If you find yourself pondering the merits of exotic dancing, and you are seeking an in-depth overview of the career, you are in the right place. Here at Bunnies of Las Vegas, we refer private strippers to discerning gentlemen who refuse to settle for second best. If you have any questions about joining our ranks, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We can be reached here, via email: rsvp@bunniesoflasvegas.com or by phone at 1 (725) 312-2762. Read on to familiarize yourself with how to become a stripper. To cover all facets of stripping in Vegas, and beyond, the following discusses outcall entertainment, as well as stripping in gentlemen’s clubs.

While stripping can be somewhat considered a young woman’s game, the fact is, seasoned women of a certain age are not to be discouraged. In big cities like Vegas, escorts who provide private stripper services can be any age or body type. Securing a dancing job at a strip club is a bit more difficult when one is older, or plus-sized, but if you fit into either of these demographics, do not count yourself out! There are men who have a fondness for full-figured Vegas escorts, just as there are men who crave private shows from MILFs and mature dames. No matter what your situation, you can be successful if you are determined and informed.

Before You Begin

In Las Vegas strippers have a host of options in the exotic dancing realm. There are many gentlemen’s clubs who hire dancers, just as there are several Vegas escort services who refer private strippers. Before aligning yourself with a company, check out reviews to familiarize yourself with the business quality and management style in place. If customers are not satisfied, chances are, you will not be either. If it is one of the Vegas strip clubs you are thinking about applying at, go in as a patron to gauge the tone of the establishment. Visiting both at night and during the day gives you a feel for how busy the club is and the caliber of the dancers they hire.

Not all cities have the same array of options for exotic dancing as Las Vegas does. If you are interested in stripping, take note of your local options before making a choice on whether to work with an escort service, become an independent entertainer or establish yourself with a local strip club. Working as an independent stripper is something we advise against, especially if you have zero industry experience. Start out in a situation where you can learn from others, to best protect yourself and prepare for the rigors of working unassisted, should you opt to do so in the future.

In larger urban areas, you have more choices, but regardless of the number of establishments in your region, refuse to stay with a club that does not treat its performers well. But do expect a certain measure of workplace drama when you are the proverbial new girl. There will be a bit of an adjustment period as you become acquainted with your counterparts and absorb the club’s idiosyncrasies. Once you have decided where to apply, be sure to showcase your engaging nature from the moment you walk through the door. Do not let confidence present itself as arrogance. Often, a club’s door staff provides feedback when a dancer auditions, so be pleasant to everyone you encounter, including bartenders and other dancers. Starting off on the wrong foot makes fitting in difficult, as it would in any workplace.

When anyone contacts us to inquire about a future in private stripping, we at Bunnies of Las Vegas are happy to answer all questions. Of course, we have certain requirements in place to enable us to promise our clients that we refer only the best in the business. Body type is far less important than personality. We pride ourselves on outfitting locals and visitors with VIP entertainment, and we must be certain that is what they will receive, regardless of whom they select from our lineup. Are you ready to meet fascinating men, while providing an elite degree of upscale entertainment? If so, you may fit in well with our amazing assemblage of the hottest escorts Las Vegas has to offer.

How Much Do Strippers Make

When most inquire about how to become a stripper, the first consideration they have is the money to be made. Look into local ordinances to educate yourself on any licenses required in your area. Expect to work as an independent contractor, and upon being hired, be prepared to maintain proper records. Most strip clubs charge performers a nightly fee to be there, which is referred to as a house fee. The higher the house fee, the more one can anticipate earning, so do not select where to apply based on how high house fees are.

When you are wondering how much do strippers make, keep in mind there are many variables. Hours worked and the club’s clientele directly dictate earnings. Most clubs, and even fellow dancers, are not going to be too quick to divulge potential earnings. Strip clubs are a competitive environment, so questions about earning potential are normally not met with full disclosure. When you land a gig, you will find out more about that particular venue’s earning potential, but the bottom line is that the money to be made depends on the shifts you work and how much customers like you. Even the most popular clubs have off nights, so budgeting is key. You might make bank one night, then barely cover house fees the next.

Overall, the income is not too shabby, but there are overhead costs you should evaluate before you begin, if you are vying for a spot in a gentlemen’s club. Certain expenditures are standard, so consider the following expenses when making your decision:

Licenses Required licenses depend on your location, but this is an upfront cost, so if you expect to start a job as a stripper without spending anything first, you stand to be disappointed. You will have to tap into your resources to fund needed licenses or work cards before your first shift.

