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College Escorts

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College Girls Are Best

Celestial female full of wonder and innocence and exuding sensuality with every action is the truest definition of a college coed. Why do we have such a fascination with college girls? For starters, they are hot as hell! College escorts in Las Vegas are highly requested because they are the epitome of a good time, and Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts has some of the most stunning, multifaceted college-aged girls in Sin City.

These sexy companions range in age from 18 to mid-20s and design a memorable encounter chock-full of innocence and passion. Commitments to pursuing higher education is just one layer of the well-rounded, gorgeous undergrads ready to meet you. College escorts in Las Vegas are witty, exuberant fireballs ready to party and bring you right back to the time in your life when you were in your late teens and girls that age were the foremost thing on your mind!

College Girls Behaving Badly

Most anyone over the age of 30 remembers the late-night infomercials for the Girls Gone Wild video franchise. Starting in the late 90s, Girls Gone Wild snowballed in popularity by showcasing college girls breaking from the books and cutting loose. Clips of girls making out and going head-to-head in wet t-shirt contests appealed to our voyeuristic natures and were a hearty dose of nostalgia for anyone beyond their 20s.

Younger men lusted after the wet and wild students, and older men were teleported back to their teens when the antics of young girls with perky tits and tight asses behaving badly were powerfully alluring. The success of the video franchise spoke to our healthy preoccupation with youthful sexiness and the celebration of young ladies out on their own and away from their parents’ watchful eyes for the first time. All of our top-shelf companions celebrate their independence and lack inhibition when exposing you to the finest in female entertainment.

Demure College Coeds with More to Offer

Party girls are plenty of fun, but sexy with a side of sophistication is what we all truly want. Our college Las Vegas escorts are wholesome hotties who are unafraid to let their hair down to party, but can also hold up their end of a conversation. It’s the best of both worlds, and what we have to offer isn’t found anywhere else. Bunnies of Las Vegas is your quick connection to the hottest escorts in Las Vegas, and this most definitely includes our 20-something and teenage companions. One call to 1-844-659-9002 or (702) 659-9002 leads to your escape with a youthful sweetheart intent on melting your heart.

One of our most requested coeds is Audrey. This athletic college student works hard, plays hard and is a tall drink of water with legs that go on forever and green eyes you’ll get lost in. This collegian makes no apologies for her career choice as it is providing her with the means to fund her UNLV education. She specifically applied to Las Vegas colleges with the intent to work as an escort during her time in school. Because Audrey remains so laser-focused on her studies, she views escorting as her primary social life and loves every minute.

Audrey is always dressed to kill and provides the sweetest of introductions to Las Vegas nightlife for the man who wants to experience this city with a lustful companion prepared to go all night long. She’s the go-to girlfriend you’ll want to see for a night out in the city or tucked in your room with her spry body in the buff.

Teenage Collegiate Cutie

Men are continually impressed with our teen teacher’s pet, Lust. Her name suits her! She’s only 19, but experienced in ways some women twice her age are not. Lust knows the way to a man’s heart and owes much of the credit to fellow escort Chantel. Charming Chantel is a veteran entertainer here at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts. She is a woman aged like a fine wine and experienced in matters of the heart. She took Lust under her wing to provide pointers on how to succeed as a highly rated Vegas escort, and the two really hit it off.

Together, Lust and Chantel provide premier entertainment for a gentleman seeking to double down and enjoy two women with amazing skill and a genuine fondness for working together. Lust’s smoky grey eyes, flowing blonde hair and captivating confidence make her a fine choice in your quest for a Las Vegas escort in college. Ask her to invite Chantel if you’re up for the challenge!

One Final Introduction

We would be remiss in not mentioning our ebony enchantress Helena when speaking about the hottest college escorts Las Vegas has to offer. She is pursuing a journalism degree and has written her way into the fantasies of many through her erotic fiction prowess. The written word isn’t solely where her talents lie. The dynamic Helena isn’t too shy to act out the pages of her favorite naughty reads. She’s anything but reserved and always lands her leading man! Her caramel skin, sleek and curly dark hair and dazzling smile are just the icing on the cake with this studious sexpot. She can be pretty naughty and will leave you feeling educated in the ways of BDSM play if you’re so inclined since submissive and dominate play are among her favorite sexual antics.

Many of the driven divas at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts are in school or have recently completed their educations. Our young college Vegas escorts are living the college life and dabbling in typical sexual experimentation and sharing what they’ve learned with the men fortunate enough to cross their paths. To meet any of our sultry students, call 1-844-659-9002 or (702) 659-9002 day or night, and we will hook you up with a crafty classmate who knows what it takes to get to the head of the class.