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Our bevy of beautiful Ruskies is available for your immediate perusal. While you may think there is only one type of scintillating Russian sweetheart, the truth is that Russian women are as diverse as any other nationality. However, our lively ladies of the former Soviet Union do seem to share a few key attributes. They are smart, uninhibited women who have no trouble going after who and what they want, and they love being pleased as much as they adore pleasing others. Of course, there is also an air of fieriness and intrigue that surrounds these mouthwatering mavens, making them unsuitable for those gentlemen who are faint of heart! But, all in all, we think you will find spending time with a Russian woman is a win-win proposition, as they are as eager to satisfy their partners as they are to be satisfied in their own right.

Answer Your Heart’s Call

If you are primed to meet a Las Vegas Russian escort, then we are ready to put you in contact with the spellbinding gal of your dreams. Get started by calling us at 1 (725) 312-2762 or send us an email at . Your personal information is always protected, but if you would rather, you may also use our contact form for inquiries or requests. We cannot wait to show you the profusion of pleasure and passion that awaits you when you select one of our tantalizing Russian seductresses. Keep in mind, we have engaging sophisticates from a number of countries, so if you are second guessing whatever lead you to search for Russian escorts in Las Vegas, you will be happy to discover our lineup of flawless VIP companions from other parts of the world. As always, there are several home-grown goddesses in our ranks of radiant lookers. Some fantasies are best lived out in living color with women of a certain ethnicity. Other times, a woman’s age is of more importance.

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Russian escorts for couples in Las Vegas remain quite popular due to the fact that these women are take-charge. They also have the ultimate respect for women who are outgoing enough to share such a sexy exploit with their husband or boyfriend. Maybe it is the accent or the intrigue, but men and women seem to go mad for a sensuous Russian import. No way is vodka Russia’s number one exported commodity! Personal experience has taught us that the number one thing to come out of Russia is by far the women! From the boisterous blondes, to the spirited brunettes, they are something else. Nothing stops them from having fun and assisting others with the same goal.

When Nothing But the Best Will Do

It can be tempting for some visitors to seek out companions in all the wrong places: Craigslist, Eros or one of many websites of questionable repute. But we know you are not just any visitor to our fine city. You are a gentleman with refined tastes, for whom only the very best will do, so please do not fall into any of those traps. Most of the women found via the channels listed above could quite possibly work for a pimp and not for an established agency. Not only do you chance the woman not showing up, but you also risk losing your money, jeopardizing your health, or even facing legal issues. You want to have an unforgettable experience during your visit, but it should be unforgettable for only the right reasons. That is why we highly encourage you to seek out a professional and fully licensed entertainer, such as the female masterpieces featured at Bunnies of Las Vegas.

Our stunning Russian Vegas escorts epitomize classiness and professionalism, so you will never have to worry about important details being ignored. As a matter of fact, the absolute hardest decision you should expect to face is whether to go out or stay in! Sounds like the right kind of quandary to be in, right? Our luscious ladies arrive exactly when promised and always show up dressed to impress, ready and eager for whatever adventure awaits them. They are enlightened and worldly, always knowing exactly how to conduct themselves, no matter what the situation. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your choice, we insist you contact us immediately. No matter what the issue is, we will do everything in our power to rectify it. You certainly do not have any recourse if things do not go as planned with a girl you meet from Backpage, or similar sites. However, when you go with the top-rated agency, with the highest standards in Las Vegas, you ensure exceptional service that also happens to be safe and respectful of your privacy.

If you are new to escorting in Las Vegas and are hoping to learn more details about the industry as a whole, the first thing to keep in mind is that all escorts in Vegas are required to maintain their license as an outcall entertainer. This is a stipulation mandated by local government. Unfortunately, many girls opt to skirt regulations by working independently. A small percentage of independent Vegas escorts operate their businesses within guidelines. Most opt to risk it, which means they are not held to significant standards, including regular health testing. A man considering one such person must ask himself in what other areas she might be cutting corners. With one’s well-being on the line, it is far too risky and senseless to visit places, such as Craigslist casual encounters and Backpage, during a search for an upstanding lady. While there are a few rare gems in the sea of inadequate entertainers, more often than not, they fail to provide an elite degree of companionship.