Wardrobe Once you have worked for a while, you can expand your wardrobe, but wear a well-crafted ensemble when auditioning. If you are serious about getting a job as a stripper, you need to present yourself in the best light at the audition, and a poorly constructed outfit might detract from your talent.

High-End Heels Like any industry’s tools of the trade, quality counts, and quality heels are a required expenditure. Select at least a three-inch heel, and practice dancing in them long before audition day arrives. If you select open-toed shoes, have nails in tip-top shape. Pedicures are not a splurge, as you only get one shot to make an excellent first impression.

Beauty Treatments Just as pedicures are key when wearing open-toed shoes, manicures are also a touch one should not overlook. You want the club manager to recognize the lengths you go to when keeping your body looking great. If it has been a bit since you have seen the sun, hit the tanning bed, or get a quality spray tan. If you are not proficient at makeup application, have yours done for the audition.

Professional Makeup Many clubs have makeup artists on hand, and if your application skills are not top-tier, you may find that professional makeup application pays for itself with every shift. High-end clubs almost always have a makeup artist in-house, but smaller venues may not.

Tipping At the conclusion of every shift, you will most likely be required to tip DJs and bouncers. Depending on the club, you may have to add bartenders and the club manager to the list of those you tip.

Many of the club dancer overhead costs are the same for private strippers, starting with licensing. Our dancers must obtain an outcall entertainment license. Upon meeting with us in person, we can detail instructions to ensure you are meeting all requirements set by the city and state. With us to walk you through specifics, obtaining your outcall entertainment license is simple. Of course you must be at least 18 years of age. There are no exceptions to this rule, so if you do not meet this requirement, we do not have an interest in speaking with you at this time.

As previously stated, physical appearance is secondary to one’s personality. Our esteemed clientele lodge requests for mature and curvy entertainers on a regular basis. Of course, the difference is in the details, so when disrobing for a client, all Vegas escorts should make sure their body is in pristine condition. When working as an escort in Las Vegas, a good rule of thumb is to dress like you would for any date. Looking good breeds confidence, and self-assurance is vital to success. Poised and outgoing private strippers make the most money, which is why it is impossible for anyone to tell you exactly what you will make stripping in Las Vegas, or wherever you are located. Your financial success is hinged on your dedication.

Stripping Privately or in a Club

There are merits to working in clubs, just as there are advantages to working as a Vegas escort. Private strippers in Vegas are commonly referred to as escorts or room service girls. Here at Bunnies of Las Vegas, we refer private strippers for bachelor parties and to singles and couples. Our clients seek a sexy indulgence while staying and playing in America’s adult playground. Some are looking for a companion for social engagements before retiring to their room for an exclusive show. The dynamic is more personal than a strip club environment, but it is as secure, as we always know where and for whom you are performing. We have found that most women showcased here favor the earning potential and the ability to set their own hours. You have some wiggle room at a strip club as far as setting your own schedule is concerned, but the most popular dancers are always first in line for shifts during the busiest hours of the day.

If you need to work around another job’s hours or a college class schedule, you will be hard-pressed to secure a more flexible career than working as an escort in Vegas. That said, escorting is not for everyone. Our most enchanting coed entertainers and teen Vegas escorts are mature for their age and have given proper consideration to what the occupation entails. Performing is labor-intensive, both physically and emotionally. Introverts can make excellent performers, but private stripping is mostly an extrovert’s domain. Like any customer service position, private stripping requires one to always be affectionate and gregarious. Bad moods must be checked at the door. More than anything, we want our callers to be glad they relied on an esteemed service for their adult amusement, and the Vegas escorts we refer set the tone for how well every show goes.

Only you can decide if a gentlemen’s club is a better fit than working as a Vegas escort, but we do like to advise adult industry newbies about working as an independent entertainer. Such girls are not aligned with an agency and handle their own promotion and security. This scenario is less favorable than other options because working solo proves to be much more than most young ladies can handle. When one is overwhelmed, it might be tempting to overlook key aspects such as having security measures in place or maintaining all licensing requirements. In Las Vegas escorts who work independently have less lax schedules because they oversee promotion, which, if done correctly, proves to be quite time-consuming.

