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Published: August 11, 2016, Updated: October 07, 2019

Dolly 1 Are you looking for a love doll of epic proportions? If, so I’d like to apply for the job! My name is Dolly; I’m glad you are interested enough to find out more about me. First off, I’d like to assure you I am one of the most multifaceted BBW escorts in Las Vegas. My body is my tool of the trade, and loving all things erotic is my calling card! When you are with me, you will appreciate the relaxed style by which I begin my striptease. I love to begin slowly until we’ve mapped our way to the appropriate pace. I love to role-play and look forward to exploring what makes you attracted to a thick girl. More often than not, attraction to a BBW Vegas escort is attributed to desiring what you don’t have in your daily life. Or maybe we remind you of someone from your youth like a fat teacher or curvy neighbor lady who always wore a smile and made you feel special. Examining what motivates your attraction assists me in providing you with the most rewarding encounter imaginable.

Dolly 2 When I’m wound up, you will be in awe. With 310 pounds of lust grinding in front of you, there will be nothing else on your mind beyond my warmth and big fat tits that require a 44FF bra. Corsets keep a lot of this wonder held in. When I loosen my corset, you’ll see me in all my glory. I’m hiding a lot of sexiness under my clothes and love showing it off to the right man. My long dark hair flows around my body unless I have it in a braid. When my tresses are loose, I run these fat fingers trough my mane, creating a wild, unkempt appearance. If you have any requests for how you would like me to present myself, don’t be afraid to ask. I want this to be epic, and showing off my goods in the way you crave just scratches the surface of things I’ll do to ensure your good time.

Dolly 3 You’re curious about what a curvy Vegas escort can bring to your world, and I am prepared to show you. Baring more skin than any skinny chick could, there is so much more to love about your BBW playmate. When I am embracing your need for special attention, you are going to be warmed throughout. I leave no need unmet when we are together. I want you to tingle from your head to your toes, and this sexy voluptuous body does the trick! You are going to love the look of my tensile lacy panties covering this fleshy backside.

Dolly 4 Once you’ve sent for me, I will be on may way, dolled up just for you. Would you like my school-girl plaid skirt with white button down? Or should I arrive in an elegant state of dress? I want to blow your mind from the start. Dial my digits, and I shall be on my way to deliver a jumbo ration of BBW greatness. Other Vegas escorts do not have what I have to offer, and would love to show you with the lights turned down and you turned on!