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Published: November 5, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Shane 4 Shane is my name, and anyone seeking a good time with a party girl can’t go wrong with me. I'm a thick, brown-skinned 22-year-old who loves all flavors of chocolate, and I don't mind a little cream in my coffee, if you know what I mean! If you like your women with ample breasts and a big, round ass, then I’m the woman for you! Let me twerk for you, cause this baby got back, just like the song! Watch me bump and grind to the music in a club as you feel a sense of urgency to get me to your room. Or if you have difficulty being patient, we can skip the club and have me dance up a storm in your room! I’m your good time wrapped up in a hot body, so don’t waste time in getting me there!

Shane 2 I love all sorts of men, and I know how to use my body to make you feel like the most powerful man on Earth. I like to begin with a slow dance. My hypnotic motions give you plenty of time to conjure up some very sassy plans for the two of us once my clothes are off. I'll strip everything except my tall black leather boots. I love the feel of leather as it clings to my smooth, perfumed skin. If you have a leather fetish too, tell me when you call me. I have so many different corsets and skirts made of quality leather. I even have a few special designs that do not conceal my juicy ass. These are hot as hell! Whether you want me to shake it like a freak or squirm like a virgin, I am the woman who will treat you to the best night of entertainment you’ve ever had.

Shane 3 If you do want to go clubbing, I’ve got the hookup for us. I know a club that is just killin' it every night of the week. Hollywood types are all over the joint. All the beautiful people go there, and I'm a VIP who can get us in with no problem. There are also some smooth jazz clubs with dark corners where we can chill together and enjoy ourselves. Whatever you want, you are the king. If you want me to call one of my girls to join us, just let me know. Sometimes a little white on black is just what the doctor ordered! I play quite nicely with friends here at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts. We can get into whatever you have a hankering for. I want your night to be your ebony escort dream come true.

Shane 1 When I'm not entertaining, I'm still entertaining. I have been doing modeling for an ink and hip hop magazine and doing music videos. I hope to break out into movies, but that is really hard to do. So far I’ve only scored roles as an extra, but still love the work. I enjoy going to Los Angeles on auditions because I get to be someone else and play different roles. Call me tonight so you can say, “I knew her before she was a superstar.” I’ll even give you my autograph!