You are the master with a writhing submissive at your service, surrendering to your every command. Sound enticing? If so, a submissive escort in Vegas is going to transport you to a place where you are the boss. You are the master. She hasn’t a voice, only an unyielding desire to cater to your every whim, want and command. Submission and dominance are favored fetishes, or at least curiosities, of a large percentage of sexually active, open-minded adults. Though such play remains not widely discussed or delved into due to its taboo status.

Courtesy of Fifty Shades of Grey, housewives across America began chatting about the sexual practice more often, though few possess the sexual confidence to make the arousing passages in the book come to life with their partners. Sure, maybe handcuff and blindfold sales spiked a bit upon the popularity of the trilogy, but true submission is an art, and for the most erotic adventures with a true submissive, you’ve come to the right place!

More than Assuming a Role

Submissive and dominate play is not going to be arousing for either participant if one partner is faking it. That’s why for the ultimate in Las Vegas BDSM, masters seeking release in Sin City should engage with a submissive companion who is well-versed in the art of acquiesce. She won’t assume her role, she knows her role and loves it! She’s not going to feign arousal from being subservient; she’s going to take pleasure in it. She exists to please and derives pleasure from being dominated. A genuine submissive companion is a real-life masochist. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, refer to our guide to escort terminology to learn what BDSM really is, along with other terms related to a variety of kinks.

New clients who are into BDSM often tell us about disenchanting experiences with Vegas escorts billing themselves as submissive, and are anything but. These women, sometimes well-meaning, sometimes not, offer submissive services, but find they are not enjoying it once play commences. They make an attempt to take the reins in directing where the encounter leads to once they are turned off by the orders handed to them. This isn’t a submissive Vegas escort. At best, it’s a well-intentioned woman lacking the ability to embrace discipline. At worst, it’s a woman wasting time for the sake of a paycheck.

Masters seeking a slave who wouldn’t dream of questioning authority and readily submits should work with a trusted Las Vegas escort service to refer a stimulating submissive servant equipped with an arsenal for pleasure and pain. Demand a gorgeous girl to your room for BDSM from Bunnies of Las Vegas, and your room becomes a makeshift dungeon in an instant with your worshiper’s ingenuity. We can agree that part of the allure of a riveting tryst is anticipation, so insist she arrive with implements such as nipple clamps, collars and a chastity belt already in place. Our submissive Vegas escorts are not easily shaken and love the anticipation as much as you do! They’ve been very bad, and need you to remind them it’s not acceptable…

Don’t Mistake “Submissive” for “Accommodating”

A common mistake made by guys looking for a good time with an escort in Vegas often think they should request a submissive companion in an effort to not feel guilt-ridden for making specific requests. If this is the case, and you do not fashion yourself an S&M master, you may want to select from one of our other high-end escorts. Submissive doesn’t mean willing; it goes beyond that, and all of our Vegas escorts are willing and wanting to ensure you enjoy every moment. When you have a beauty from Bunnies of Las Vegas arrive at your door, she’s going to let you call the shots. That’s why she’s there! She wants you to have a great time, and the experience isn’t the same as being in a strip club looking for a girl who may leave with you. Anyone who’s tried knows that doesn’t happen! When a red-hot Vegas escort is invited to your room, the sky is the limit! You are going to see her naked and do not have to ask twice. If you are into role-play that isn’t slanted with dominance and submission, you will be more than pleased with our fantasy escorts, porn star escorts or perhaps even one of our hot-as-hell cougar escorts.

Asian Submissive Las Vegas Escorts

Because submissive attitudes have a long and rich history in Asian cultures, many men request an Asian submissive escort assuming that’s the sole option. We’re here to tell you, our Asian submissive escorts are a real treat, but not all of our girls of Asian decent specialize in submission. Be sure to detail to us that is what you are seeking when you request your companion. In addition to some of the hottest submissive Asian escorts Las Vegas has to offer, we have an impressive assemblage of subs of varying ethnicities and features. Even a select number of our BBW escorts excel in BDSM play.

Trust Bunnies of Las Vegas to be your source for a beautiful bottom. We insist on being the best and will send a quality woman to your room for an X-rated adventure in unadulterated fantasy play and erotic stimulation. Call us at 1 (725) 312-2762 to detail your requirements. You may also use our contact form for any questions or to schedule a visit from a young lady in need of some discipline!