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Published: September 23, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Lupe 10 If you are looking for the total package, you have found her. My name is Lupé, and I am one of the spiciest Latina escorts in Las Vegas. I am 5’5” and 125 pounds. My long brown hair lightly brushes the top of my ample ass as I walk, and my long legs go on forever. Daily workouts keep my body in excellent shape, and I’m always ready to play. I have all-natural size 36D breasts that perfectly accentuate my figure. Most guys think that pretty girls lack in other areas, but I prove that theory wrong. I am both sexy, intelligent and a blast to be around. I am a sports fanatic, so I’m always up for catching a game, talking about the latest scores or hitting the golf course. We can do whatever your heart desires. The decision is yours, and so am I.

Lupe 11 I have found that many men love the mystique of an exotic Latina woman. I have native features men fall in love with at first glance. I was raised in Latin America and came to the United States a few years ago. Just as American men are intrigued by me, they intrigue me. I love the drive and passion they all seem to possess. It’s sexy and a total turn on. Americans seem to want to take care of their women and make them feel exalted by listening to what they have to say, making them laugh and reminding them they are beautiful. When a man puts me on a pedestal, I become laser-focused on doling out his reward.

Lupe 9 Many men have told me that they love my accent and my Latin fire. A sense of refinement with sass best defines me. I am a social chameleon, fitting into any situation with ease. I can be your sweet social butterfly in public, or your ravishing wildcat behind closed doors. Dancing is my favorite pastime whether we are on our own or in a crowd. There is nothing else in the world that makes me as amorous as a vehement dance with a man with busy hands. Dance is passionate no matter if it is a flirty salsa, and impassioned tango or a slow grind to a hot ballad. I’m up for any dance you are, even if you want to skip straight to the private dance in your room.

Lupe 5 Spoiling myself with a hot bubble bath is how I love to begin each day. I soak for a while. I love the way the water laps up to my nipples. After soaking, I apply an exotic smelling fragrance that subtly fills the space around me. When I come to you, I’ll smell so sweet, you’ll want to devour this soft, supple skin on contact.

Lupe 4 We aren’t going to be able to make a connection at all if you don’t make the call. I promise you will not be disappointed when I am alongside you to explore your Latina Vegas escort fantasies. Me murmuring Spanish sweet nothings in your ear is just the icing on the cake when you make the call to be visited by the hottest Latina escort in Las Vegas.