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Published: September 8, 2017, Updated: January 24, 2020

Quinn 2My name is Mistress Quinn, and I am the Pro-Domme missing from your life if you are looking for a dominatrix in Las Vegas. Have you been fantasizing at home about all the ways a Mistress can bend you into shape? I take no mercy on my conquests and work best with a man who is willing to completely submerge himself into our BDSM encounter. I am patient with new recruits, but only to a point. If you want a BDSM escort in Las Vegas to really work her wonders on you, you must come equipped with an open mind and a deep desire to submit to dominant behavior.

Quinn 3Safely away from their homes, many men decide to delve into erotic kink in Sin City because they feel confident it is a safe place to explore dark desires. That is entirely understandable, but be forewarned, there is no “getting it out of your system.” If you have even the slightest interest in erotic BDSM play, you are going to shudder with expectancy once we begin. After you have been with a skilled Mistress, you will crave repeat encounters. So many men contact me after our session to express a yearning for another meeting. They cannot wait to see me again, and often we correspond by email for them to experience my control in a distant but commanding manner. The power exchange is addicting which is why I always laugh at those thinking their encounter will be a one and done experience. There’s no going back to a vanilla sexuality after you’ve allowed yourself to submit to subservient sexual exploits.

Quinn 1Long before becoming an escort in Las Vegas, I was active in the BDSM lifestyle. Pushing my body to the limits with a dominate partner excited me, and I was a very compliant submissive for several years. Eventually I fantasized about being on the other end. I’d had enough of the receiving end and wanted to dedicate to a stricter role during intimacy. After my first crossover to the dominate role, I could no longer wholly submit to a lover. I had to be the powerful force in all sexual situations in order to derive pleasure. Fast forward to several years later, and I am one of the most requested Pro-Dommes in Las Vegas.

Quinn 4From the moment I arrive, you will be mine to do with as I see fit. We will waste little time getting down to constructing your fantasy session. There will be no pain play if you’ve clearly stated you are into verbal humiliation or another facet of BDSM. As a professional Mistress, I know my role and part of that is establishing trust before you are thrust into a completely compliant state. Once we begin, you’re in my world, and I ensure you will undergo a genuine BDSM encounter. Regardless of your history with this multifaceted brand of sexual deviance, you can trust me to appreciate and respect your limitations while I enhance every aspect of our session. Once you’ve summonsed me to your room, and I have arrived, your control ends. And the fun begins.