Opulent companionship is a phone call away and never out of reach with Bunnies of Las Vegas’ dedication to making every man feel like king for a day. We put you in touch with the hottest luxury Las Vegas escorts who are ready and willing to design a majestic rendezvous that does not cost a fortune. Making first-rate experiences attainable to everyone looking for such is what we pride ourselves on, and have since day one. Our simple formula is built on providing discerning gentlemen from all walks of life with the most illustrious escorts Las Vegas has to offer, and in return, we reap the rewards of repeat business. Our babes are perfect tens, and their unrivaled talents are the mainstay of our prosperity. See for yourself why we are trusted by affluential men who refuse to settle for average. Not everyday can you do something so enriching, so take a leap of faith, and hop on the chance to escape the restraints of everyday existence. We won’t tell a soul!

If you are the sort who treats himself to the better things in life, such as exquisite dinners, premier lodging and impressive cars, do not settle for second best in the area of female attention. Go for the gold with a woman who reflects your good taste. This is most important in the area of GFE in Vegas. Girlfriend experiences are most rewarding when the lady affectionately doting on you is interesting and sexy. When calling on us to make your GFE top-notch, rest assured you will be well taken care of throughout your encounter. Call 1 (725) 312-2762 to invite someone remarkable to join you socially or for a passionate foray at your hotel. If you have a question you would like answered without calling, use our contact form, and we will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, you may send a message via email: rsvp@bunniesoflasvegas.com .

Cheap Versus Affordable

You have seen the cheap teaser rates on the Strip for girls to come direct to you and might have been tempted. Yes, the pricing is attractive, but it is also deceptive. You are not dealing with the upper echelon of the Las Vegas escort scene when contracting with a company advertising rock-bottom pricing. What happens is, you learn the real cost upon arrival of your entertainer, which is not what you saw touted on signs or handbills. In fact, the cost is significantly more than you expected to spend. Do you send her away or shell out much more than you’d planned? This is the choice you must make when contacting the companies behind those too-good-to-be-true rates.

At Bunnies of Las Vegas, we maintain costs that are right on par with average Vegas escort prices. Your date with one of our bombshells is affordable, but not of a cheapened caliber. We preserve our distinction as one of the most trusted escort services in Las Vegas by employing an assiduous screening process. Everyone coming to us with an interest in working as an escort in Las Vegas is methodically screened. We refer the most captivating, sublime entertainers because our good name and continued success is dependent on men having a sumptuous experience.

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Many falsely assume agencies are too expensive. This is not the case. Select independent escorts in Las Vegas charge less than we do, but a majority do not. They are marketing themselves via personal websites or escort forums, and overhead costs are reflected in their prices. Understanding the difference between agencies and entertainers working on their own allows you to come to an informed decision on how to best go about occupying that empty space in your room. When you are here for a short while, you do not want to squander time trying to coordinate a meeting with a young lady working solo. When you contact us, there is no further action required: just sit back and wait for your slice of heaven to arrive.

Ask Us to Design a date

Some look for an hour or so to break from reality with a luxury Las Vegas escort. Other times, wants are more in-depth, and we are here to accommodate. Seeking a social connection? You are in the right place! Our accomplished angels are at the ready to formulate a plan if you are at a loss for what to do once your smoldering sweetheart is by your side. Keep in mind, our exotic ladies hail from all over the world, but are currently local Vegas escorts. These inventive inhabitants do what it takes for you to fall in love with their chosen city and stop at nothing to make sure you leave with a lasting memory.

They are privy to what is hot right now and where to be seen, when making a good impression is imperative. From suggesting an out-of-the way, romantic eatery, to being your dance partner at one of the hottest clubs in Vegas, we have a special someone able to dazzle you with her social connections. There are no wallflowers among us. These dynamic dolls create buzz and are the consummate plus-one for power players insisting on excellence in every area. You do not have to be wealthy tobe presented with luxury in the form of an alluring soul capturing your focus. We have gone to great lengths to provide astute gentlemen with class and sensuality, without spending a king’s ransom.

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Our entertainers are diverse, as you will see when perusing profiles. Luscious Latinas, gracious Greeks, Persian princesses and a myriad of other international delights await your call. According to your inclinations, we recommend the ideal Bunny for your desired exploits. From dinner dates pointing you toward the finest cuisine, to extreme sports junkies holding your hand on the plane before taking a dive into the sky, we have the person you are in quest of right now. This is the greatest playground in the world, and anyone with a winning attitude can make the most of his vacation with a breathtaking lass engineering the agenda.

