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Published: May 9, 2014, Updated: January 24, 2020

Love 1 Hey there boys! Do you like what you see? Wondering more about me? I am like a cat: I like spending time with people, especially men, as they make me purr with delight. I am a barely legal busty blonde and very promiscuous, especially at night when I am feeling the energy of the city. I am available to go to all the great hot-spots Vegas has to offer or head to an infamous gentlemen’s club in the local area. Or we can just go to a fine-dining restaurant and after go to your room for dessert where the real Las Vegas escort entertainment begins. I love to take off my clothes and crawl around on the floor with nothing on this luscious tan body. My gyrating motions are in tune with the music we are enjoying as we kickstart our rendezvous. My body is made for sin and is ready when you are. There is no fetish or request I find off-putting.

Love 2 As you can see from my photos, I look innocent but am anything but. I am a naughty little girl who has a fondness for men with an appreciation for a young lady who loves to play. Are you a playful gentleman looking to recharge his batteries with a young lady who is barely legal? I am soft and sweet, but flip a switch when I am aroused while bringing you to life. I am a youthful wonder who will breathe life back into you as you watch my seductive moves if you have been missing some sugar and spice at home. You don’t have to be all along in Las Vegas as I am just the naughty young Vegas escort for you. Let’s connect for some wonder and adult play. You will not be disappointed.

Love 5 Growing up in Utah, I felt I had to repress a great deal of my desires when I was a teen and started to get certain feelings toward the opposite sex. Finding a boy to help me scratch the itch was not a problem since I was admired by most of the boys in my area. The problem was their lack of ability to please a girl who was seeking more than awkward grabbing and groping. They were always fumbling and disappointing me. Today, after having worked as a Vegas escort since becoming legal to do so, I find a fondness for men that are a bit older and more distinguished. Age aside, I find I most enjoy men who know how to ask for what they want without reservation or shyness.

Love 3 Did you make plans yet? It is just me lounging with my kitty cat wondering what sort of trouble we can get into tonight. These soft, pouty lips will not be forming a grin until I am able to join forces with a determined, creative man with a tremendous appetitive for lust and passion. Why don’t you find out how you can take advantage of how turned on I am? I am waiting for your call so I can make it a remarkable evening you will remember long after you leave Las Vegas. I will be waiting, Sweetheart.