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In Las Vegas strip clubs have established themselves as a tradition. Nude dancers in Vegas are not as common as one would think because most clubs are topless only. With the exception of one establishment, places that serve alcohol cannot permit their dancers to go fully nude. Therefore, if you seek to enjoy a few drinks, along with reveling in full-frontal nudity, you will be let down. Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts solves this problem because we make the sexiest Vegas stripper services available to gentlemen, women and couples of all persuasions.

From Vegas bachelor party entertainment, to solo shows for single males, we provide what you seek when it comes to expressive striptease where full nudity is a given. In the privacy of your accommodations, you are able sit back and enjoy the rousing show. Expect to be quite impressed with the ingenuity possessed by any of the high-class Vegas escorts showcased here. These women know how to shimmy and sway their way into a man’s heart with class, sass and sensuality not found in Vegas strip clubs. And the best part is that they are guaranteed to go fully nude!

Personalization and Perfection

Gentlemen’s club fans know that some nights in the clubs are a swing and a miss. This is unfortunate since the establishments here are not what one would consider inexpensive. By the time one factors in cover charges, inflated drink prices and tipping for a female’s attention, a night’s final bill at a nudie bar can easily reach a significant sum. When a fan of flesh invites a private dancer to his room, the cost is about the same, but includes so much more. For starters, the personalization aspect cannot be matched. Callers are free to request specific types of outfits or additives to make the performance supreme on every level.

/images/escort/kia/kia5.jpg If you harbor a preference for a certain type of look, you may request someone who reflects your definition of ideal. From mysterious, exotic mavens, to petite dolls, you are welcome to share time with a woman whose look sets your heart afire. There is no better time to treat yourself than when you are staying and playing in our remarkable city. Skip the strippers in the club, and reward yourself with the high-end adult entertainment you deserve. Imagine being the only man in the room as a young maiden saunters about, slowly taking off every thread of clothing concealing her intriguing body. Or, perhaps seasoned women are more your pace? If that is the case, you must check out the zestful collection of enterprising MILF Vegas escorts profiled here.

/images/escort/chantel/chantel5.jpg One of the most popular ladies of a certain age remains the captivating Chantel. She is a well-rounded knockout who is one of the older nude Vegas dancers among our stable of sirens. She stands 5’7, and her toned body weighs in at about 130 pounds. Her full 38C breasts are unbelievable, and her round hips, blue eyes and wide smile complete the physical package amazingly! Her dedication to fitness is admirable, and her personality is so inviting and free-spirited. For a flawless striptease from a MILF bombshell, give Chantel a call, and you will not be left disenchanted! She is by far one of the sultriest nude dancers in Las Vegas.

Exception to the Rule

As stated, strip clubs in Vegas with full nudity are a rarity, and there is only one fully nude establishment that permits the sale of alcohol. This is the Palomino Club. This place opened before new laws about alcohol sales and full nudity were in effect, and therefore is grandfathered to allow it. They are one of the more popular strip clubs in Vegas due to the liberties they have, which means they are quite crowded during peak hours. They open daily at 4:00 pm, which also means anyone seeking an afternoon delight will be disappointed if they head to the Palomino. A benefit to inviting a dancer to your lair is that you can swath yourself in satisfaction, no matter what time of day or night. You will not encounter a room full of loud, randy revelers, nor will you be bored by the average girls working a day shift. Our ladies are all absolute tens, which means we proffer the ultimate wake-up call, or last call, should you call on a lady to help you bring your exciting day to a conclusion.

Many of the clubs here garner a great deal of attention, but if you want the hottest fully nude dancers in Vegas to charm you or your group, you will find no hotter option than Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts. If you are hosting a bachelor party, we hope to be your go-to for top-tier eye candy. Those hoping to fashion a memorable guys’ weekend can do no better because strip clubs in Vegas have been done to death for stag parties. The upper echelon of party entertainment includes in-room strippers and topless servers, if you are so inclined. Ladies we refer are authorities in making sure grooms are forever grateful for their awesome send-off into marital bliss.

Adult Entertainment for Couples

Catering to the distinct wants of couples is one of our claims to fame. We truly enjoy furnishing astonishing entertainment to twosomes who dare to delve into saucy pleasures, such as hiring a private stripper. If you and your significant other have enjoyed going to fully nude Vegas strip clubs in the past, you simply must experience a new means of relishing a sexy diversion. Dancers unearthed here are experts when it comes to ensuring both halves of a couple are enjoying themselves. There is no other adult show as arousing as hiring a dancer for couples. If you are a man who is fortunate enough to have a lady in your life who embraces the concept of hiring a private stripper in Vegas, be sure you understand the benefits of using an escort service before you hire a girl working independently.

When it is not only you in the picture, you must ensure the encounter is unblemished, and you cannot be certain of a seamless transaction when aligning with independent escorts in Vegas. Too often, these ladies flake on appointments or arrive late. They do not have to account for subpar behavior when they do not report to an agency. Therefore, the risk for disappointment is heightened. Granted, not all escorts in Vegas who work solo are a letdown. But when you have only one shot to get it right, why risk it when you do not have to? If you are checking out online profiles, be sure to check reviews, but do keep in mind that reviews are not always accurate. They are sometimes false representations of the entertainer’s actual ability.

You are already here at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, and we would love to prove to you why we deserve to be regarded as one of the best escort services in Las Vegas. Give us a call to reserve a show or to ask any questions. Your identifying information remains confidential, and we never place a call to you unless you have specifically asked us to do so. We are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no wrong time to call on a sizzler to come to your door! Browse the profiles of these multifaceted Vegas escorts, and select the doll you imagine being a perfect complement to your wants. There is little you cannot request of your companion, and we look forward to hearing how we can earn your five-star review.