nova 1

Nova is a 24-year-old blonde bombshell with hair so long it tickles the small of her back. With a natural love of dancing and the company of men, she makes the consummate adult entertainer. When Nova is with you, the world disappears. Nothing and no one else matters but you, and she loves nothing more than getting lost in the moment with an appreciative guy.

nova 3

Most men find Nova a ton of fun to be around, too, with her goofy sense of humor and her confident, playful attitude toward life. She loves to be the center of attention and thrives in any social situation. Her smile lights up any room, even the typical Vegas ones with sparkling mirrors and wall-to-wall neon. She can hold her own in a conversation with every class and breed of folk, and her personality can charm even the coldest heart of stone.

nova 4

So, if you’re looking to see the Strip with a beautiful woman on your arm, then follow it up with a private tête-à-tête back at your hotel room, Nova can give you the best of both those worlds. And if it’s the full GFE (girlfriend experience), you’re looking for while in Vegas, Nova is the perfect companion to join you out on the town, day or night. A boundless bundle of energy and joy, Nova will make any Vegas excursion all the more exciting. Wherever you walk around town, be it a bus tour, the casino or a fine restaurant, she’ll be dressed-to-kill and turning heads, all the other men gaping jealously at how you nabbed a perfect 10.

nova 5

Whether in the sun or under neon lights or in total darkness in your bed, Nova will keep you warm. You may even need to turn the A/C on high before she arrives, because, when it’s time to get hot, she’ll be cranking up the heat and won’t stop till you’re both exploding in flames of passion and bliss.

nova 6

From the moment she saunters into your room, you won’t know whose clothes to rip off first, but if you’re patient, she’ll start the music and give you a slow, sultry striptease you’ll remember long after you both put your clothes back on. You’ll feel every pulse of the music and throb of the beat in the writhing movements of her lithe body and the electricity in her touch.

nova 7

With Nova, you’re not getting any strip-club class of service. You’ll get only high-class service for a high-class gentleman. There’ll be no bouncers dampening your mood or other distractions, keeping you and Nova from losing yourselves in each other. She’s not too shy to give you all of herself anytime she’s with you, so you feel like you’re the only two people in all the world. Nova is that special kind of woman only a special caliber of man deserves. She knows how to treat you right and give you an experience that rejuvenates you and sends you back into the world a new man.

After one night with Nova, you’ll never be the same. Don’t believe us? She dares you to find out. The only way she can prove it, though, is if you give her a chance. So, stop sitting there fantasizing about what wild times you and the knockout in these photos can have together. Hit her up instead, and you can talk all about it together. Let this super-Nova show you how she can light up your night and send you shooting into the stratosphere.

Name: Nova
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Height: 5’ 6” (170 cm)
Weight: 128 (58 kg)
Measurements: 32C-25”-36”
Horoscope: Pisces
Phone: 1 (725) 312-2762