We definitely hope to be your choice, no matter if you are here for a short while, or a local. However, if we are not your pick, please do be selective in all areas when making your choice. Life should be lived to the fullest, but you should never sacrifice your best interests when going after what you want. Just like all other amusements in the city, there are low end and upmarket options, and everything in between. We have earned our stellar reputation for being an upscale service that keeps costs at a friendly price-point, enabling us to cater to gentlemen from all walks of life. Numerous men who can readily afford the most expensive escort services in Las Vegas still rely on us due to our unwavering devotion to customer satisfaction, privacy and our impeccable hiring practices. We have successfully dialed in how to properly determine which applicants are right for our selective client base.

Revel in Remarkable

Russian women are as varied as they are beautiful. Russia is a huge country, teeming with a wide range of intriguing people, and that includes a diverse array of lovely ladies. Are you attracted to buxom blondes with long, flowing golden tresses and mesmerizing eyes? Or perhaps a breathtaking brunette with dangerous curves and eyes full of mystery and intrigue is more your speed? We even have Ruskie stunners with fiery auburn locks and creamy, ivory skin. Whether you adore youthful, slim hotties with tight, taut bodies or deliciously curvy MILFs and BBWs, we truly aim to please a wide variety of tastes. So whatever look fires up your engines, we are sure to be able to oblige you.

Having trouble deciding on just one sweetheart? Invite a pair of perky playmates to liven up your visit. Our imaginative Russian beauties definitely know how to play well in pairs or threesomes, so there is nothing stopping you from doubling or tripling your pleasure. You could even pair one of our versatile Russians with an exotic Asian, all-American heartbreaker or a lovable Latina. Not everyone dares to invite more than one girl to his lair, but for those who are unafraid to host a sexy mini party at his accommodations, we have no qualms about outfitting him with a band of babes. No matter what combination you choose, our elite ladies know how to get a party started.

Speaking of parties, are you planning a Las Vegas bachelor party for the lucky groom in your life? No one does stag parties better than our frisky femmes. We offer so many ways to personalize and customize a scandalous soirée for your deserving groom. Vegas strip clubs could never come close to matching our elite service because they are not in the business of blueprinting custom affairs. No matter what kind of guys’ event or gathering you are planning in Las Vegas, you absolutely cannot go wrong with our hot-bodied honeys who make the sexiest private strippers for any gathering.

From Russia With Love

When we asked men what they like most about Russian women, the resounding response was that they are strong, straightforward and uninhibited. Steadfast resilience is required to survive a Russian winter, and that tenacity and dedicated spirit are reflected in the personalities of our Russian escorts in Vegas. Russian dames are shaped by their culture to be particularly accommodating and wonderful hostesses, yet they are also known for being brazen and unafraid. Sounds like a delightful combination, doesn’t it? And it is precisely these qualities that make Russian Vegas escorts ideal for playing the part of a subdued submissive or daring Domme. If a BDSM authority is what you seek, you may unearth someone here who makes your head spin in all the right ways. There are certain traits you must require if you thirst for such a specialized sort of play. This is an area where an unknowing amateur will not suffice. Put your encounter in the hands of any of our maidens for the ultimate in amorous amusement.

Are you thrilled at the prospect of a demure woman who craves direction in how she should pleasure her partner? Or perhaps you are turned on by the idea of being guided and disciplined under the tutelage of an experienced Mistress? Either way, we are confident we can connect you with the perfect new friend who is proficient in the exquisite art form of BDSM. Are you afraid your fetishes and kinks are way too out there to actually give them a voice? Trust us, we have heard it all from men who are unafraid to attain what they desire. No request is too obscure or too wild for us. Some of the most powerful men in the world seek a specialized escape, and we have the ideal Vegas escorts to furnish such gents with a safe, secure sensual outlet. Give us a call today, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the lengths we are prepared to go to as we ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Worldly and Sophisticated

