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Published: November 10, 2014, Updated: October 07, 2019

Emma 1 Hello! I'm Emma, a 21-year-old blue-eyed blonde with an hourglass figure and curves that will drive you wild. I'm five foot seven with long golden curls that nestle my soft, round breasts. My tight body flows down to long, firm legs that look great in skirts. If you call me, I can show you my amazing wiggles and jiggles. Not only do I love to dance and put on a good show for my man, but I entertain with my flexibility. I'm a gymnast, so my limbs can twist and contort into stimulating positions. Positions that will really get your heart pumping just by watching me. Also, I am classically trained in ballet, jazz and tap. I chose dance as a profession because I love the sexy movements and self-expression. There’s never a dull moment when I’m yours for the night! I am by far one of the sexiest blonde escorts in Las Vegas.

Emma 2 Although bachelor parties can be fun, I prefer my first show for a man to be a one-on-one situation. It arouses me to have his undivided attention. I start my “Night of Enchantment” with a slow striptease, allowing the gentleman's eyes to roam over every inch of my body. Once I am sure he wants more, I unbutton my blouse as I grind to the music. I imagine I am pressed against my man. He wants to see more as I drop my blouse to the floor, revealing a pink lace push-up bra which accentuates my alluring cleavage. My ass turns toward him as I bend over, allowing my black mini-skirt to rise up, displaying my pink thong. As I lower myself to the floor in a split, the skirt hikes up to my waste. Then I rip it off as it unsnaps at the seams and throw the skirt in his direction. I writhe my hips to the rhythm of the music being sure to entice his imagination with every sultry maneuver. That is when the fun begins. Sometimes I even invite a sexy girlfriend to help me entertain, because two women are always more fun than one!

Emma 3 When I am not entertaining my friends, I am dining out at quality restaurants or playing the tables at the casinos. The night never ends in Vegas, so clubbing or late night shows are always a possibility. During the day, I sometimes like to take a trip to Laughlin or Lake Mead. Feeling the wind blow through my hair while the boat speeds across the water with the sun beating on my skin gets me excited. There are quiet days when I love to curl up in bed with a good book, but it’s more interesting if someone is there to cuddle with me. I am just as comfortable in evening gowns as I am in jeans, or better yet, nothing at all! I love spending time with an interesting guy who wants to laugh and try new, adventurous activities. Are you up for an adventure? Give me a call!