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Published: November 1, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Erin 2 I'm Erin, a 22-year-old redhead with sea foam green eyes and a killer smile. I know you’re sitting there all alone, wondering how you can make your stay in Vegas a more exciting one. I have the answer—ME! My porcelain complexion is accentuated by my long, fiery hair that is sure to grab your attention. My body flows and moves in ways you have never imagined. My hourglass figure will sway and swerve through your room until you overflow with desire. You will beg me for more as I slowly reveal my supple breasts from under my red satin bra. By the time I slip off my matching thong and toss it in your direction, you will be throbbing.

Erin 6 Your mind will swirl when I suck on a finger and twirl my tongue around it. You will envy my hands as they travel down my neck and around my breasts. I’ll whisper the things I wish you were doing to me. I'll tell you my deepest, darkest fantasies as you wonder what it would feel like to trail your fingers over my chest. I want you to imagine my mouth in places that would drive you wild. One dance won't be enough. One night won't be enough. You will definitely want to call me again, I promise you.

Erin 11 There is so much to do in Sin City, and this hot woman would be happy to be your guide. We can sit at the bar while placing bets on some sporting events or the luck of the Irish can follow us to the roulette wheel for a few spins. There are plenty of clubs where we can bump and grind and concerts and shows to entertain us. Perhaps we can find an illusionist to add to our magical night. This gorgeous Celtic lady is stunningly glamorous when dressed in an evening gown and precious gems, the perfect ensemble for dinner and a night of fine arts. No matter what, we can find something amazing to entertain you.

Erin 41 Rest assured, I am not just a pretty face and a sexy body. Stimulating conversation on various topics such as politics, art and music is part of the package. We can talk about anything or not talk at all. When we are making your room our pleasure den, no words need escape our lips. Lust is our language when you’re finally getting what you’ve been thirsting for. Don’t feel as if we have to go out, as I’m more than happy for a playdate invitation to your room!

Erin 72 Now I ask you, why are you still sitting there reading this instead of inviting me to be with you? A gorgeous redhead is available for your pleasure almost immediately. Whether you want a slow striptease or an Irish jig, I am at your service! We can laugh and party all night or just relax as you learn my body. It is up to you. Why are you still wrestling with the decision? Go ahead, pick up the phone so you can kiss my Blarney Stone!