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Published: September 7, 2017, Updated: January 24, 2020

Levi 3Hello, Sexy! My name is Levi, and I am an ebony sweetheart who would love the chance to melt your heart after sweeping you off your feet. I’m a tall 5’7” with long shimmering hair that is striking when straight and flirty when curly. All my assets come into play when I am introducing you to my sexy style. I have a body built for pleasure, and men find my sweet backside to be a generous serving deserving of attention and adoration.

Levi 1At age 25, I’m more experienced than other ebony Vegas escorts. I spent my late teens and the first years of my twenties traveling with a touring dance company. I’ve seen many remarkable corners of this country and am happy to slow my roll for a while here in Las Vegas. I’m currently performing in matinee shows on a local stage where I’m scantily clad in the chorus of several suggestive numbers. I’m invigorated as my sensuality is on display with onlookers applauding our efforts. Being a performer appeals to my exhibitionist persona, but I do my finest work in the presence of a man who has requested having me all to himself!

Levi 4No longer living out of a suitcase has breathed new life into me. Escorting allows me to continue meeting people from all over the world, which I adore. Meeting new faces adds color to life, and I make fast friends with the gentlemen I meet. My personable nature ensures you will be comfortable the moment I make my entrance. I would love to kick back with you for a while if you would like to remind yourself how a man should be taken care of by the woman at his side. You’re in great hands when your girl Levi is on the scene! You deserve the likes of a cultivated woman who loves to let her sexy side come out to play.

Levi 2When it comes to hobbies outside dance, I enjoy anything that makes use of my hands. From weaving to pottery, my skills are adept. You would be surprised how erotic pottery can be! As the wheel twists and turns, my lubricated hands slide up and down the clay, molding it into a cylindrical shape. As I rub up and down the shaft, it grows in height until I insert my fingers to form a hole in the top. I need to keep adding water to ease the friction, making my creation more pliable. Finally, extreme heat is required to bake it into memory.

Levi 5Do you see how exciting creating with one’s hands can be? Pottery skills are transferable to other areas where one’s hands are needed to generate perfection! If you would like to put yourself in my capable hands, you know what to do! If you’re down for kicking back with a hot babe, I’m the girl you do not want to miss out on while you’re in Las Vegas. I’ll show you a great time and leave you feeling inspired and invigorated! Call me!