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Charlotte 1 Hello, Handsome! I hope you’re feeling especially excited today and up for a wondrous romp with a perky princess who shines always in all ways! I’m a girly girl with salon-perfect hair, meticulous makeup and sinful shoes! It’s always about the shoes! I’m a foot fetishist’s dream come true. Weekly pedicures and sexy shoes are a must! Strappy heels, bold red stilettos and jeweled pumps line my closet. I’m the girl who runs out to the market in heels. I’m down-to-earth, but always adorned in the most fabulous designs. Looking good is feeling good, and when I’m feeling good, you’re treated to my best! I’m a sultry little sweetie who is a manifestation of the girls you see about town but are too intimidated to approach. So silly! Pretty girls need love too!

Charlotte 2 I’ve yet to meet a man I did not thoroughly enjoy as long as he’s respectful and open with me about what he’s looking for. I’ll let you in on a little secret: some escorts love their jobs more than they do casual dating. Dating is complicated, and there are so many uncertainties. When I’m spending the night with a gentlemen who has requested I spend a portion of his Vegas vacation by his side, there’s no pressure, just pleasure! We’re able enjoy one another’s presence without nagging thoughts about what comes next. It’s all fun, no fuss!

Charlotte 3 Being taken out for dinner or taking in a show are great ways to spend time together outside your room. I’ll be your Lady Luck at the casino if you’re a risk-taker! Men love a classy beauty on their arm, and I am well suited to be your demure doll. Some guys like to keep their plaything all to themselves, and I am content to just kick back in your room to see where the night might lead. I’ll show up looking hot as hell, making you want to see the goods right off the bat! Once I’m down to my desirable lingerie, you’ll beg to see me fully in the buff. You don’t have to beg for long. Yeah, I’ll tease before I’ll please, but you are going to see the goods! That’s why I’m there! Vegas strippers have nothing on me!

Charlotte 4 Lick your lips while I’m taking it all off, and I’ll note of your enthusiasm. If I know I’m keeping you on edge, you’ll be kindly rewarded! Feeling desired is a want by all sensual beings, and women are no exception. I’m in the business of sensuality, and I want you to call me again the next time you’re in town. Rest assured, I’ll treat you right and take you where you need to go. You men aren’t as complicated as you’d like to think! I have most men’s modus operandi within minutes of meeting them. Maybe you’ll make me work a little harder to dial into what pleases you? I love a challenge! There’s nothing I cannot do for you; just say the word! Call me to have me there in all my glory within minutes!