Strip Club Auditioning

As with any interview, look your best upon arrival. If you are intent on stripping in a club setting, place a call to ask what day and time auditions are held. Most clubs have an online presence, so check out websites at length to get basic questions answered and to gather a feel for the tone of local establishments. Also, know the dress codes. You do not want to arrive wearing something that is all wrong for a particular establishment. Make sure your thong or g-string provides ample coverage. This is one time when a wardrobe malfunction can derail your objective, if you expose more of yourself than you should, or than you intended to.

Performers seeking to dance in fully nude strip clubs in Vegas find these to be less common. This is because local ordinances prohibit fully nude Vegas strip clubs serving alcohol. Due to the profit margin from alcohol sales, most would rather be allowed to do so, and only showcase topless dancers. Those looking for Vegas fully nude clubs that serve alcohol find that only one such club exists, and this is because it was operating before the law was in place, and it is therefore grandfathered in. If you want to work as a fully nude stripper in Vegas, private stripping through an escort referral service might be an avenue worth investigating. As one of the most prominent escort services in Las Vegas, we are thrilled to meet women who think they might be a good fit among our world-class entertainers.

When you try out at a club, you will most likely be required to dance. Las Vegas strip clubs do not hire based on only a sit-down interview, and it is surprising that some girls fail to plan to dance at that first audition. Most clubs allow applicants to select their own song, so choose wisely. If you dance in front of the mirror most often to hard rock, go ahead and choose such a song. However, you want the music to accent your sensuality, so if you think you are going to feel any unease during the audition, consider a more seductive track.

You want the stars to be aligned, so-to-speak, so think about music that brings out your sexiest side. When dancing, you want to exude confidence, and eye contact is key. Relax and be yourself. Keep in mind that club owners see many prospects per month. While they are judging you, it is not in the way you think. They are evaluating your confidence and stage presence. Kick nerves to the curb and have fun, as if you were being playful in front of a partner. In tourist towns such as Sin City strippers find the job market to be much more competitive. For this reason, you must make yourself stand out, and the perfect outfit and a winning attitude assist you in accomplishing your goals.

As with any dance medium, exotic dancing is no joke! Regardless of your physique, you must be in shape. If you are not toned, you will not perform well. If your stamina is lacking, you will feel it at the end of every shift. Healthy eating fosters a radiant skin glow and overall well-being. Do not be tempted to indulge in alcohol if you are working at a club that serves it. This happens to far too many dancers as they are tempted to immerse themselves too much into the party environment. Under no circumstance is stripping right for you if you feel compelled to imbibe before working a shift. That is a recipe for disaster and has hampered the promising careers of too many dancers to count.

Unconventional Careers and Fostering Relationships

We should not have to tell you that opting for a career you feel compelled to hide from your loved ones is a poor idea. Of course, protecting your Grandma from the truth is going to be easier than hiding your line of work from a romantic interest. Extended family is sometimes better off not knowing all the details, especially if they are more conservative in their beliefs. Just keep in mind, concealing the truth can lead to you feeling disingenuous. If family does not live in the area, you have a shot at shielding them from the fact you are a dancer, but doing so may not sit well with you.

You should never hide the truth from a partner. First of all, if your relationship is serious, your attempt to not be forthcoming will end poorly. Not all men are comfortable with their better half working such an unconventional job. Even when guys find the concept sexy at first, the fantasy is sometimes more alluring than the reality. Jealousy sometimes sets in with some of the most secure guys because either their friends begin to rib them, or they just feel overwhelmed at the thought of their special someone showing off their body to others. If you are already in a relationship when exotic dancing surfaces, you are obligated to have a frank conversation.

Struggling with social stigma is a reality, but the optimal way to overcome the misguided opinions of others is to have a thick skin and be secure in your decision from the start. The most successful dancers will tell you that even if their family is less-than-supportive, one’s career does not wholly define who they are as a person. When family members do not approve, the ideal course of action is to not talk about it at length. Go as far as telling everyone who matters that you are comfortable with your choices, and leave it at that. The same holds true with a relationship. A partner has every right to refuse to accept it, but at that point it becomes a matter of choosing the relationship or the job.

Hopefully you are closer to reaching a decision about what the future holds for you and exotic dancing. We cannot directly advise on Vegas strip clubs, but if you are intrigued by private stripping, please reach out to us to learn how we assist Vegas escorts in becoming successful. We are here to respond to questions whenever you have one, so please feel free to call at any time. Email rsvp@bunniesoflasvegas.com , use our contact form, or call 1 (725) 312-2762.