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Published: April 29, 2017, Updated: October 07, 2019

Taylor 1Hey, guys! I’m Taylor, your teenage dream come true, wrapped up in a tight blonde package and ready to play! I am a 19-year-old student who loves meeting new faces and suspect you would not mind meeting someone like me on your hunt for a youthful playmate! I’ve dated boys, but I’ll leave them to their toys. From my first sexual encounter, not one guy my age has left me feeling satisfied, so I turned my attention to men who were a bit more established. I’m super attracted to the confidence of a man who has more experience bringing a woman to her knees. I might be young, but I’m not numb, and I love feeling the effects of sensual love-making wash over me in waves of pleasure. That’s not too much to ask, and once I learned the difference age makes in the quality of a lover, I’ve exclusively dated older men.

Taylor 2A fondness for dating distinguished gentlemen, added to my innate ability to bring any situation to life, makes escorting a perfect career path for me. I’ve found so much pleasure in spending time with men seeking a teenage escort in Las Vegas. I have learned a lot and managed to remind more than one guy what it’s like to be beside a girl with a body that won’t quit! I spend many grueling hours on classwork, and work is my playtime! I come alive and ensure you will too whether we’re checking out the cityscape or holed up in your room for a private encounter.

Taylor 3Dressing up for my dates is a highlight of the experience. I love adding special touches I know will be adored. Pale pink hues applied to my pouty lips, lacy underthings and fragrant lotions are just some of the additives included in my getting ready for our encounter. Being very dolled up in preparation to be your doll for the evening excites me. Taking in your satisfied grin when I walk through your door, I’ll introduce myself to get our date underway. You’ll be well-rewarded for naming me your girl for the evening. Showing appreciation is how I was brought up, and I always appreciate landing my man!

Taylor 4Let me know if you’d like to do something outside your room to get to know each other. I can make stopping for Froyo or Jamba Juice sexy, so there’s no limit on where we can find our fun. We can seek out some heart-pumping rides at New York, New York or the Stratosphere or satisfy our sweet tooth at M&M’s World. Hiking and biking are a sweaty good time if it’s not too sweltering outside! Cooling off in the water isn’t a bad idea either!

Taylor 5Easy to please, I’m fine going out or staying in. Exploring the city is something I can do with girlfriends. I don’t mind at all staying in, letting you do things to me my girlfriends cannot! Tell me how to dress, how to dance, how you like to see it all come off. When I’m yours, I’m all yours. No holds barred, and I’m completely at your service!