Straight people are not the only people who hire escorts. There are escorts for the LGBT community, as well. There are Gay Male Escorts, Lesbian Escorts and Transgender Escorts. If youre a member of the LGBT community, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to find an escort perfect for your lifestyle. These escorts are just as classy and gorgeous as all the escorts of the escort world.

Gay Male Escorts

Youre a businessman on a business trip, and youre looking for some company. Youd like to spend time with a beautiful person - no strings attached. The only catch is youre gay. There are plenty of Gay Male Escorts who can show you the time of your life. These escorts are the handsome hunks of your dreams, whether you go for tall, dark and handsome or the blonde surfer look. Let one of these gorgeous escorts take you to that hot gay club youve always heard about. Visit a four star restaurant and sit across from him in a darkened dining room over candlelight. Gay Male Escorts, in the United States, for example, are not prostitutes. When you hire one, youre hiring one for time and companionship. But that doesnt mean you cant have a pleasant time with him back at your hotel room. Sit close over a nightcap and enjoy a friendly conversation from a non-judgmental companion.

Lesbian Escorts or Gay Female Escorts

Men are not the only people interested in escorts. Women, particularly powerful women, have the money and the self-confidence to take care of their individual needs on their own terms. Some women are looking for male escorts, but there are women seeking Lesbian Escorts, as well. Whether you are a butch woman looking for a fem woman, or a fem woman looking for a fem woman, there are plenty of attractive Gay Female Escorts for whatever your type. You dont have to attend that conference, company party, or restaurant alone. Hiring one of the lovely Lesbian Escorts makes for a perfect companion. Not only is it fun to spend time with one of the Gay Female Escorts, but she is a good conversationalist who is there to listen to you and converse with you. It’s difficult to find a lesbian woman who isnt looking for more than just a date. Women want a relationship and security. But you just want to have a good time. That’s why Gay Female Escorts are perfect with no strings attached.

Transgender Escorts

[Transgender Escorts offer a needed service for members of the LGBT community. It’s good to know there are escorts for every type of person. Transgender Escorts include transsexuals (TS), transvestites (TV), crossdressers and shemales. A TS can be a man who thinks of himself as a woman or a woman who thinks of herself as a man. Sometimes they have undergone medical treatment, including hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgery, to change their sex. However, sometimes not. There are also TV escorts and crossdressers in the Transgender Escorts world. The words transvestite and crossdresser are used interchangeably. They dress in the gender of the opposite sex but have no desire for surgery. Then there are shemales. A shemale has male genitalia as well as female breasts from breast augmentation or hormones. All of these Transgender Escorts make for an exciting variety for clients interested in members of the transgender community.