A pristinely celestial female, full of wonder and innocence, who exudes sensuality with every action, is the truest definition of an effervescent college coed. Why do we have such a fascination with svelte students? For starters, they are hot as hell! College escorts in Las Vegas are highly requested because they are the epitome of a fantastic time, and Bunnies of Las Vegas refers some of the most stunning, multifaceted college-aged girls in Sin City. There is no finer means of dipping into the fountain of youth than to share time with a young miss pursuing higher education, while she also explores harbored fantasies.

Ladies of this demographic who are unapologetic for expressing their sexuality prove to be endlessly endearing and a blast to meet in person. Getting in touch with us is easy! Just choose one of these three methods: calling 1 (725) 312-2762, using our contact form or emailing rsvp@bunniesoflasvegas.com . Our well-developed sex kittens range in age from barely legal, to women of a certain age. All are certainly age-verified to be 18 and over, and these ladies are more than capable of designing memorable encounters, chock-full of unadulterated passion. A steadfast commitment to pursuing higher education is just one layer of the well-rounded, gorgeous undergrads ready to meet you. Our college escorts in Las Vegas are witty, vivacious fireballs who love making new friends and are perpetually ready to party.

Youthful Attraction in the Flesh

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What is it about young women that is such a turn on to so many men? Is it their youthfully taut, supple skin, so smooth to the touch? Is it their wide-eyed innocence and the fact they have not yet become jaded by the rigors of adulthood? Is it the fact that young ladies are just beginning to discover who they are and what they like, leaving them open to experimentation and enthusiastic for suggestion? In truth, it’s probably all of those reasons and more! With those qualities in mind, we have amassed a show-stopping line-up of every type of college-aged cutie you could possibly fathom, from the blonde-haired, blue-eyed next-door type, to the most exotic Indian, Asian or ebony temptresses. Whatever look tickles your fancy is sure to be found among our group of gregarious girls.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel back to the time in your life when you were in your late teens, and female peers of that age were the foremost thing on your mind? Only this time, you’ll have the confidence and swagger you once lacked, making you a total stud in the eyes of these impressionable young ladies. If you were always labeling campus stand-outs as unattainable, we are pleased to inform you that the tides have now turned in your favor. You have matured to the point where you are an accomplished, experienced pro with the ladies. You are a man who knows just what he wants and how to get it. That means you are the perfect age to enjoy a light-hearted dalliance with a darling who prides herself on catering to the wants of a distinguished gentleman such as yourself.

College Girls Behaving Badly

Most anyone over the age of 30 remembers the late-night infomercials for the Girls Gone Wild video franchise. Starting in the late 90s, Girls Gone Wild snowballed in popularity by showcasing college girls breaking from the books, losing their inhibitions, and totally cutting loose. Clips of chicks making out with each other, and going head-to-head in wet t-shirt contests, appealed to our voyeuristic natures and were a hearty dose of nostalgia for anyone beyond their 20s. Younger men lusted after the wet and wild students, and older men were teleported back to their teens when the antics of young girls with perky tits and tight asses behaving badly were powerfully alluring.

The success of the video franchise spoke to our healthy preoccupation with youthful sexiness and the celebration of young ladies out on their own, and away from their parents’ watchful eyes for the first time. Ever wanted to get a real-life, up-close-and-personal taste of the atmosphere you were teased with in the films? Well, have we got a treat for you! Our college escorts in Las Vegas are the embodiment of Girls Gone Wild in the flesh, and all are ready and willing to help you live out your wildest fantasies. Take a look at the profiles of our teenage temptresses, then make a selection certain to whet your appetite for a serving of sexy pleasures.

Have you been dreaming of letting loose and forgetting the boring, oppressive drudgery of real life? Can you identify with this statement: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Don’t be like Jack! You have come to the right place, as we have a sure-fire remedy for that predicament. All of our top-shelf companions celebrate their independence and lack inhibition, while exposing men to the finest in university female entertainment. What comes to mind when you picture an exuberant sweetheart doting on you with a vehement, classy touch? Give one of our entertainers a chance to show you exactly how much fun unreserved college escorts in Vegas are when they are tasked with helping a man escape feelings of monotony.

