As soon as you land in Sin City, playtime commences! No matter what unadulterated pleasures you seek, they are served up on a silver platter in Las Vegas, where the salacious state of affairs is a welcome diversion for countless sexually charged visitors every day. When immersed in the enchantment and glam of the Vegas Strip, the sky is the limit. Is it any wonder male travelers entreat paid companions to launch the Vegas experience in a highly provocative and sensual direction?

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Companionship and More

Would you like a young man to come directly to your hotel or first join you for dinner or a drink? Perhaps you’d like to explore the Vegas gay scene, but are apprehensive to do so without a companion to show you the ropes? Regardless of your intent, Bunnies of Las Vegas can refer the ideal young buck to make this trip one for the record books.

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Vegas is best known for adult exploits and for keeping said exploits a secret. If you find yourself in Vegas with your curiosities running wild, why not invite a young man with a rock-hard body and an open mind to be your fellow conspirator for an exhilarating experience saved for just you and him? Have you daydreamed one too many times about an accommodating boy toy running his fingers through your hair while tangled in your sheets?

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The time is now to act on natural impulses you wouldn’t dream of pursing at home. An experience with a gay boy escort in Vegas who knows what a man craves because he’s craving the same, is a lesson in passion unlike any other. Your new friend knows you are in Sin City sans inhibition and seeks to provide a lesson in male anatomy you won’t soon forget!

Locating Your Gay Boy Escort in Las Vegas

More female escorts in Vegas are advertised all over the Strip and beyond than are their male counterparts. Don’t be discouraged. There are quality boys to be found in Vegas, you just need to know where to look!


If this is your inaugural dalliance with a same-sex adventure, you are strongly encouraged to utilize the assistance of an established Vegas escort service to facilitate your rousing romp. Professionally referred companions are a cut above the rest in that they are educated, well-spoken and overall interesting men to be around.

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Regardless of your experience level, you’ll want to avoid entities such as, and other like sites for the following reasons:

-Independent male escorts in Vegas are not age-verified You want to have a great time, but not end up on the wrong side of the law while doing so. When working with a trusted escort service you can be confident your gay boy Vegas escort is a licensed outcall entertainment provider.

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-Regular health screenings are required for outcall entertainment providers in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, those working outside the parameters of the law most often neglect regular health screenings. Do you really want to share time with someone who could be working as a licensed adult entertainer in Vegas, but chooses not to?

-Your time is valuable. You are in Vegas to let loose and enjoy every second without engaging in endless emails making arrangements for your escort to arrive. Is he going to arrive in a timely fashion or arrive at all? Are his services on par with what he’s described in his ad? Is he really 18? These are uncertainties best left unexplored.

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Refer to our words of caution about and the like to fully understand why escort services are a far superior, secure choice.

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Have you ever fantasized about an ultimate male escort porn star experience? As recently reported by Las Vegas News 3, Vegas is becoming the new frontier for the porn industry. This trend is attributed to new laws in California and also to the fact Vegas allows for more opportunities for porn stars to expand their horizons.

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How does this news relate to the Las Vegas escort industry? Many male adult film stars now calling Vegas home moonlight as escorts between shoots. Our beloved porn star escorts offer a unique brand of entertainment and can be found among the straight and LGBT escorts we refer. This is an exciting alternative for hobbyists because erotic encounters with porn star escorts cannot be had just anywhere. Everything is grander in Vegas, and the escort talents we refer are no exception!

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