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Published: January 4, 2015, Updated: October 07, 2019

Chantice 10 Hey there! Are you in the mood for an excitable ginger who gives nothing but her best in all situations? My name is Chantice, and I am one of the hottest redhead escorts in Las Vegas! I’m all class, but I’m not afraid to get a little dirty when it’s just the two of us and you have allowed me to get naked for you. I’m very much an exhibitionist and am pretty sure I’ve been captured on more than one security camera when becoming a bit amorous in elevators, hallways and even in dressing rooms! If you’d like to take me out for a couple of drinks before our discreet fun begins in your room, you are in store for a pretty sassy time! I’m not reserved when it comes to making my man unbelievably turned on. When we become a little sassy in public, it turns me on something fierce!

Chantice 12 In addition to being an exhibitionist, I also embrace a variety of kinks. I understand that sexuality differs for everyone, and I do not paint all men with the same stroke. When you’re with me, we are going to explore exactly what scratches the itch you cannot scratch yourself. All guys like an oversexed woman who is hot as hell. That’s a given! But add an open mind to the ideal girl, and there’s no telling where the night will go! Your only rule is you are not allowed to keep anything hidden from me. I want to know exactly what you have always wanted to explore but never had the courage to ask.

Chantice 16 When it comes to kinks, foot fetishists are some of my best clients because I have a bit of a foot fetish myself! I’m bi-curious, and when I’m spending time with another woman in my personal life, I enjoy giving her feet a little pampering. I love running my tongue along the arch of a manicured foot as my recipient is wiggling with pleasure. I love to receive as much as I love to give, so I’m always a favorite for a man looking for a mind-blowing foot fetish session.

Chantice 24 Men seeking a foot fetish escort are never disappointed by the experience I provide. I understand attraction to feet and how erotic foot worship can be. I’m always in the mood for shoe shopping where my partner in pampering can watch me try on some sinfully sexy shoes that cost way too much, but look so damn good! Or I can bring a few from my private collection. To cater to my fetishists, I own a few pairs that are a little snug. Watching me wiggle into shoes that are just a bit too tight is very arousing to a foot aficionado.

Chantice 61 I’m not only a dream come true for foot fetishists. I’m a demure dame who is a very good companion for whatever your sassy mind is conjuring up over there! Once I’m out of my clothes it’s time for the fun to begin. What are you thinking? Would you like to see me bent over in front of you as your mind wanders to what you’d like to do with your flexible babe? Would you like to use me as your personal plaything? Anything you’d like can be arranged. You’re not getting strip club quality when you’re with me. You’re getting so much more. I’m the total package. I’m ready to give you exactly what you’re craving; you just have to make the call!