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Published: September 18, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Roxy 3 I’ve reinvented sassy with my unique blend of naughtiness and spunk. My name is Roxanne, but I prefer Roxy. It’s much more fun and flirty! You are always guaranteed a surprise from this Irish rose! Do you like what you see in these photos of a searing redhead who is always ready to play? I am 24, eternally sensual and have a body that men fantasize about. My long red hair flows behind me and smells like a summer day. I’m an impressive 5’7” tall, weigh a modest 135 lbs., and my delicate features are reminiscent of a porcelain doll. I am proudest of my sparkling emerald green eyes. My alluring eyes invite attention, and I do not mind! Being the center of attention is something I crave. I hunger to be the young lady who sparks arousal when I’m being flirty. There is nothing more intimate than when such arousal is shared between two people who are craving sexual satisfaction. I love getting all worked up in a group, then releasing with my charming companion when it is just the two of us.

Roxy 4 When you have retained me to be your personal playmate, you are in store for something wonderful. I am a sexpot who isn’t distracted when making sure you have a rousing time with me. We will not be keeping track of time as you are taking in this smoldering body as I slowly take it all off just for you. When I am dancing, you will be taken aback by the way I defy the laws of gravity. I love to use all my power to produce a stunning display. My long, lean legs are ladders to nirvana. Between my thighs is my manicured womanhood, and proof I am a natural redhead! What you are seeing in pictures doesn’t take you close to knowing what it’s like to have me all to yourself. You won’t get this type of individualized attention in a strip club!

Roxy 2 Confidence flows from within me in everything I’m involved in. I see nothing wrong with taking pride in one’s own intelligence, skill and beauty. Surprisingly, I do have a tendency to blush, especially when aroused. My fair skin does not hide the rush of color that stains my cheeks when I am in the heat of the moment. My talents are varied, and I am an imaginative young woman who appreciates men of all persuasions. I love to style myself after Hollywood’s leading ladies, so you will find me impeccably dressed when you make time for me. My striking red locks are always styled to perfection, and my skin carries a faint scent of jasmine. Making men take a second look even when I’m running errands in yoga pants and a tee shirt gives me a buzz and makes me happy. When this happens, I become so eager to meet the next man to request my time and attention. Men are always overindulged when am turned on before they’ve even opened the door. That happens more times that this lady will admit!

Roxy 1 Growing up in Ireland, just outside of Galway, I had grand dreams of moving to America. When I was nine years old, my family spent three weeks in America. We logged many miles as we journeyed across this amazing country. Nevada was to be our second to last stop, and I was sad to know our American adventure was coming to a close. Following a long day at Hoover Dam, we settled into a hotel on the Vegas strip. Instantly, I was captivated by the lights and the impactful structures. The grandiose hotels were unlike anything I’d ever seen. Seeing inside each one was something I wanted so badly to do, but of course, my parents only took us to a limited number of places. I knew I had to one day be a part of all the wonder even before realizing what iconic Las Vegas means to adults.

Alas, I have made my way to the United States, and could not be happier to call Las Vegas home. I am a college student and work very part-time as a nanny. I decided becoming a companion for interesting Vegas visitors would be the ideal way to meet people from all over this magnificent country while also working around my other responsibilities. It’s been an adventurous year, to say the least! I love the ethnic flair international visitors bring to our encounters, but my love for America leaves me with a soft spot for Americans coming to Las Vegas to take a break from their lives and to breathe in all the Sin City spectacles. I’m a great date for going out in the city, but also excel at pleasing you with our shared antics alone in your room.

Go ahead, take the leap, and give me a call. I’ll join you and take you on an unforgettable journey that will leave you more confident and fully satisfied. I am more than remarkable and would love to demonstrate that to you in person. Forget blondes. Redheads have more fun!