Does your appreciation for beauty take you to the Mediterranean, specifically Greece? Modern day Greek goddesses draw us to them with striking allure. Soft, sweet olive skin and dark, enigmatic eyes lure us in, and engaging personas hold our attention. Everything about Greek beauties seems to be more defined. From their curvy bodies to their show-stopping sense of style, we cannot get enough of the classic Hellenic hotties in our midst.

Greek Escorts in Las Vegas Offer Distinct Class and Sophistication

At Bunnies of Las Vegas, we strive to provide the finest in female forms which is why we are proud to have several women of Greek heritage in our reserve of the hottest escorts in Las Vegas. These ladies are passionate, expressive and never boring. A date with a charming Greek Vegas escort leaves you wanting more and ever grateful for the time you’ve had together. Genuine girlfriend experiences are carried out with elegance and sincerity by your Greek dream come true.

Greek women are most often perfect tens in that they are stunning and always up for a rousing time while still holding tightly to the sense of family that makes them so nurturing. We cannot say enough about the Greek women we’ve encountered during our established history of being one of the most trusted escort services in Las Vegas.

Our Greek escorts Las Vegas visitors have come to know are warm, sensual beings putting their men first in everything. The levels of class and sophistication they exude are phenomenal, making them ideal dates for social functions or simply exploring the city. Once you’re alone with your Greek Vegas escort, the sky is the limit on the erotic heights you will reach under her keen guidance.

Divine Deities Direct to Your Room

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Our Assemblage of Greek Goddesses

aphrodite 3

Goddesses in mythology hold differing statuses within the Greek culture. One of the most widely recognized among non-Greeks is the formidable Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. We have our own Aphrodite right here in Sin City, and trust us when we say she is aptly named. Though she was born a California girl, her family hails from Greece, and Aphrodite was reared in a traditional Greek home. Her insatiable sexual appetite is right on par with her namesake’s storied persona of loving the attentions of multiple men while remaining widely adored.

Aphrodite is one of our must-meet redhead hotties who is always ready to go at a moment’s notice. She’s an excellent exotic dancer who teaches dance class right here in the city. The type of dance she’s prepared for you isn’t the variety she teaches! She saves her sultriest shimmies for her admiring gentlemen.

stephanie 3

Stephanie is another of our enticing ladies who never misses a beat when it comes to landing her man. She’s an interesting amalgam of Puerto Rican and Greek with the most entrancing look, making her one of our most-requested dark-haired delights. Beautiful Stephanie is a crowd favorite for her ability to meld quite nicely into any setting. This silver-tongued temptress can banter with the best. She’ll debate politics as readily as she’ll tell a dirty joke or share a personal anecdote from growing up in an uproarious family setting of eight children!

Interesting Greek Practices

Greek culture is seeped in tradition, and Grecians hold their customs in high regard. Interesting conventions specific to Greeks:

  • Elopements are Frowned Upon You may fall fast and hard for your Greek Las Vegas escort, but no matter how famously you get along, there will be no spur-of-the-moment drive-thru wedding! Lengthy engagements are a time-honored tradition still very prevalent and are meant for the engaged couple’s respective families to become acquainted.

  • Name Days In the Greek families, children are most often named after saints. Those named after saints celebrate on the day of the year that is dedicated to the memory of their namesake saint. Grecian name days are celebrated with more vigor than birthdays.

  • Dinner Means Something Greek cuisine is a reflection of the healthy Mediterranean diet, but dining is not for sustenance alone. Greeks feel breaking bread with family and friends is more about togetherness than anything else. Leisurely meals are a Greek mainstay. You can’t beat a dinner date treating your coupling as a celebration, making a Greek escort in Las Vegas an ideal dining companion.

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