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What vision does a visit to Las Vegas conjure up in your head? In addition to world-class casinos and entertainment, not to mention the colorful, intoxicating splendor of the Strip, there is no doubt that Vegas fills one’s mind with images of beautiful, glamorous women. This city offers a thrilling escape from ordinary life, and nowhere is that more true than in the areas of desire and debauchery, where a man’s wildest fantasies can be pursued among like-minded company. Maybe this is your first trip here, and you have questions about the ideal way to procure a prudent plus-one for the night? As one of the leading Vegas escort services, we are on hand 24/7/365 to answer questions or quickly arrange for you to gratify your penchant for beauty and unadulterated intimate delights.

To reach us, dial 702-300-3000, use our web form or email [email protected] Do not leave questions unanswered when you have an authority such as Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts at your disposal, no matter what time of day or night it is. The only improper question is the unasked question.

If your trip to Vegas means you have an opportunity to indulge your most carnal desires, there are several different avenues you might explore. We can’t stress enough that a visit to Sin City is all about choice, and that choice often begins with how you go about selecting a perfectly passionate partner with whom to spend your time. Some men elect to contact an independent girl in Vegas, while others insist on going through an agency to ensure excellence and professionalism every step of the way. Please keep reading to find out why we highly recommend the latter approach to finding a flirty femme who will exceed even the highest expectations.

Fast, Fair and Professional Service for Business Travelers

Your time in the city is probably limited, so if you would like to have a companion who can join you on an outing, or perhaps come straight to your room for a more intimate rendezvous, then you absolutely do not want to waste an abundance of time and energy setting something up. Even though it may seem simpler to contact one person, the truth of the matter is that one person only has so many hours in the day. An independent girl in Vegas likely keeps a rather busy schedule, and you might need to contact several ladies before you find one who both matches your tastes and your timetable. And there is always the chance that if you go the route of an independent provider, you will be caught in an endless cycle of emails or a game of phone tag that will likely not end in a satisfactory manner.

Some locals and business travelers have reported going through this lengthy process only to be disappointed when the girl never shows up! Imagine the frustration felt when your stay is short and you have squandered precious moments trying to procure a darling, only to go home with your wants still lingering. There is no room for exasperation in this town! Sin City’s reputation for having a surplus of sexy distractions is verified on a daily basis, but you must know where to look for the finest of such attractions. In the adult entertainment realm, you will find that the most expensive is not always the best. We are here to introduce you to the unrivaled source for scintillating sensations that will cost you no more than a tryst with independent girls in Las Vegas. The biggest difference is, we offer complimentary peace of mind.

When you work with a professional agency such as Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, the headache-inducing scenarios, including phone tag and endless emails, will never happen. We only work with reliable, vetted and licensed ladies who always show up beautifully dressed and ready to entertain. Most importantly, they conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. We know how valuable your time is, and we vow not to waste it. If there is anything less-than-ideal about an encounter you have worked with us to plan, please call us right away to let us know how we can make things right. If the selected playmate is not to your tastes, we are happy to send another sexy siren right away. Our goal is always for your expectations to be completely blown away!

Want to get started on making your wildest Las Vegas escort fantasy come true? We’re ready when you are! Just give us a call at 702-300-3000, fill out our web form, or send an inquiry via email to [email protected] The hardest part is selecting which fiery love bug you would like to invite to your lair. Let us show you how secure arrangements are supposed to work. There are no time-wasters or clock-watchers among our array of mouthwatering angels. Check out the darlings we refer to expose yourself to the VIP encounter you deserve. Nowhere else will you find such a classy collection of passionate women who love bestowing surprises behind closed doors.

Words of Caution About Vegas Escort Ads

It may be tempting to explore what may seem to be, on the surface, less expensive and easier routes to satisfying your carnal curiosities. You may think that responding to a Las Vegas Craigslist personals post or a Backpage ad will put you on the right track to an unforgettable night. Well, the truth is, it may end up being an unforgettable night, but not for the reasons you were hoping. Internet classifieds always come with a buyer beware undertone, and no matter if you are browsing used cars or unblemished companionship, the word of caution stays the same: you get what you pay for and must take everything at face value.

