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A natural redhead ready to prove it, Alexis is a more mature escort available for those special men who prefer their women with a bit of life experience. Don’t let her age fool you, though. She can do as much with that 5’7”, 130-lb frame, 36D bosom, dark, smoky eyes, and soft, smooth porcelain skin as any young sprite, only Alexis knows what to do with it all. And she knows far better than those pixies what men really want.

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The perfect blend of energetic and refined, Alexis is an ideal escort for a man of a certain age or status and one who wants to feel that way for a night. More like effervescent champagne than fine wine, this woman in a girl’s world is well-suited for high-end occasions and elegant environments. As sophisticated as any in the room, Alexis is the one woman a gentleman like you can always take pride in having on your arm. Men of distinction appreciate a maturer escort like Alexis because she brings a level of elegance and sophistication to the encounter. She’s more attuned than her younger peers to social cues and more aware of social behaviors and norms.

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Her extensive background as a Las Vegas escort allows her to show you all the city’s riches, including its hidden treasures. There’s no better tour guide. Between her knowledge of the area and your passion for adventure, the two of you will devise an experience together like no other. Take her out dancing or to a fancy restaurant or let her be your lucky charm while you go gambling together, visit with friends, see a show or spend your whole time together locked in your room with room service on redial. However you decide to spend your time, Alexis can be sure to bring her giddy, playful, engaging personality to add to the enjoyment. Whether you want someone to explore Las Vegas’s bounty with or enjoy the private bounties the two of you can only share in a private room alone, just let her know what you would like, and Alexis will gladly oblige.

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That’s why she makes the perfect companion for a Vegas stay, however short or long, because she’s ready, willing, and able to make it the most memorable and gratifying ever. Always up for an adventure and never one to shy away from a new experience, you can take Alexis with you skiing, sailing, or any other active experience. She’ll be sure to make it the most exhilarating ever, her authentic love of life shining through in everything she does, whether at work or in her personal life. And after you’re all tired out from your big day of grand adventuring around Sin City, nothing would make Alexis happier than cuddling up with you beneath a full moon.

They say the moon makes people do crazy things, and there’s no telling what craziness you and Alexis could get into under the Vegas moonlight together, but one thing’s for sure: neither of you will ever forget it. You’ll cap off your time together, enjoying her perfect femininity focused all on you, making you feel like the perfect stallion she knows you can be (and just how to bring out of you.)

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If you want to get to know a true lady ready to be yours for a time, give Alexis a call. You’ll never regret one moment you spend together, and both of you will be on bated breath waiting for the next chance you’ll get to share another romantic encounter.

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Name: Alexis
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Light Blue
Height: 5’ 7” (173 cm)
Weight: 130 (58 kg)
Measurements: 32B-29”-36”
Horoscope: Scorpio
Phone: 1 (725) 312-2762