Of course, our foxes never mind being wooed, so if you are a take-charge type and wish to plan your date from start to finish, you will not be met with opposition! Girls love surprises, so do not hesitate to tailor a night for two, even if it is as simple as a night in your room. Our grounded gals do not expect bells and whistles, just mutual respect and fun. Anything extra, such as a waiting bottle of chilled champagne, is simply icing on the cake. Do as you wish to prepare for the arrival of your date, but do not feel obligated to go to extremes. The date is about your fulfillment, above all else.

First-Class Room Service

When it comes to female attention, we have room service dialed in! Any time, day or night, you do not have to be alone. Give us a call at 1 (725) 312-2762 to let us know you are intent on making your accommodations come to life. Our ladies are the real deal, prepared to ease the way to erotic heights inside those four walls. Going out on the town with your luxury Vegas escort is definitely not a prerequisite for your night of a lifetime. Staying in is absolutely acceptable and often preferred by our amorous amours. We render the sexiest sort of room service to be had! No need to wander out to Vegas strip clubs for eye candy. Allow us to bestow the ultimate five-star, multi-course feast for the senses.

Once your svelte Bunny arrives, she is not going to hold back, not for a second. Our perceptive, gifted girlfriends read body language to determine how fast or slow a man wishes for his encounter to progress, and proceed accordingly. Do not be afraid to make requests, but do feel free to sit back and enjoy your striptease appetizer. You are in capable hands with a selection from Bunnies of Las Vegas. There are other services who can send a babe your way, but we send the acme of perfection. Delectable darlings delivered straight away is what we have to give. The choice is all yours, but we are confident a pick from our pack of sex kittens will not leave you dissatisfied.

Business Travelers in Las Vegas

Are you overworked and hardly able to catch your breath between meetings and work obligations? If you are here on business, why not treat yourself to something outstanding? There is no better way to unwind and release stress from the body. If you are limited in how much time you have to spend, you do not have to leave the room to have the sexiest diversion delivered to your door. The most rejuvenating thing to happen to you today could be a warm, loving form tending to your wants in the privacy and comfort of your accommodations. No fuss, no strings. Just unadulterated delight, in its purest form. Sound good? We thought so!

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One of the biggest roadblocks for men making the decision to meet with a Vegas escort is concern over confidentiality. We get that. You lead a meaningful life outside of your short stay in Sin City, and you do not need anything to mar your standing with family and friends. For starters, time with an outcall entertainer from Bunnies is far more guarded than if you went to a bar, met a female and invited her to your place. Today’s hookup culture is not like it was ten years ago. Nearly everyone’s personal details are easily discoverable, thanks to social media. You do not want to meet a female traveler for a tryst, only to have her track down your LinkedIn profile a month from now. It happens often, making the casual hookup such a poor choice. Unless you are looking for a lifetime connection. In that case, by all means, make an attempt to meet your future ex-wife over drinks while you are here!

Jokes aside, one thing you must keep in mind while visiting our city is the approaches made by working girls who are not aligned with an agency. Anyone who approaches you in a bar and presents herself as someone who will go to your room, with a financial incentive in place, must be avoided. There are far too many variables for this to be viable. You cannot be sure she is not law enforcement or that she is not under a pimp’s watchful eye. One of the most common Las Vegas escort scams is women bolting after they have cash in hand. If this happens to you, where do you go to report such nefarious behavior? There is nowhere to seek help. For this reason alone, you should only deal with a well-rated Vegas escort service. We are not the sole game in town, but we are one of the most tenured because we have a longstanding history of excellence. From maintaining privacy, to luring imaginations out to play, we are number one. Just look at our arrangement of divine beings. These are not your average girls! They are luxuries in the flesh.

Fetish Friendly and Kind to Kinks

At Bunnies of Las Vegas, we know everyone is uniquely wired. Sexual fetishes and kinks are varied among those with healthy sexual appetites. We do not limit ourselves to catering to one persuasion. While a majority of our clientele asks for straight women with smoldering sensualities, we respect they are not the only color of the rainbow. We have several escorts who fit into LGBT categories, including shemales and gay males. Men thinking about a male date can be assured discretion is practiced. Curiosity says nothing about actual sexual orientation, and this city is ideal if you seek to do some exploration. Sexy t-girl Vegas escorts are a ton of fun if you are into strikingly gorgeous hotties with a little something extra hanging in the balance!

