized. More than likely, they will proffer a few dances, maybe crack a few jokes, then move on to the next paying customer. This produces a less-than-distinct show.

When our ladies are at the wheel, expect to be blown away by how the girls tailor the performance to the group’s demographics. One of the most noteworthy Vegas bachelor parties we have planned was designed to play off the groom’s significant interest in anime. Two of our Asian playmates dressed in costume and cajoled attendees to really get into their rousing display of animated sensuality. The concept was so simple, but the pageantry of it all made the night a total triumph.

One of the fatal mistakes made when designing a Vegas bachelor party is hiring independent strippers who may or may not live up to high standards and expectations. When a woman does not work with a service, she does not have to answer to anyone at all. When you think about it, she is not even accountable to you because you have no legal recourse if she fails to deliver on her promises. Also, she is not age-verified or vetted by anyone at all. She may not even maintain proper licensing to work as an outcall entertainer.

We’re certain you don’t want to subject yourself or anyone else to any legal issues if your independent stripper failed to go through the proper channels to secure licensing. Do not buckle under pressure; instead, rest assured that we have your back and will deliver the high quality entertainment you seek. So before you are quick to add a string of strip club visits to the Vegas bachelor party itinerary or hire a girl working independently, consider allowing us to outline the far superior option of welcoming exotic dancers to your suite.

Quintessential Stag Party Strategy

Here’s the way we envision it: your group can settle into the suite with a few bottles of alcohol and mixers, ready to enjoy personalized entertainment from one or more Vegas escorts specializing in bachelor parties. These sexy, engaging dames know how to get the party started and ensure every man in the room is as engaged as he wants to be. You can visit a strip club in any major city in America, but trust us, most of them are similar. Even strip clubs in Vegas are not any more impressive than those you have visited previously. Only in Vegas can you task classy vixens with fashioning the most momentous escapade of your whole trip.

Remember when we talked earlier about keeping the expenses reasonable? Split several ways, you might be surprised to learn that the cost of a private party is comparable to what would be spent over the course of a few hours in a titty bar. Strip clubs in Vegas may be common, but they are far from economical. Cover charges and overpriced drinks add up, not to mention the fact that many venues impose a drink-minimum which is met through the mandatory purchase of watered-down beverages. When you host the party, your liquor budget goes much further!

Beyond libations, consider the total cost for all of you tossing bills at strippers with money-motivated attention spans. In that scenario, a few hundred bucks is blown in no time. When you factor in cover charges, drinks and tips, you could have had a much more affordable private party! Personalized in-room shows from our Vegas strippers are unmatched by any strip club experience. Would you like to use Bitcoin to fund your debauchery? We accept Bitcoin payment; we are flexible in more ways than one!

Upon arrival, your adult talent is more than prepared to kick the party into high gear. If the groom is a sports nut, you can certainly make a request for his favorite professional team to be represented on our jersey-clad cuties. If he is easily embarrassed, but would love the attention, request one of our BDSM beauties who will whip him into shape! She’ll feign domination and have the whole room engrossed in her antics. The sky is the limit as far as themes and special touches are concerned. Have an idea that’s a little unconventional? We would love to hear it!

Pick Your Pleasure

For adventurous guys with a great sense of humor, we’ll send one or more of our fun-loving Las Vegas escorts who play well with others. Relive randy college years with a pair of our Girls Gone Wild sorority sister types. Like the contrast of a blonde with a petite, exotic Asian? How about an exquisitely pale redhead with an ebony beauty? Why stop there when you can have all four? Options are limitless, and your main man will be impressed you anted up for premier entertainment for the ultimate Vegas stripper experience.

Now that we have highlighted all of the considerations for your upcoming stag party in Vegas, there is one more vital piece of information we’d like you to keep in mind. No matter how meticulous your planning, it’s worth noting that you will never be able to please everyone the entire time. That said, you are more likely to come away as the hero if you follow our expert advice about timing, location, and booking superior entertainment. We guarantee our gorgeous, sophisticated ladies will be the highlight of your groom’s final farewell to bachelorhood.

So you’re ready to book the best in the business, right? Babes from Bunnies of Las Vegas will arrive to your party dressed to kill and ready to bare it all! One phone call to 1 (725) 312-2762 yields a helpful operator allowing you to detail in confidence exactly the sort of person you envision being a smash hit with your crowd. From sporty sex kittens, to witty jokesters, we have the girls for you. Ethnicity preferences are also catered to. We feature all-American blonde bombshells and brunette babes as well as exotic Asians and ebony sweethearts. You will not be disappointed. Trust us when we say your phone call will start the ball rolling on what will undoubtedly become one of your most memorable getaways ever!