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Published: November 9, 2014, Updated: October 07, 2019

Helena 4 Hey Boy! What are you looking to get into tonight? You certainly don’t want to be sitting there all by yourself when there is a black beauty sitting here all alone, ready to play. I’m a juicy piece of ass who loves to break the rules and be a little naughty with a guy who likes his chocolate dark and sweet. These luscious breasts are an all-natural 34C and never disappoint the men who are treated to them in action! I am a sinfully sexy 22-year-old student majoring in journalism. I am a proficient writer who dabbles in erotic fiction and acquire some of my best material from the men I meet! Are you a naughty guy who could inspire a chapter or two?

Helena 1 I’m easy-going and down for anything you have in mind for our time together. If you like clubbing, I’m good to go because I like to dance, but don’t enjoy going alone. Contrary to what my occupation suggests, I am not into the singles scene. I like going out with a gentleman who is going to treat me well and hold doors open. I don’t need flowers, but I demand respect. I’ve heard way too many pick-up lines to find them remotely appealing anymore. But enjoying the company of men is something I haven’t and won’t outgrow. Why don’t you give me a call so we aren’t spending the night alone wishing we had somebody sweet to cozy up next to?

Helena 3 When I’m not doing school work, I enjoy a variety of things, but my favorite pastime is reading fellow erotica writers’ work. Creative minds inspire me, and I’m always up for a titillating tale chock-full of passion and eroticism. There are countless sub-genres of erotic fiction including my favorite, BDSM. There is something about the control and submission that really turns me on. In order for a BDSM scene to be well-written, writers must reach into their innermost desires and draw from their wants, no matter how taboo or forbidden. Do you have any sexy secrets that you would detail in full if given the chance? I’m an evolved companion to men of all persuasions, and there is nothing you cannot divulge when we are together.

Helena 2 Instead of spending the next few hours alone, I hope you choose to give me a call and request time with one of the hottest black escorts Las Vegas has to offer. You will not be let down by what I have in store for you. I’m a brilliant mind with a sinister sassy side! We can really get into something you simply cannot find at home. Sexy time with a smart sister is going to leave you wanting more. I’m not easy, I’m fun! You aren’t going to find my brand of class with other girls you try to pick up in bars who may or may not be a sure thing. If you call on me to facilitate your good time, I am a sure thing, and you will love nothing more than seeing this fine ass in the flesh!