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Couples looking to kick back with a third playmate find our lesbian Vegas escorts for couples to fit the bill well. If you are traveling with your partner and have a hankering for newness, put one of our Bunnies on your Sin City to-do list! A distinct finesse is required for both halves of a couple to be made comfortable during a steamy tryst, especially in cases where it is the first time delving into such a playful, erotic realm. If you are a bit apprehensive about inviting a third to your twosome, trust that we will send someone in your direction who excels at making such scenarios sensational. There is little else as stimulating as exploring sensual desires with a partner, when you are in a healthy, unquestioning relationship. Our mavens make the journey equally pleasurable for everyone. A sexy woman extracting reservations yields a marked evolution in most relationships.

Role-play remains one of the most popular requests we hear from those who like a bit of fantasy thrown into the mix. Our young ladies are open to making any fantasy become a reality, as long as mutual respect remains. There are countless places to go when you are paired with an imaginative, open-minded miss who wants to please. We field calls all day long from men with intrepid imaginations. From foot fetishists, to those who finally want to see what all the cougar fuss is all about, we are here to pair you with the person who can bring out your best and let you be the real you, without pretension, judgement or complications. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Everything is grander in Las Vegas, and we are simply keeping true to the adult playground image this city has worked hard to maintain.

Nothing is deemed too taboo, so lay it on us! There’s a lot of fun to be had, and luxury comes in many shades. From precious paramours who are acquiescent in every way, to our cutting-edge dominate mistresses, we have your BDSM splendor right here. If you have a penchant for a spirited rendezvous, perhaps you would be interested in meeting one of our teenage companions. Remember being 18, when the world was your oyster? Relive that youthful optimism with one of our newly minted voters! While most are mature beyond their years, they have held onto the distinct teen spirit that is so inspiring. They do wonders for the psyche and bring a guy right back to a time when life was less complicated.

Upscale Vegas Strippers

Have you ever been in a gentlemen’s club and wished you’d stayed home because the girls present fell short of your expectations? Most guys have been there, and it is a huge disappointment when dollars are dropped, and the entire undertaking proves uninspired. In Las Vegas strip clubs are not really any more upmarket than those in cities throughout America. Go during peak hours to see the club’s prettiest girls, and even then, you are not guaranteed to be doted on by a woman with a look you like. If your preferences are outlined in your mind, peruse the profiles of our stunners to determine which fits your definition of hot. From impressive chests to slender bodies, we know men have varied tastes, and we do our best to furnish an array of options for tasteful men just like you. When you want more than run-of-the-mill, trust a private Vegas stripper from Bunnies to blow your mind and not cease the seduction once the clothes come off.

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If you are planning a monumental guys’ weekend in Vegas, allow us to up the wow factor with live entertainment in the suite for you and your comrades. Las Vegas Bachelor parties are one of our favorite sort of calls because we have the utmost respect for guys who want to do it up right with high-end livelihood, instead of going the traditional titty bar route. Grooms deserve the best this city has to offer when they are jettisoning their freedom, and we are always honored to be part of that. Think about how memorable exotic dancers in the suite will be. You can really shock the groom with a surprise visit from a stunning woman who takes it all off and jests with the crowd, ensuring all are enjoying themselves immensely.

In ten years, people will still be talking about the classy touch that highlighted a weekend of tom catting and over-indulgence. The benefits of hiring private Vegas strippers for bachelor parties are abundant, with the first being you can be sure everything plays out seamlessly. There will be no lightening fast lap dances or immaturity, only lighthearted fun and a smile cemented on the groom’s face. One dancer can do wonders. Invite more than one to revel in how two of our dancers work so well together. They are decidedly playful when provoked! Don’t feel as though you need to be hosting a party to warrant inviting two of our Vegas escorts to the room. If you have a voracious appetite and feel two writhing bodies fit the bill, just ask!

Time is a valuable resource when you are on vacation or traveling for business, and we will swiftly hook you up with a cultivated entertainer who is dialed in to your desires. Your sole responsibility is to count on our dedication to privacy, and leave the rest to us. Calling 1 (725) 312-2762 is all it takes to have the decadence you deserve knocking at your door. How long has it been since you bucked convention and did something that is 100% for you? If it has been too long to remember when, you must get in touch so we can send out reinforcements!