Though there may be a diamond or two hidden amongst the coal, for the most part, independent girls who advertise their services on Craigslist should probably come with a buyer beware warning label. Few Vegas independent girls who are not affiliated with any type of agency have been screened by anyone in an official capacity. They likely do not carry the mandatory outcall entertainment license required by the city. This license ensures that the holder meets stringent health criteria, is of legal age and is officially recognized as a professional entertainer. In addition, if you select an independent provider in Vegas, there is no guarantee that she will show up, have the advertised characteristics or behave in a professional manner. And if she fails in any of those areas, there is no recourse for recouping your funds, nor your wasted time.

Though Backpage and Eros Las Vegas may seem like reasonable alternatives because they feature searchable databases which allow you to specifically select a companion who reflects your personal taste, there is no guarantee that the girl who shows up will be the one you saw on the website. While it is true that some independent girls in Las Vegas pay to advertise their services on these sites, they are not vetted by the site and may be under legal age or they may not possess the outcall entertainment license discussed above. You might be getting the real deal, but you may also find yourself behind the 8-ball with a person of questionable character or an undesirable background.

Even if you did pursue one of the above channels and connected with a seemingly legitimate person who manages to show up when she says she will, there is no certainty that she will conduct herself in a professional manner. We have heard stories of Vegas’ independent girls who constantly count the minutes, or who are less than interested in whether or not their dates are enjoying themselves. Being a professional erotic entertainer requires a precise skill set and ability, as well as a passion for pleasure. There is no guarantee an independent girl who is not affiliated with a highly regarded Vegas escort business will possess any of those desirable attributes.

Each of these scenarios is a possible pitfall that could ruin what should be an extravagant escape for the discriminating business traveler. This is why we recommend, even if you do not choose Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts, that you do opt for a reputable agency who thoroughly vets their playmates and who insists on their representatives maintaining the proper licensure. And, another point that bears mentioning, is that though seeking out an independent girl in Vegas may seem like a great way to save money, in most cases you will end up spending the same amount whether you go the independent route or with an agency-represented professional. Knowing that both routes cost roughly the same, why wouldn’t you choose to go the route that is fail-safe?

Array of Personable Playmates

No one can claim a classier and more diverse selection of beautiful babes than Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts. We can connect our discriminating clients with literally every type of lady a gentleman might desire. From buxom blondes and brunettes to fiery redheads, to ebony stunners and petite Asian goddesses, you can find any type of companion amongst our bevy of tantalizing talent. Is a playful teenage co-ed the type that revs up your engines? Definitely check out our innocent but curious 18 and 19-year-old Vegas escorts. Perhaps a more mature, sophisticated maven makes your mouth water. In that case, one of our classy MILF sex kittens might be right up your alley.

Some discerning visitors to our fine city are on the hunt for an out-of-this-world BDSM experience. You have come to the right place as we have deliciously devilish Dommes and sweet, demure submissives with just the look you love. Our Dommes and subs are experienced, consummate professionals who will do everything they can to ensure you have a night you will never forget. We cannot stress enough that we are in the business of fantasy fulfillment. There might be that one thing you have never been able to ask for in a conventional relationship. The biggest benefit to Vegas casual encounters arranged with us is that you are not only welcome to make specific requests, you are actually encouraged to do so. This city brings out the best in its guests, so let your best out to play with a babe who dotes on you for as long as you see fit.

Are you looking for a GFE in Las Vegas? You have come to the right place for that niche as well. Our talents at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts are as renowned for their intelligence and well-rounded personalities as they are for their beauty and class. Comfortable in every social setting imaginable, one of our gorgeous girls can lend a sophisticated viewpoint to any conversation. Wanting to spoil someone while you are in town? Though never required, our lovely ladies are certainly delighted by the attentions of generous gentlemen and will be eager to show their ample appreciation for any gifts or special treatment. Perhaps a waiting bottle of wine or scented candles? Always up to you, but always fun to set the most romantic tone!

Exotic Beauties Abound 

If your tastes run to the exotic side, you may worry that you won’t be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Though it’s true you will be more limited if you choose to consort with an independent girl in Las Vegas, going through a reputable agency with a diverse selection of extraordinary talent rewards discriminating preferences such as yours. Rest assured we cater to all tastes and can provide the playmate of your dreams. Perhaps the girl-next-door, all-American, look has never been your thing, but you are head over heels for lusciously curvy Latinas, ebony divas with thick, round rears, or petite Asian sweethearts. We would love to introduce you to some of the gorgeous women in our erotic enclave who hail from all over the globe:

Multi-faceted, striking Indian goddess Meera remains one of our highest-rated Vegas escorts. She loves transporting new friends to a wondrous place with the music of her erotic homeland filling the room. With her bodacious body draped in silks, Meera is fully capable of stunning the senses. Contorting her body into unbelievable positions is her claim to fame, and she always wears her long hair down, with the ends nestling around her perfect upper endowments. This tasty treat prides herself on being able to make a man feel like an emperor. There is little she refuses when she is an astute gentleman’s selection.

