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meera 1 An emperor in India built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife. Have you ever wondered what this woman did or what qualities she possessed that compelled the man to bestow such an honor upon her memory? The answer is simple: Indian women are captivating, sexy and hotter than curry! We’re unforgettable yet remarkable at helping a man forget life for a while. Whether you want a traditional Indian dance or a slow erotic striptease, I am the woman you need to call.

meera 2 My name is Meera, and I am the exotic Vegas escort who brings the beauty of the eastern world to your hotel room as I dress in the silks and colors of India. Golds, blues and greens adorn my body as it shakes and shimmies around you in a whirl of ecstasy. My bouncing breasts and twirling ass captivate your attention, making you want me all the more. My body is that of a goddess needing to be worshiped, yet I know how to treat my man like an emperor. Do you want to be my emperor? Have you ever wished you had a woman as mesmerizing as the one who inspired the Taj Mahal? Give me a call to experience me in all my glory.

meera 4 The music of my exotic land will fill the room and transport you to a wondrous place. Draped in silks, my body will gyrate and contort into positions you have never seen in person. My flat belly shows as my panties hug my hips, shaking inches from your mouth. My long hair nestles around my breasts and curves, as you wish your hands were gliding over my body. The rhythm of the music gets our hearts pumping. By the time I finish my first dance, you will know why Indian woman are the most desired in the world.

meera 5 I would not want to overdose you on my talents, so we can go out on the town for a breather. Whether dancing or dining, we can find something wonderful in the city if you’d like to take me out with you. Then once again, if you are ready, we can return to your hotel room for another serving of personal attention. I am not going anywhere as long as you’d like me to stay. The choices are all yours, so choose wisely! We can stay in all night if your heart can handle it!

meera 6 Life experience has groomed me to be a vibrant diversion for you to indulge in all the remarkable wonders of the human body! There is little I will not do in an effort to bring you the joy you so deeply crave. Imagine it, and we can make it happen. Everything I bring to your world is meant to stay with you long after I’m gone. I guarantee you an unforgettable evening. Do not miss this opportunity to experience the exotic flavors I bring to the table. The secrets of the East are only a phone call away.