Though it is most common for your new Russian friend to arrive at your room, prepared to spend the evening fulfilling your wildest fantasies, sometimes it is desirable to have a partner in crime for attending events or experiencing any of the Las Vegas attractions. If a GFE in Vegas is on your list of must-do’s while visiting, we can point you in the right direction. Reward yourself with the escape you deserve. A girlfriend experience is the ideal way to treat yourself to an indulgence so divine, you forget about everyday life for just long enough that you do not feel guilty. An astonishing doll doting on you feels so grand, it is hard to describe with the right words. If it has been too long since you spent a few hours with a new, unfamiliar woman, it is time to remind yourself how good it feels to learn a new body.

Need to make an impression on clients at an important company event or while winning big at the blackjack table? Perhaps you would just like to show up in style with a beautiful woman on your arm while checking out the hottest dance clubs in Vegas or strolling down the Strip. No matter what escapades you have in mind, one of our gorgeous Russian girls could only enhance your experience. These classy ladies, with their throaty accents, are incredibly conversational and well-versed in a variety of topics. Rest assured, besides being total knockouts, our jaw-dropping ladies carry themselves with class and dignity. They are just as comfortable at a black-tie affair as they are at a rustic outdoor BBQ. No matter the venue, our worldly and sophisticated Russian Vegas escorts are sure to wow everyone they meet.

Shattering Stereotypes

Russian escorts in Las Vegas are sometimes assumed to have moved here to eventually snag an American husband, but this could not be further from the truth. In fact, Russian women are, in general, independent, confident and self-reliant. Due to the rise in popularity of Russian dating sites, and the increase of pop culture references to mail-order brides, many people label Russian girls as greedy and opportunistic. Sure, that might be the case for some who come here after meeting a man online. However, women who come to America independently normally do so because the reality is, Russia’s gender ratio is approximately 86 men per 100 females. Add to it, Russia is a marriage-oriented region, and it makes sense that quality women would be compelled to look outside of their country for a career first, then romance. They are not necessarily looking for a husband from the moment they arrive.

The sort of Russian women showcased at Bunnies of Las Vegas are the kind who arrived in America and embraced our entrepreneurial spirit, or, in some cases, were born here and still hold onto family traditions. Characteristics typically found within the Russian family dynamic are loyalty and integrity. Youngsters are raised to value hard work and education, and to embrace respect. These sorts of traits are commonplace among all beauties presented here, including, but not limited to, our Russian Vegas escorts. Do not paint them with the same brush as Russians who come here seeking a green card from an unsuspecting husband-to-be. Those ladies exist, but not in the company of our esteemed entertainers. When a woman wants to work as an escort in Vegas, we make sure she comes from a genuine place with a devotion to her own welfare and the welfare of the men she meets through our service.

Make a Carnal Connection

As you can see, the next step is entirely up to you. Bunnies of Las Vegas is committed to accommodating any and all of your requests to ensure you have an unforgettable time while enjoying our fine city. Even if Russian escorts in Las Vegas are not your thing, we have a plethora of other pleasing playmates we can recommend. Are you enamored with exotic ebony beauties, or perhaps you would like to get to know a plus-sized playmate with curves in all the right places? No matter what your tastes, we are certain to have the perfect sexy companion to accompany you on your adventures. We can assure you that no matter whom you choose to spend time with, she will be a licensed professional who will always conduct herself in a way that respects you and your privacy.

The ball is in your court, so use our contact form, call us at 1 (725) 312-2762, or send us an email at , and find out why Bunnies of Las Vegas is the best in the business. Nobody on our team is in the business of wasting a man’s time. We send someone sensational to your room as soon as you place the call. If you have been hearing about room service girls in Vegas, we would like to show you how the perfect tens found here are the premier additive to any day, no matter if it is late at night, or the wee hours of the morning. Also, afternoon delights are never wasted time when a talent shows up and breathes life into you with her expert approach.