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Published: August 30, 2016, Updated: October 07, 2019

Ayana 89 Bam! You’ve landed in the right place in your hunt for a hedonic honey! I’m the Bunny who is always ready to jump! My name is Ayana, and I am your made-to-order 19-year-old babe! Just tell me what you want to do when we are all alone, and I am going to make it happen. I’m 5’7” of pure delight with all-natural C-cups I’m not too shy to let out to play. I challenge you to find a finer sister in Sin City! This rock-hard teen bod is ready to go and looks amazing when all dressed up. Sure, we can go out, where I’ll proceed to work you up to an insane level of arousal. My charming banter, contagious smile and fast-paced pouncing are the ultimate foreplay, and you’ll be so eager for me to show it all off to you! You may just want to keep me in for the night.

Ayana 100 I don’t mince words. I’m as genuine as they come. You tell me what you’re into, no judgement, and I’ll make your vision happen. I’ve never been one to promise and not deliver. Despite my young age, I’m your girl for whatever, whenever. We can age play, role play or indulge your fetishes. I have very sexy feet, and foot fetishists love my accommodating ways when I roll sexy knee-highs down my slender legs and satiny smooth caramel toes. My deep brown eyes will win you over if my feet and legs have not. As sensuous moans of pleasure escape my lips you’ll feel confident I am totally submersed into what is happening. I’ll surprise you with my imaginative techniques!

Ayana 79 Wowing men with my role playing talents is my aphrodisiac. When I know the man in front of me is entirely turned on by our make-believe, I can hardly contain my excitement. Witnessing the desire in his eyes and nearly uncontrollable restraint accelerates my feminine wiles into high gear! Where do you think our encounter will take us? What are you imagining doing to this chocolate Bunny? When I’m next to you with my clothing on your floor, you’ll be blown away by the perfection in front of you. Your heart will race, your mind will wonder. I will insist you let your imagination run wild.

Ayana 28 When I’m not working as an escort, I am a dedicated full-time student and spend a fair amount of time on my hobbies including baking, biking and genealogy. I love mapping out our family history and have been doing this since I was 15. It’s highly interesting because I’ve heard so many stories from my family and the families of others. Everyone has a story, and being introduced to new life tales excites me. I would love to hear what makes you tick! To break the ice with someone new, I often ask him to tell me one story about himself that would surprise me. I’ve heard some great things, and have loved every one!

Ayana 1 You have one shot to be with the sexiest black escort in Las Vegas. Don’t waste another moment wondering if I am the choice for you. I am. With several satisfied customers under my belt, I am a young woman with enormous talent and only room to grow with each encounter. We can be together for an hour, or we can be together for the night. I’m not opposed to going out in the city with you, but we’d both have more fun staying tucked away inside your room where we make your space our stage for adventure and delight.