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Angel 1 Hi Everyone! This is the first bio I have ever written… or at least for this type of thing. I am fresh to Vegas from Southern California. I decided to test the waters working as an independent escort in Las Vegas because my close friend has been doing it for over a year and doing really well. She has been coaxing me to leave California for some time now and since my Vegas arrival, she and I have had some great experiences working together with men seeking to double their pleasure with two independent escorts in Las Vegas. If you want, you can have both of us come out for you; Her name is Snow. She is one of the hot blonde Vegas escorts here at Bunnies and is teaching me everything she knows about pleasing a gentleman. Together, we are a majestic match-up for a man able to handle two voluptuous vixens ready for anything.

Angel 2 In effort to keep my body healthy and strong, I work out every day and choose organic food whenever possible. Eating organic food is the healthiest choice, and I also work at maintaining my own mini herb garden. I love nature and just about anything that has to do with the water. That is probably the biggest thing I miss about California, but I cannot complain because Vegas has so much to offer a young lady who feeds off the pulsating nightlife. Being the night owl that I am, I have never experienced anything like Vegas before, and I am hooked.

Angel 6 While I am not as seasoned as some of the more experienced Las Vegas escorts, I have learned a great deal in a short time and am not short of feminine wiles to drive you wild. Let’s write our own story as we explore this amazing city, each other or both. I am up for anything at all and would love to show you how I can be bad in all the right ways. I may be young, but what I lack in experience, I make up for in exuberance. Can you keep up with me? Men love the challenge of trying to match me step-for-step.

Angel 5 I am tremendously excited to start this chapter in my book with my recent relocation and am really looking forward to meeting new people looking for a hot Las Vegas escort and memorable experiences in the hottest city on Earth. Why don’t you give me a call so we can take Sin City for a spin together? I would love to have you show me some of your favorite spots here in Vegas, or if Vegas is still a bit of a mystery to you, we can discover the city together. If staying in your room is all you seek, that is just fine by me. I am accommodating no matter what whets your appetite. Give me a call so we can get this party for two, or three, started. Snow is normally available when I am, so take both of us for a test drive today! We are waiting to hear from you…