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Each year, Las Vegas plays host to over 39 million visitors from around the country and overseas. A portion of this figure represents a great number of men and some women alike partaking in the many adult activities offered in this wonderland and understanding the benefits of using an Escort Service vs Independent Escorts. The proverbial phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” describes many of the adult entertainment activities or services that are often utilized. Whether it’s a gentleman’s/cabaret club, night clubs, swinger’s venue, etc., escorts are a convenient choice for potential visitors who know what they are looking for in adult entertainment. If you are leaning towards the escort option during your visit, you will need to determine the type of escort you will use; escort agency or an independent escort?

If you know the lay of the land in Las Vegas and you have the time and patience, exploring the world of independent escorts can be an option.

Going through the process of determining the right independent escort provider can somewhat try one’s patience. What do you look for in a provider, looks, body attributes, personality and schedule availability? In order to achieve the total balance of your criteria, it will take a bit of time to research. Locating the escort of interest requires utilizing the local resources such as magazines, classified ads, public hot-spots, etc. The next step will be to contact each of the providers and do an initial screening to determine which one may fulfill your requirements. Thereafter, it is a matter of scheduling the provider, which one is available to meet your schedule? As you can see, this be a very lengthy process and if it does not work out in your favor, you will have to locate another provider, which from what you can see can be very frustrating.

On the other hand, obtaining an escort through an agency is not as complex. When you call an escort service, the steps of locating, profiling, etc. are practically done for you. An escort service will do the initial screening through an application process, profile each provider, ensure all the credentials are covered such as a health card, etc., and an escort agency will have an infrastructure in place to mitigate any complaints raised by the clients. In addition, an agency will have a broader spectrum of providers to service the clients with discerning tastes for blonds, brunettes, red-head, Asians, exotics, strippers, or those needing a VIP date to attend a cocktail party and/or corporate function are available.

The choice between an escort from an agency or independent is the difference between dealing with frustration or a straightforward process. Of course, to work with a straightforward process for convenience usually comes with a price, but think of it in terms of making a choice between an old car with no car-fax information and a new car from a reputable car dealership known for their service.