Among the most exciting ways to enjoy the adult word of sex is with erotic toons. What are they? They are graphic images of nudity and sexuality created with cartoons and are intended for adults 18 years and older.

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What makes them so unique is that not only are they adult cartoons but they include sexual fantasies of even the most taboo. Expressing the world of sex through erotic cartoon depictions allows for a wide range of experimentation.

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Erotic toons are found in a variety of forms, including film, print and online. An online site is one of the most common ways to enjoy the drawings. These sites will offer some of their images for a preview, but to actually access the full benefits of such sites requires membership and membership fees. These sites provide you with solo cartoons, comic strips or strips in a continuing series.

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Erotic toons break the rules

When you view erotic cartoons, you get a unique treat. Whatever combinations you desire, you’re likely to find them. Cartoon characters that you’d never see together, let alone having sex with each other, are together and having sex with each other in erotic cartoons. There’s plenty of scandalous illustrations that break all the rules for "proper" behavior.

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Top notch cartoon artists

Despite the scandalous nature of these images, you’ll find nothing but the best cartoon artists. Whatever the cartoon whether original images, images of famous cartoon characters, anime and manga, the quality of the artwork adds to the experience. Expertly drawn lines with wild colors and exaggerated features presents a feast for the eyes.

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What’s your pleasure? Whether it’s characters from “The Simpsons,” characters from “Family Guy,” characters from “The Flintstones,” or innocent Disney characters that normally would be verboten for erotic play, erotic toons goes for them all. Famous cartoon characters having sex with each other, in various situations, is some of what you’ll see when you view erotic cartoons, whether they’re all from one show or whether characters from one cartoon series are placed with characters from a completely different series. Cinderella hooking up with Peter Griffin from "Family Guy"? You may find it in an erotic toons image.

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Something youll immediately notice about many erotic toons is that body features are often larger than life and not anatomically correct. Giant penises shoot at their targets. Breasts are huge and round with big nipples. Open legs present large vaginas that are dripping wet. Exaggerated features make for exciting sexual play.

Straight or LGBT

As with most erotic images, the sexuality is offered for assorted lifestyles. There are depictions of straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, LGBT community focused, and even completely taboo images, such as bestiality. (Scooby-Doo hooking up with red-headed Velma, for example, is what you may find.) The freedom to go alternative or taboo is possible with erotic cartoons.