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Published: August 13, 2016, Updated: October 07, 2019

Carolina 1 Welcome to my new home at Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts! After years working as a BDSM professional, I am excited for my new association with Bunnies. I look forward to catching up with old friends while making news ones in my present role as a BDSM escort in Las Vegas. Men seeking an expressive BDSM escort in Vegas do not go wrong with taking me for a test drive. I’ll admit, I am a lot to handle. This fiery red hair is telling of my wild persona. I am boisterous, extreme and always a formidable partner in passion and exploration.

Carolina 2 I’m an expert in kink and fetishes, with an emphasis on body worship and domination. Do you get off on your mistress commanding you to do things as she tempts you with her luscious leather-clad body? What implements make the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Do you daydream about whips, blindfolds and bondage cuffs? My history includes having worked as a BDSM mistress in the lower level of my home. I miss my massive assortment of tools of the trade, including tailored furniture for bondage play, shackles and bondage frames and stools. In my dungeon, I could accommodate almost any fetish, and I loved being a leader in my field. Alas, I’ve come to the decision I should move on to something else. Wanting to stay in the adult industry, combined with my innate adoration of the opposite sex, compelled me to reinvent myself as a top-rated BDSM escort in Las Vegas.

Carolina 4 Men taking a submissive role while I call the shots turns me on. Hotel rooms limit the levels of dominance I administer, but I excel at serving as mistress to men who are the leaders at home and in the office and crave being in a situation where they are forced to be obedient. Something as little as being told to place hands behind the back while watching me undress can be extremely erotic to the right man. Add a little forceful speech with my direct approach, and we can definitely get into a little kink while you are in Sin City.

Carolina 5 I am submissive for the right man, but truly excel at being the dominate in any duo. Worship this bountiful ass and these 44FF tits, but not before I tell you to! If you are only mildly curious about BDSM or not into it at all, we can still have a good time. I am a lover of BDSM, but it is not my only strength. I am a joy for men who want to delve into a dalliance with a BDSM Vegas escort, but are timid to do so. If this is you, you’ll find me patient and kind and quite a switch from my normal domineering persona. I invite your curiosities about a plump form with larger-than-life lady parts. It’s okay to be inquisitive about someone who looks different than the unclothed slender women you’ve seen in the past.

Carolina 3 Regardless what you are looking for, you do not want to miss spending time with me. I’m going to take you on a mind-bending journey of explicit exaltation that will keep you up at night thinking about me. Your first command is to make the call, and I take care of the rest.