Demure College Coeds With Much to Offer

Party girls are plenty of fun, but sexiness with a side of sophistication is what we all truly want. After all, a hot body and flawless face are nice, but adding to them a sharp, deviously open mind really gets our engines ready and raring to go. This is what we like to call the complete package! Our college Vegas escorts are wholesome hotties who are unafraid to let their hair down to party, but they can also hold up their end of a conversation. This is the best of both worlds, and what we have to offer is not found anywhere else. We are your quick connection to the hottest escorts in Las Vegas, and this most definitely includes our 20-something and teenage companions. One call to 1 (725) 312-2762 leads to your escape with a youthful sweetheart who is intent on melting your heart.

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One of our most requested coeds is Audrey. This athletic student works hard, plays hard and is a tall drink of water, with legs that go on forever and green eyes you’ll get lost in. This collegian makes no apologies for her career choice, as it is providing her with the means to fund a UNLV education. She specifically applied to Las Vegas colleges with the intent of working as an escort during her time in school. She is from the Midwest, and her family values are true to form, and so is her ability to get a bit wild behind closed doors. Because Audrey remains so laser-focused on her studies, she views escorting as her primary social life and loves every minute.

Audrey is always dressed to kill and provides the sweetest of introductions to local nightlife for the man who wants to experience this city with a lustful companion who is prepared to go all night long. Her athletic body causes jaws to drop, and she is a sought-after selection for those seeking Vegas escorts for couples. This sporty sweetie describes herself as bi-curious, so of course, she is a lot of fun for randy twosomes seeking a sexy third person for a sizzling playdate. She is a go-to girlfriend you will want to see for a night out in the city or tucked away in your room with her spry body in the buff.

Is a concupiscent ebony undergrad more your pace? If the answer to this is an enthusiastic yes, you must familiarize yourself with Delray. This 21-year-old junior is a total minx who appreciates having a job she loves while completing her education. She says that keeping her sexy secret from her counterparts and professors is part of the allure, though she is quite conservative in her daily life. Delray debates politics and religion whenever she unearths a worthy conversationalist, but she most enjoys meeting new people who challenge her most intimate boundaries. Expressing herself sexually with verve is her trademark, and she is by far one of the hottest college escorts Vegas has to offer.

Young GFE Providers in Las Vegas

If you are looking for a college-aged hottie to provide a GFE in Vegas, then you will be thrilled with the array of ravishing ladies you have to choose from. It is important for your sidekick to not only look the part, but to be able to act the part as well. Our youthful cuties may be innocent-looking, but looks can be deceiving. These hot-bodied students also present a degree of sophistication and worldliness that gives them the necessary skills to accompany you anywhere you’d like to go. Count on your selection being the ideal plus-one for outside excursions, as she charms onlookers and makes you wild with anticipation for when you are finally alone.

Need a sparkling piece of arm candy to cheer you on while you win big at the casino? Or perhaps you’d like a gorgeous, attentive date for a popular Vegas show? Maybe you’d like to meet a lovely lass who knows the hottest spots for nightlife in the city? We’ve got you covered, no matter what happens to be on your itinerary. Want other men to look at your hot date, their mouths watering and their eyes green with envy? You’ll be proud and delighted to enter any of the fine establishments on the Strip with one of our well-rounded stunners along for the journey. Nobody will be aware of how you met as you both live in the here and now, feeling like the only two people in the room, no matter how grand the venue.

Teenage Collegiate Cuties

Men are continually impressed with our teen teacher’s pet, Lust. Her name suits her! She is only 19, but she is experienced in ways some women twice her age are not. How awesome does that sound? Lust knows the way to a man’s heart and owes much of the credit to fellow escort Chantel. Charming Chantel is a veteran entertainer here at Bunnies of Las Vegas. She is a woman aged like a fine wine and experienced in matters of the heart. She took Lust under her wing to provide pointers on how to succeed in her career, and the two really hit it off.

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Together, Lust and Chantel provide premier entertainment for a gentleman seeking to double down and enjoy two women with amazing skill and a genuine fondness for working together. Lust’s smoky gray eyes, flowing blonde hair and captivating confidence make her a fine choice. Ask her to invite Chantel if you are prepared to test your stamina! If you are seeking a dynamic pair of magnificent Vegas bachelor party strippers, these ladies are a swing and a hit because they are determined and decadent. They bring so much to the table when entertaining a group of guys who are in quest of a first-rate private show. They also fail to disappoint solo travelers looking for a double dose of debauchery.