Is a taste of the Orient more your pace? There is a lot to be said about a biddable Asian beauty, with a perfect little spinner body and a devilishly creative streak. We showcase several Asian hotties, but one worth mentioning more than once is Jin. At only 23, she offers a desirable drink from the fountain of youth that you will not forget once you have sampled her sweet nectar. Playful Jin gingerly brings men to their knees with her banging body, sensuous nature and memorable demeanor. She is a great GFE provider, but more importantly, she provides a sort of satisfaction men almost always request a second serving of. Jin’s time is limited, as she leads a busy existence and travels extensively. Give us a call to see if Jin can make a visit, and you will not be disappointed.

We met exotic entertainer Banu when she became a UNLV student and had just spent a few weeks working solo among other independent girls in Vegas. This sweetheart hated working solo, but was hoping to continue working as a Vegas college escort because she is a bona fide eroticism addict! She was raised by a sex-educator mother, so she has never been shy about her sexuality. Un-bashful Banu is a genuine people-person, and her distinct look is courtesy of her Persian heritage. Everything else about her is thanks to amazing genes and a unique upbringing! Banu, and our entire band of exotic beauties, are waiting to be a man’s selection, so don’t let them down. Decide who stokes your fire, then forward to one of the most fun nights of your life.

World-Class Vegas Bachelor Party 101

It is no secret that Las Vegas bachelor parties are the much sought after gold standard for sending the groom off into wedded bliss. If you are planning to host a bachelor party in Vegas for your best bro, then there are some special considerations you should be aware of. It may seem tempting to hire an independent girl in Vegas to entertain you and your comrades, but there could be some unforeseen issues with doing so that will almost certainly detract from the debauchery-laden affair you picture while planning.

First of all, it is standard practice to offer the groom and his best gents more than one delicious dancer for such a momentous occasion. Though an independent Vegas stripper may claim she can bring a friend, how can you be sure she will show up with another bodacious babe in tow, as promised? You cannot, unfortunately. It is well-known that independent means just that, unaffiliated with any other entertainers, and though she may have other contacts, there is no recourse for you if she does not arrive with a counterpart. Or, even worse, she invites someone she does not know well, and the whole thing flops because two girls play well together only when they are comfortable doing so.

Booking your bachelor party through Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts circumvents any of those potential pitfalls. We are established experts in planning parties where multiple mavens are desired, and our sexy sirens adore working together to entertain a group of boisterous gentlemen in a celebratory mood. There are so many special touches that we can add to ensure your stag party will be a memorable occasion. If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to let us know. There is nothing we love more than seeing a happy groom! Of course, summoning a set of sizzlers is not saved for only stag parties. If you are flying solo and want a pair of dolls to dote on you, please just ask. Doubling down on pleasure is never a bad call.

Confidentiality at the Core of a Good Time

Among all the other reasons we highly recommend going through a reputable agency to book an erotic entertainer is your safety and privacy, which are certainly paramount on our list of concerns. Your enthusiasm will definitely be dampened if you have any lingering concerns about the health or professionalism of your companion. You deserve nothing but the best, so please rest assured that our Bunnies are fully licensed and held to the highest standards, which ensures that your safety and privacy are respected at all times. When you connect with one of our vetted vixens, you are able to let loose, relax, and fully enjoy the tantalizing time that awaits you, without having to worry about anything else. Do not compromise.

Keep in mind, the girls in Vegas worth meeting are aligned with an agency because they recognize the benefits as soon as they test the waters on their own and learn that outlets such as Backpage Las Vegas are not upscale. You are also encouraged to accept nothing but the best. Call Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts today at 1-702-300-3000 and find out why our agency is regarded as the best escort service in Las Vegas. If you are not quite ready to make a request on the line, but would rather contact us digitally, you may reach us here, or email [email protected] It does not matter how you reach out, but calling yields the fastest track to your erotic excursion.