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If you are, in fact, planning a Vegas bachelor party, we can certainly point you in the right direction. In addition to our youngest dazzlers, we are blessed with many mavens in their 20s who are the ultimate private dancers for all occasions. There are a zillion reasons why private affairs make the best bachelor parties in Las Vegas. Besides being a more cost-effective alternative to high-priced strip joints, planning a stag party with one or more of our luscious dancers allows you to create a one-of-a-kind premier experience for even the most discriminating groom. Wouldn’t the groom in your life flip over having a resourceful cutie who matches his personal tastes show up at his room, fully prepared to make his transition into wedded bliss an unforgettable odyssey? We are pros at making Las Vegas bachelor parties the most memorable weekends of all time!

One trend we have enjoyed seeing flourish is that of Vegas divorce parties. Witnessing marital bonds coming to a close is never a joyous thing, but we applaud those who make lemonade out of lemons, breathing new life into a newly divorced chap by treating him to a divorce party weekend. One way to wow a man who feels down on his luck is to treat him to a sure bet from Bunnies of Las Vegas. He will appreciate the creative touch, and so will other guests who are able to enjoy the eye candy as well. There are so many themes that could be explored, and if pretty coeds are on your list of must-haves, we will certainly oblige. Long after the weekend has drawn to a close, he’ll feel renewed and ready to take on the next chapter of his life, not to mention the fact that he and the rest of the party-goers will have vivid memories to last a lifetime.

Las Vegas Sugar Babies

Have you been intrigued by the profusion of popular sugar baby websites? Those who are seeking arrangements in Las Vegas are often shocked by the demands of these enterprising women because they are rather hefty in many instances. If you are in town for a short time, you are not looking for a long-term sort of arrangement, but it is understandable that you want a secure meeting. At Bunnies of Las Vegas, we offer the ideal situation for men who have an interest in short-term sugar babies in Vegas. You are able to invite any of our bombshells to be your weekend sidekick. Just give us a call to discuss your options for companionship that extends beyond a few hours, yet is not a long-term commitment. It’s really the best of both worlds at your fingertips!

One of the biggest draws to hiring an escort in LV is that there are never any strings or complications. You do not have to worry about one of our youthful entertainers being in contact after you have parted ways. She clearly understands her role in your life, and she shines in her capacity as your dream girl for as long as you like. Then, when you part ways, there is no further contact unless it is initiated by you. As always, you are able to request a second serving of sensuality once you have met with someone showcased here. It is not uncommon for men to indulge more than once during the same trip! Our knockouts are that impressive because they are classy where it counts and sassy where it matters.

Independent Escorts in Las Vegas

Some men make the mistake of contacting independent paramours in an effort to fulfill their needs. We must caution against this rookie mistake, as there are several pitfalls that stand to make it a less-than-ideal experience. An independent entertainer, i.e., one who is not represented by an agency, may not offer the top-tier, professional service that one of our highly trained and qualified ladies does. Unfortunately, independent Vegas escorts also have the reputation of flaking out at the critical moment. She may tease you with an endless series of back-and-forth emails only to be a no-show at the end. If she does indeed show up, she may not fulfill all of the things you have agreed to. If that happens, what recourse do you have?

Finally, many independent Vegas escorts are not officially licensed as an outcall entertainer, which is an absolute must, for your protection. Of all the experiences you want to have here, a run-in with law enforcement is not likely to be at the top of the list. All of these reasons contribute to our recommendation that you only consider those who are affiliated with a reputable agency. Not only will you have a much more desirable and sought-after assortment of beautiful babes to choose from, but you will be ensured the utmost in private, safe and courteous professionalism. We know you deserve nothing less than the best, and we can assure you will get that, and more, from us.

One Final Introduction
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We would be remiss in not mentioning our ebony enchantress Helena when speaking about the hottest college escorts in Las Vegas. She is pursuing a journalism degree and has written her way into the fantasies of many through her erotic fiction prowess. But the written word is not solely where her talents lie. The dynamic Helena is not too shy to act out the pages of her favorite naughty reads. She is anything but reserved and always lands her leading man! Her caramel skin, dazzling smile and sleek, curly dark hair are just the icing on the cake with this studious sexpot. She can be pretty naughty and will leave you feeling educated in the ways of BDSM play, if you are so inclined, since submissive and dominate play are among her favorite sexual antics.

Many of the driven divas at Bunnies of Las Vegas are enrolled in classes or have recently completed their educations. Our collegians are living the campus life and dabbling in typical sexual experimentation. They are eager to share what they have learned with the men fortunate enough to cross their paths. To meet any of our sultry students, use our contact form, email rsvp@bunniesoflasvegas.com or call 1 (725) 312-2762 day or night, and we will hook you up with a crafty coed who knows what it takes to get to the head of the class!